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Wednesday 29 April 2020

Why Krishna Steals Butter? What does that God want to say to us by Stealing Butter? We should know the reason...

Why Krishna Steals Butter? 
Nanda Baba was the richest person in Vrindavan. 
Actually Krishna don't need to steal butter, because he had enough Butter prepared by his Mother "Yashodha". 

Yet, he loves to steal the butter, which is kept hidden and also kept very high by Gopis in Vrindavan. 

Krishna comes secretely and steals that butter.
He used check whether the butter is white, soft and have quality to get melt even in little heat.
If then, 
he just loves to taste that butter. 
After tasting the butter, he breaks the pot as well and happily smiles at the Gopi.  

If the butter kept in not pure white or not soft or does not melt, he just don't taste and ignores it.

This is a mischievous play by Little Krishna, till his age 10 when he was at Vrindavan.

There is a meaning for every act by Krishna.  

Butter represents "soul"Butter represents us.

If you are pure with no stain of impurity in your mind, thought and senses.

If you are soft by nature and do not engage in killing or encouraging killing by eating meat,
If your heart melts, by just listening about Shri Krishna and his other avatar.
If you aim high, think high to attain Moksha (Liberation) and think about Krishna alone, than thinking about materialistic life alone.
If you keep your spiritual interest very secret without boasting your bhakti to others
the supreme God krishna himself comes near you.. gives his darshan. 
Like the way he swallows the butter, he swallows you (keep with him, Protect you).  
Finally, like the way, he break the pot, he breaks the chain of birth-death lifecycle and give you Moksha (Vaikunda).

Those who pray to Shri Krishna and offer "Butter" to him, must pray him, to grant these 5 qualities. 

Just recollect all those Mahatmas who had these 5 Qualities.  

Surdas, Tulasi Das, Meera, Ramakrishna, Krishna Chaitanya, 12 Azhwars, Purandhara Das, Jayadeva, Namdev, Tukaram and countless mahatma...

How much you should be proud to born as Hindu! or being Hindu !  

None of these Mahatma never tried to show their Bhakti (devotion) to the world.  

They kept their Bhakti Secret
They were always thinking high. Thinking only about Supreme God Narayana and his avatar. 
They were pure and lived Pure
They were soft in nature and never had taken meat and did violence act. 
Their heart melted whenever they think about Krishna, Rama and that cry came out as Bhajans from their heart.   
Krishna appeared voluntarily before them. 
Krishna took all of them to his eternal abode (Vaikunda).  
Krishna made them famous to this world, even though they kept themselves secret. 

All acts of Supreme God (Narayana) have reasons.  

These mahatmas are real example to understand and interpret the secret of why Krishna Stole Butter.

Long live our Mahatmas.

Long Live our Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma/ Vedic Dharma)
Long Live our Bhakthi (Devotion)
Everyone Who chants "Hare Krishna Hare Rama" are HINDU.   
Lets Make Everyone "HINDU" and let everyone realize the Bliss from REAL GOD who is not man made.

Friday 3 April 2020

Maryada Purush (Sri Rama). Why Rama is termed as Maryada Purush? What is the meaning of Maryada?

Maryada Purush (Sri Rama).   What is the meaning of Maryada?

The meaning of the Sanskrit word "Maryada" is "Boundary".

Shri Rama is often referred as "Maryada Purushoththama".  Because, Shri Rama, incarnation of Sri Narayana, as human never crossed his Boundaries thru'out his life.

He never crossed the Boundary of 6 Key elements of Behaviour in his life.  Such is the Purest form of life of Shri Rama.
  1. Desire (Kama)
  2. Anger (Krotha)
  3. Greed (Lobha)
  4. Attachment (Moha)
  5. Pride (Madha)
  6. Jealous (Maatsarya)
Human should never cross any of the above boundaries in the life. Those human who don't cross these boundaries, gains respect and dignity in the human society.
Shri Rama, Incarnation of Shri Narayana lived his life as Human by not crossing any of these boundaries in his life.
This Greatest life style given him the Due respect of referring him as "Maryada Purushoththama"

1. Shri Rama never crossed the boundary of Desire (Kama):

Surpanaka took the form of a beautiful girl and thought to seduce Sri Rama.

However, Sri Rama did not faint with her. He quit her proposal, saying he was married.

Even though she herself showed her desire, Sree Rama said, "I will not even touch other woman even in my mind. I have no place other than Sita in my heart" and denied Surpanaka Proposal and her desire.

As a King, he can marry more than 1 woman. At forest, no one can stop his desire. Still irrespective of situation, Shri Rama never crossed his boundary of Desire.

2. Shri Rama never crossed the boundary of Anger (Krotha):
At forest, one day, A deva disguised himself as a Crow tried to touch Sita Devi.  He came as Crow and touched his Wife "Sita" with wrong intention.
By just knowing the wrong intention of this disguised Deva, Shri Rama decided to kill him with his Arrow. He took a small grass and Chanted the mantra and throw over this Kakasura..

Fearing of Life, Kakasura tried to escape and travelled all 7 worlds and finally came back and fall to the feet of Sita Devi herself asking for mercy.
Once he asked for Mercy to Sita Devi, Shri Rama controlled his anger and left him alone after taking one eye as punishment of his crime.
Shri Rama showed great character of controlling his Anger.
When Ravana disguised himself as Fake Sanyasi and took away Sita like a shameless fellow, Shri Rama had the capacity of killing Ravana by sending his Bow from Panchavati.

He has such anger over Ravana, but controlled his Anger, and walked from Panchavati (Maharastra) till Srilanka and on the way created an Army of Monkeys (not even human), and took their support to make a bridge (ramsethu) to reach Srilanka.
During the 1st Visit at the War, Shri Rama showed mercy to Ravanan when he got defeated.

Finally, Ravana was killed. Shri Rama kept his Anger within a Boundary.

3. Shri Rama never crossed the boundary of Greed (Lobha):
At Age 24, Lord Rama was asked to Become the King of Ayodhya by his Father "Dasarath".
On the same Night, because of Kaikeyi (his step mother), he was asked to give up his desire to become a King and must goto Forest in a Rishi costume for 14 years. Inplace of Shri Rama, his Brother Bharat will be the King of Ayodhya.
Morning Dasaratha said "You will be the King of Ayodhya".  Next Morning, Rama was asked to leave the Kingdom for next 14 years.

Shri Rama inspite of getting Anger or Upset, he smiled at the situation, and happily agreed to go to forest for 14 years and more over he was extremely happy to give his Throne to his Brother Bharat.

Bharat was not born to Kousalya.  He was born to Kaikeyi. Still he had no hesitation to give up his entire wealth and throne to Bharat.

In Today's world, brothers and sisters who born to same mother fight each other for a small wealth.

In Ramayan, Shri Rama gave up his wealth and even agreed to go to forest for 14 years for his brother "Bharat" who born to Kaikeyi.

Shri Rama never had a Greed over his wealth and his Post.  He never crossed the boundary of Greed.

Shri Rama kept the Greed at a certain limit and never allowed Greed to overcome.

4. Shri Rama never crossed the boundary of Attachment (Moha):
After spending 14 years in Forest, Shri Rama returned Ayodhya with Sita Devi and Lakshman.
He became the King of Ayodhya and was ruling the Kingdom like a true servant of his people.

One Day, a laundry worker in Ayodhya, humiliated Sita Devi by saying, "Sri Rama accepted Sita Devi who was captured by Ravana and kept under his Control for 8 months in Lanka. If i was there, i would not accept Sita Devi again."

This news reached Shri Rama who was a king of Ayodhya.
As a king, Shri Rama believed more than Family, people are more important.  Gaining People's Trust is more important than his Family and his attachments.

As a king, It was Shri Rama responsibility to clear doubts of his people and gain Trust.

If the people have a bad impression without understanding the good decisions the king makes, the king should explain his reasons to make them understand.
If still, people could not understand the good intention and reason behind his decision, king should give up his own decision even if it is good.
If the people condemn the wrong decision made by the king, the king should examine it and correct the wrong decisions.
King's responsibility is to gain trust of his people.

At some point,
If the people have a bad impression, without even realizing the good decision of the king and it became impossible for the king to justify his reasoning, even if it is a good decision, he has give up his decisions.

After war with Ravana, Sita proved her Purity by doing Agni Pravesha in front of Army of Vanara and Rakshasa.

Now, Again if Sita was asked to show her Purity again in Ayodhya, this would be unfair to her and also it may continue.
Someone may criticize her again later as well.

Asking Sita to flame herself to show the purity for each and everyone is highly unfair on Sita.
It is an injustice to Sita.

As a king, Shri Rama cannot ignore the concern of his people.  At the same time, he cant prove to everyone that Sita is Pure.
To keep a Permanent solution to the Queries raised by his Own People, he decided to keep his family attachment aside and gave priority to People as a King.

The only way to do this would be to sacrifice the king's personal attachment.

He decided not to prolong this doubtfulness in the mind of people.  At that time, Sita devi was pregnant.  Yet, he controlled his family love and Attachments and took decision to leave Sita devi to Valmiki Ashram forever.
Sita devi spent her rest of life in Valmiki Ashram and gave birth to Luv and Kush.

As a king, Shri Rama kept his Attachement under Control and eradicated doubts on people by respecting their sentiments.

5. Shri Rama never crossed the boundary of Pride (Madha):

In spite of all manhood, valor, education, and infinite virtues, Shri Rama, wherever he sees the Maharishi, without any arrogance, immediately he worships them and serves them.
He never showed the Pride that "He is King's Son".
He always had a control over the "Pride" of his Stature. He never crossed the boundaries of Pride and disrespected others.

6. Shri Rama never crossed the boundary of Jealous (Maatsarya):

With two boons that Kaikeyi had bought from Dasaratha, she asked Bharatha, to rule the country, and asked Shri Rama to go to forest for 14 years.

Shri Rama happily gave up his Throne to Bharat and left forest.

During that time, Bharatha was in Sindhu Kingdom (Pakistan) and came to knew about the news once he reached Ayodhya.
Bharata went to Chitrakut where Sri Rama was staying that time and asked him to accept the kingdom.
ஸ்ரீ ராமர், இன்றைய நிலையில் பரதன் அரசனாக இருப்பான் என்பதால்,
Shri Rama after seeing Bharata his brother, welcomed him with pure happiness as "Emperor, the son of Emperor Dasaratha,".

Shri Rama did not had a droplet of Jealous in his heart against his brother taking over his throne.

Seeing this quality of Lord Rama, Bharat was in a state of grief.

Bharat cried that Sriram is not jealous or angry about him at all.

Shri Rama never crossed the boundary of Jealous (Maatsarya)

Thus, Shri Rama never crossed these 6 qualities (Kaama, Krotha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, Maatsarya) through out his life.  This is a life teaching for any human born in this world.

Due to this, Shri Rama often referred as "Maryada Purush"

He who hates Sri Rama, hates human virtues.

It is best to exclude such person who hate human Virtues and hates Shri Rama, and they can be considered as subordinate to the animal.

Live by Sri Rama Guidance. Respect Rama way of Life.

Saturday 17 August 2019

Which is cruel, rare, great, new, pleasant?.. A beautiful conversation with Lord Muruga - அரியது கேட்கும் வடிவடிவேலோய்... தெரிந்து கொள்ள..இங்கே படிக்கவும்..

Hanuman Chalisa with meaning (ஹனுமான் சாலிசா அர்த்தத்துடன்) தெரிந்து கொள்ள..இங்கே படிக்கவும்..

This is the beautiful conversation between avvai and muruga (karthik), son of Lord Shiva.
You will Enjoy this beautiful vedic conversation.

Lord Muruga asks avvai:
Avvai tell me, which is "rare"? 
அரியது என்ன...

Avvai grand mother, devotee of Lord Muruga, spells out Vedic Core in her replies..
Avvai says,
Muruga, you are asking me which is rare. Hence i reply. 
This Soul can born as crow or goat or other million species in this world. Hence, It is very rare gift for a soul to born as human.
அரியது கேட்கும் வடிவடிவேலோய்
அரிது அரிது மானிடராதல் அரிது

More than gifted to born as a human being, it is rare gift to born without any disease, blind, deaf. 
மானிடராயினும் கூன் குருடு
செவிடு பேடு நீங்கிப் பிறத்தல் அரிது

More than gifted to born as a human being,without being blind, deaf and without any disease, it is very rare to be gifted with right education and knowledge.
கூன் குருடு செவிடு பேடு
நீங்கிப் பிறந்தகாலையும்
ஞானமும் கல்வியும் நயத்தலரிது

More than gifted to born as a human being,without being blind, deaf and without any disease, with right education and knowledge,
It is very rare to be gifted to live the life by giving charity to poor and doing penance to think about god. 
ஞானமும் கல்வியும் நயந்தகாலையும்
தானமும் தவமும் தான் செய்தல் அரிது
Those human, who does charity work by giving his knowledge to others and wealth to others and spends his life in penance to think about God, is the the rarest thing in this world. 
Such rare person reaches moksha as well.
தானமும் தவமும் தான் செய்வராயின்
வானவர் நாடு வழி பிறந்திடுமே...

Lord Muruga hearing Avvai response, says
"Avvai Grandma, Your answer to my question on 'which is rare?' has been beautifully explained. 
With extreme happiness i want to hear from you "which is cruel?"
அரியது கேட்டமைக்கு அழகான தமிழில் விளக்கம் தந்த மூதாட்டியே
கொடியது என்ன...

Avvai says,
"Muruga, you are asking me which is cruel?
Being poor (Poverty) is the cruel thing in this world.
கொடியது கேட்கின் வடிவடிவேலோய்
கொடிது கொடிது வறுமை கொடிது
Being poor at young age is more cruel than being poor.
அதனினும் கொடிது இளமையில் வறுமை...

Facing Incurable disease is more cruel than being poor at young age.
அதனினும் கொடிது ஆற்றுணாக் கொடு நோய்

Being with women who have no love towards his husband is more cruel than facing incurable disease.
அதனினும் கொடிது அன்பில்லாப் பெண்டிர்
To get food from such person who don't have love towards us is more cruel than being with woman who have no love to his husband.
அதனினும் கொடிது அவர் கையால் இன்புற உண்பது தானே...

Lord muruga says,
"Excellent. Your ability to compare and explain complex questions makes me happy to talk to you more. Your in-depth knowledge will give victory wherever you go over the entire world.
Oh talented avvai, my devotee, tell me, 'Which is Great?'"
மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சி சொல்லால் தமிழால்
வெல்லாத உலகையெல்லாம் வெல்லும்
திறமை படைத்த ஔவையே
பெரியது என்ன...

Avvai says,
"Muruga... When we look at this big universe (earth, stars, son space etc), we can definitely say that this universe is Great"
பெரியது கேட்கின் நெறி தமிழ் வேலோய்
பெரிது பெரிது புவனம் பெரிது
But this Universe is created by Lord Brahma. Hence Brahma is greater than Universe.
புவனமும் நான் முகன் படைப்பு

But Lord Brahma himself born to Narayana thru his Naval.
Hence Lord Narayana is Greater than Lord Brahma.
நான் முகன் கரிய மால் (திருமால்/விஷ்ணு) உந்தியில் (தொப்புள்) வந்தோன்
But Lord Narayana himself resides in cosmic ocean. 
Hence cosmic ocean is Greater than Lord Narayana.
கரிய மாலோ அலைகடல் துயின்றோன்

But great yogi (muni) had capacity to hold and control this ocean in their hands with their mighty power.
Hence Yogi are greater than ocean.
அலை கடலோ குருமுனியன் கையிற் அடக்கம்
But yogi is also made of flesh.
Hence this flesh is greater than Yogi.
குருமுனியோ கலசத்துப் பிறந்தோன்

But such yogi's body is created by earth. Hence earth (bharat bhumi) ia greater than yogi's body.
கலசமோ புவியிற் சிறுமண்
But this entire earth is just a small ornament stone over a Snake's forehead in kailash.
Hence that snake in kailash is greater than Earth.
புவியோ அரவினுக்கொரு தலைப் பாரம்

But that Snake itself is worn as a ring for Goddess Uma (wife of Lord Shiva).
Hence Goddess Uma is greater than the snake at kailash. 
அரமோ (அரவம்/பாம்பு) உமையவள் சிறு விரல் மோதிரம்

But Goddess Uma herself is a part of Lord Shiva. 
Hence Lord Shiva ia greater than Goddess Uma.
உமையோ இறைவர் பாகத்து ஒடுக்கம்
But God Shiva himself resides in the devotee's heart.
Hence Devotee is greater than anyone.
இறைவரோ தொண்டருள்ளத்து ஒடுக்கம்

To talk about the such devotee who serves his life for Lord Shiva is the greatest of all. Greatness of a devotee is incredible.
தொண்டர் தம் பெருமையை சொல்லவும்

Lord Muruga with great joy, says
"Avvai Grand lady, its no surprise... your speech not only will attract people in earth, but will attract the heavenly gods and make slave for your speech. Such is the depth knowledge you have.
I want to hear from you one more.. explain me, 
Which is pleasant?"
ஔவையே... வானவரும் உனது
வாக்கிற்கு அடிமையாகி விடுவர் என்றால் அதில் வியப்பில்லை
இனியது என்ன...

Avvai responds to Lord Muruga,
She says
"Muruga, you are asking me which is pleasant.
'Being alone' is the greatest pleasant thing that can happen to a soul.
இனியது கேட்கின் தனிநெடு வேலோய்
இனிது இனிது ஏகாந்தம் இனிது
Praying the supreme god is more pleasant than being alone.
அதனினும் இனிது ஆதியை தொழுதல்
Having Association with great saints, mahatma, yogi is more pleasant than praying supreme god.
அதனினும் இனிது அறிவினம் சேர்தல்
To see the learned mahatma, yogi in person and also in dream all the time (awake, sleep) is the greatest pleasant than just association with great learned mahatma, yogis. (Smaraney sukam)
அதனினும் இனிது அறிவுள்ளோரை
கனவிலும் நனவிலும் காண்பது தானே

Lord Muruga after hearing Avvai beautiful explanation, says
"Avvai, you had explained rare, cruel, great, pleasant with beautiful comparison.
Can u explain which is always new and fresh?"
அரியது கொடியது பெரியது இனியது
அனைத்திற்கும் முறையோடு
விடை பகன்ற ஔவையே
புதியது என்ன...

Avvai says
"Muruga, songs are always new and fresh to soul".
என்றும் புதியது...
பாடல் என்றும் புதியது

More than just a song, songs with excellent meaning are more fresh and new.
பொருள் நிறைந்த பாடல் என்றும் புதியது
The meaningful sensible songs that spells out from a kind hearted spiritual mahatma is always fresh and new.
அருள் நிறைந்த புலவர் நெஞ்சில்
அமுதம் என்னும் தமிழ் கொடுத்த
பொருள் நிறைந்த பாடல் என்றும் புதியது

Muruga, More than meaningful songs, songs which praises you is more fresh and new.
முருகா உன்னை பாடும் பொருள் நிறைந்த
பாடல் என்றும் புதியது

Muruga, the beauty that you possess as a small beautiful boy is always fresh and new.
முருகன் என்ற பெயரில் வந்த
அழகே என்றும் புதியது
Muruga, your beautiful little smile as a young child of Lord Shiva is always fresh and new.
முறுவல் (புன்முறுவல்/சிரிப்பு) காட்டும் குமரன் கொண்ட
இளமை என்றும் புதியது

Muruga, the happiness that your parents (shiva and uma) gets by seeing your play is fresh and new.
உன்னை பெற்ற அன்னையர்க்கு
உனது லீலை புதியது
Muruga, the happiness that your father (shiva) gets by seeing you beautiful little child with spear and sitting in peacock is fresh and new.
உனது தந்தை இறைவனுக்கும்
வேலும் மயிலும் புதியது....
Muruga, for sun and moon, your beautiful child like appearance is fresh and new.
திங்களுக்கும் ஞாயிறுக்கும்
கந்தன் மேனி புதியது

Muruga, those who will become your devotees, son of lord shiva, the blessing you shower on them is fresh and new.
சேர்ந்தவர்க்கு வழங்கும்...
கந்தன் கருணை புதியது
Muruga, your knowledge is priceless and rare...your blessings are unlimited... 
அறிவில் அரியது அருளில் பெரியது

Muruga, your sweet speech in tamil is fresh and new. Your sweet speech in tamil, makes me to swallow your beautiful tamil speech like a food.
அள்ளி அள்ளி உண்ண உண்ண
உனது தமிழ் இனியது
Those great mahatma who knows past, present and future, feel fresh and new by seeing your 6 faces of Avatar.
முதலில் முடிவது முடிவில் முதலது
மூன்று காலம் உணர்ந்த பேர்க்கு
ஆறுமுகம் புதியது.
Enjoy this beautiful interaction in this song...

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