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Sunday, 19 April 2020

Why Sita Devi went for Agni Pariksha (Fire Test)? How Divine Couple interact with each other? - Hindus must read....

Shri Rama and Sita Devi are divine couples. They are the incarnation of Supreme God (Narayana) and Mahalakshmi.
Every husband and wife were termed as "Couples".
Shri Rama and Sita Devi are always termed as "Divine Couples".

A Normal couple, have to speak to express their needs.
A Divine couple, can understand each other needs even without speech or expressions.
Ravana kidnapped Rama's wife Sita, disguising himself as a Fake Sadhu to Srilanka from Panchavati, Maharashtra (Nasik) like a coward.
Rama travelled from Maharastra till Srilanka (almost 2000KM by walk) and destroyed mighty Army of Ravana and Killed Ravana for his cheap behaviour.
Rama was elated to bring back Sita.  
Since Rama can't enter any city in his exile period, he asked Vibheeshana to bring back Ayodhya Queen "Sita" with due respect to his place.

Vibeeshana along with his wife and daughter with due respect took Sita Devi in a closed chariot and took her towards Rama's place.
Shri Rama was surrounded by millions of Warriors including Hanuman, Sugriva. 
These warriors fought for Rama and even ready to give up their lives to bring back Sita.
More importantly, they were ready to give up live for sita whom "no one have ever seen" except Hanuman.

When Sita Devi in the Closed Chariot coming near Rama's place, the millions of warriors shouted "Sita Mata ki Jai..", "Jai Shri Ram".   
Everyone got excited and there was a huge excitement over the victory achieved. 
Shri Rama felt, that this millions of Warriors who fought for Sita come back, should have the privilege to see Sita Devi before they leave to Ayodhya.
Sita Devi have almost came near to his place.

Rama, signalled to let Sita Devi to walk a little distance, so that warriors can have a glimpse of Sita Devi.

The Elated Sita Devi happily came out of the Chariot and started Walking on Foot towards Rama.

The Crowd became Crazy after seeing Sita Devi. 
There was a Huge roar and chanting of "Jai Sitaram"..  
There was a huge cry over the warriors to see Sita Devi.
Some shouted "Here is Sita Devi... "
Some shouted "I saw Sita Devi.."  
Some shouted "Where is Sita devi?...". 

Being a Queen and an elite Woman and who always think about her husband,
Sita suddenly felt extremely disturbed and embarrassed about herself.  

She took her Saree and closed her face completely. 
With so much of hatred, she Hide her face completely, and walked towards Rama and stood before him.

There is no talk between Sita and Rama.  

Being a Divine Couple, Rama understand Sita's mindset

If we are also Divine couple or True Mahatma, We could have understood what went thru Shri Rama and Sita devi inside.

This is what happened to Sita Devi: 
Sita Devi was extremely happy to get back to her Husband. She was extremely happily to walk on foot amidst of the Warriors who fought for her.
But suddenly, she felt extremely ashamed of herself, that "Ravana captured him and kept her in Ashoka Vana for 9 months".  
She felt extremely self-depreciated with the incident happened to her.

Sita Devi felt extremely sad, that "How the world would react to her going forward?"  
She felt "How world would criticize and shame his Husband if he accepts her?" 

Sita Devi, very well knew that "She was pure and frightened Ravana to come near her".
There is no question on chastity..  
But she could not find any answer "How the people would believe her?" 
She could not find any answer, "How people will treat Rama going forward, if he acccept her as princess who was captured by other man for months..?

She felt extremely stressed that "She is going to defame his husband fame forever !"  

These thoughts brought Sita Devi to an extreme distress.. 
She didn't even had the courage to see the crowd.
She didn't had any clue how to handle this situation..
Since Rama asked Vibheeshana to bring Sita, she had to obey his husband order.
Also, she believed that "only her Husband can relieve her from this extreme distress."
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Sita devi felt like "Sacrificing her own life after seeing her husband once".  
She didn't wanted to live and bring shame to Rama. 
She didn't wanted to live because she felt people around cannot be convinced.
She didn't want to live as she don't know how to show her Chastity and Purity.

With Such state of mind, when Sita Devi stood before Rama, Rama immediately understood her situation.

As a husband, he wanted to eliminate her distress in any means.  

To eliminate her distress, he was even ready to show the world that he was arrogant in front of everyone who fought for him..

Knowing Sita Situation, Rama turned his face towards Lakshmana and said these Harsh words,
"Lakshmana!  As a responsible Husband and being Brave Kshatriya Men, my duty was to save Sita.
With all my might, i had travelled all the way from Panjavati till Lanka (almost 2000km) and killed Ravana and saved her now.  

Now, if Sita wants to live in Ayodhya, she is welcome. I can support her financially and she can live their peacefully. 
If Sita wants to live in Kishkinda, she can very live there. Sugriva will take care of her like his sister and protect her.
If Sita wants to live here in Lanka, she can live here as well. Vibheeshana will take care of her like his true sister and protect her.
If Sita want to live anywhere, she can live wherever she likes. I will give her all support"

Rama who cried for Sita Devi,
Rama who walked 2000KM to bring back Sita Devi,
Rama who killed mighty Kumbakarna, Ravana to bring back Sita Devi,
Rama who is never known to speak harsh words on anyone,
Rama who himself asked Vibheeshana to bring back Sita Devi with Due respect,
have spoken such Harsh Words to everyone's surprise. 

It was a surprise and shock to everyone, except "Sita Devi".

Sita Devi who was standing before Rama in extreme distress, felt like a medicine over the wound. 

Even though Rama says "Live anywhere and i will support you, he never said i have divorced you....". 
This means that, he is ready to accept her, provided Sita feels good about herself.

Sita who felt like giving up her life with such stressful mind, felt that She got the approval from his husband to prove herself.

Just like Rama spoke to Lakshmana, Sita turned towards Lakshmana and commanded him,
"Lakshmana!  I am not interested to live if i can't live with Shri Rama.  
I want to sacrifice my life here itself in front of Rama.  
If i am pure and rama is also eka-patni vradan (who dont marry anyone else), may this fire don't burn me. 
I don't want to waste a minute.  Please setup a fire with woods now"

Lakshmana looked at his Brother Rama for his acceptance.
Rama showed sign of acceptance.

Lakshmana who is such a true servant and brother of Rama, went ahead and setup the fire with huge woods.

Everyone around, got into the state of shock, after such a Huge Victory over Ravana, except Hanuman. 

Hanuman looked with absolute calmness.
He never felt "Sita would get burnt in fire" by his own experience. 
When Ravana set fire in Hanuman's tail in Lanka, Hanuman did not got burnt even an inch, but set entire Lanka on fire. 

Before leaving Lanka, Hanuman once again visited Sitadevi and found that Sita Devi herself was praying for hanuman safety and requested Agni Bhagavan not to burn him.
If Sita Devi can save Hanuman from fire, can't she save herself from Fire?  
Due to this,
Hanuman had no fear in his heart and watching the proceedings.

He was also damn sure that nothing will happen, not only because sita can protect herself, but,
she also said "if rama is eka-patni vradhan may this fire don't burn me."

So, Hanuman had no doubt in his mind and was looking at the proceedings with absolute calmness.
Sita devi entered the flame and came out of the flame like a fragrant flower with no inch of burn. 

Sita Devi felt extremely happy and elated that she could prove herself.  
Also, she felt extremely happy that she can now be a Queen of Rama. 
All her stress got disappeared.  She was in a state of Joy.

She happily walked towards Rama and sat besides him like a Queen.
Rama smiled at her with extreme happiness that her stress got disappeared.  
The Warriors and Leaders like Sugriva, Vibheeshana, Hanuman, and Lakshma got elated to have the Darshan of Shri Rama and Sita Devi together.

If Rama have spoken such a harsh words from Heart, how Sita would have reacted after proving herself?  But she was elated and came and sit besides Rama.

If Rama have spoken such a harsh words from Heart, how Rama himself would have accepted when sita devi sat besides him?

This is the Divine Couple who interacted between each other without speech but able to convey each other.
Hence, Lord Rama and Sita Devi are still guiding the Human Community on how to live like a Human with strong principles.

Rama accepted Sita as her Queen and took her happily back to Ayodhya.

Normal People, can never understand why Sita Devi closed her face with Saree while walking towards Rama. 
Normal People can never understand, the hearts of Divine couples (Sita and Rama) who are divine and who speaks from their heart.

Only Divine Couple and Mahatma, can really understand what went inside Rama and Sita and can understand this.    

Blessed are those who read this..  
Blessed are those who believe in Hindu Culture...
Blessed are those who value the Hindu Marriages which never allows Divorce.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

How was Nepal - During Mahabharata Period? Who were from Nepal?

Nepal - During Mahabharata Period.

  • Virata Desam, 
  • Malla desam, 
  • Videha or Mithila desam during Mahabharata period, are now part of Nepal.

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In Ramayana period, Goddess Sita Devi did her avatar in this land of videha(Mithila) desam.
This kingdom was ruled by king Janaka. Also called as Janakpur.
Sita is a Nepali Girl if we think of today.

During Mahabharatha period, these Nepal kings of virata, malla, videha desam, supported pandava.
The entire army, accepted the leadership of drupada and followed his advice.

  • Malla desam is situated near the bank of ganga river.
  • Malla desam is situated between virata and videha desam.

Pandava brothers during 13 year of exile period (vanavasa) in forest, had to stay hidden at the 13th year.
To hide themselves in this 13th year, they chose virata desa in Nepal to spend their last year.

Nepal is known for giving us Goddess Sita and protecting pandava brothers for a complete one year.

Elder brother Yudhishthira, assumed the identity of game entertainer to the king and called  himself "Kanka".

Bhima became a cook named "Ballava".
Arjuna became dance and music teacher as transgender "Brihannala" and dresses as a woman.
He taught dance to Virata king Daughter "uttara".
Uttara, Nepal princess later married Arjuna"s son "Abimanyu".

Nakula became a servant to take care of horses as "Granthika".
Sahadeva became a servant to take care of cows as "Tantipala".

Princess Draupadi became maid as "Sairandhri" or "malini" to queen Shudeshna.

Keechaka, the son and also commander of king Virata's armed forces. He had a lust for the maid Sairandhri (Draupadi).
Kichaka approached the queen, and inquired about Sairandhri. The queen who does not know the true identity of Sairandhri, and arranged a meeting with Draupati.
Draupati went to meet him and Kichaka tried to molest her.

Draupati pushed him and ran to the court of king Virata.
Kichaka chased her, caught and kicked her in the court of Virata in front of the king.
Yudhistra kept silent to ensure to complete this 1 year somehow and didn't revealed his identity.
Helpless draupati, reported this incident to bheema.
Bheema asked draupathi to invite keechaka to her place. Draupathi went again and informed keechaka to come to her place.
Bheema waiting for keechaka arrival, grabbed him and gave him powerful punch of 1000 elephant strength over his head.
With this blow, keechaka head went inside his stomach like a ball. Keechaka died on spot.

Keechaka was not a weak warrior himself.
To expand virata desam, he had several times defeated "susarma" the king of trikartha (today's Punjab).

The death of keechaka in mysterious way, raised doubts to susarma.

Susarma believed only bheema must have killed  keechaka, due to his tremendous power.

Hence, susarma informed duryodhana to initiate a war against virata desam.

Guru prince duryodhana, along with trikarta king susarma and karna surrounded the virata desa with a massive army.

Virata king, knowing the situation sent his army headed by his son "uttara kumar" to face the war.
Looking at the massive army and presence of all mighty kings and duryodhana, uttara kumar got frightened and return back to his palace.

Arjuna who has disguised himself as transgender, spoke to the king that he will ride the horse chariot, and will face the kuru army.
On the way, he took all his sastra, and astra and kept uttara kumar aside, fought single handedly to defeat the kuru army and saved the virata.

The defeat to a transgender, was shameful for duryodhana, karna and they returned back.
After completion of one year, pandava showed their identity to virata king.
Virata king apologized for them for keeping them as servants.
Yudhistra thanked him to give him a place to stay hidden during the whole 13th year.

Virata king, offered his daughter "uttara" to mighty Arjuna for marriage.
Arjuna politely refused the proposal by saying the relationship is more of teacher and student and can't marry.
He was wise enough to accept Uttara as her daughter in law and married her to his son "Abimanyu".

With this relationship, during Mahabharata war, entire virata desam (Nepal) stand behind pandava and fought for dharma.

On 1st day,
"Uttara Kumar" fought bravely in the war, and achieved Veer swarga.
He got killed by Madra desa (today punjab in pakistan side) king "salya" on same day.
Salya saluted Uttara Kumar bravery in his battle.

By seeing "Uttara Kumar" died in the battle, "swetha kumar" his younger brother angrily marched towards Salya.
Seeing this, Bhishma asked swetha kumara to fight with him.
During the fight, Bhishma killed swetha kumara as well on Day 1.

Day 1, was a great defeat for pandavas and virata king lost his both sons.
This defeat on Day 1, put Yudhistra in extreme worry due to heavy loss of his army men and prince of other kingdom.
He even started saying,
"Duryodhana will definitely going to win this battle with his massive army and powerful generals"

Sri krishna gave him confidence and asked him not to get disheartened with this defeat.

Day 2 was ended up in success for pandavas.

The war went for 2 weeks and on Day 15, Drona killed Virata king as well in the battle.

Thus Nepal stand behind the Dharma and fought against Duryodhana who was standing on Adharma.

Mahabharata war happened around 3000BC which is nearing the end of Dwapara Yuga.
Kali Yuga started around 3102BC.

After 3000 years, around 563BC Siddhartha the prince of Nepal and son of King Sudhdhodhana born. He born in lumbini, Nepal.
At his young Age, seeing a dead body, he got disinterested about his life that one day he has to die as well.
He dethrone his empire desire and went out in search of truth.
He roam around several places around nepal and Bihar.
Finally reached Bodh Gaya in Bihar which is 450KM away from lumbini, Nepal.
He attained clarity of his life purpose in bodh gaya in magadha desa (which is south bihar).

His teaching and philosophy became popular among people who were following Vedic Sanadana Dharma.
Many got attracted to Buddhism.

When Magadha King (Orissa) Ashoka adapted Buddhism, this resulted as a greatest mistake to let foreign invaders of islam and christians to enter Bharat and loot, enslave, and kill hindus and destroy more than 40000 prime temples across bharat from Afghan till south india after a few century.

Asoka made other kings to accept Buddhism which teach non violence and peace.
Santhana dharma gave these teaching only to brahmins.
But attracted towards this sanyasa principle, ashoka made all kings to adapt peace and non violence.

From 563BC till 947AD, Buddhism spreaded like wild fire.
Afghan was completely Buddhist country during that time.

Muslim invasion started around 947AD in Afghan which was a Buddhist country during that time ruled by Amir Suri.
All because of Ashoka who initiated this foolish religion conversion.

Buddhism failed in India due to this and people returned to their Sanathana Dharma.

Long live Hindus. 
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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

மஹாபாரத சமயத்தில் நேபால் : Nepal எப்படி இருந்தது? தெரிந்து கொள்வோமே.. சீதை பிறந்த ஊர் அல்லவா

மஹாபாரத சமயத்தில் நேபால் : Nepal எப்படி இருந்தது?

"விராட தேசம், மல்ல தேசம், விதேஹ (மிதிலா) தேசம்" 
ஆகிய தேசங்கள், இன்று "நேபால்" என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது.

ராமாயண காலத்தில், 
மிதிலை நகரில், சீதை அவதரித்தாள். 
"ஜனக மன்னர்" ஆட்சி புரிந்தார்.
மஹாபாரத சமயத்தில்,
"விராட தேசம், மல்ல தேசம், விதேஹ (மிதிலா) தேசம்" 
பாண்டவர்கள் பக்கம் நின்று போர் புரிந்தனர்.
"துருபதனை" படைதலைவனாக தொடர்ந்து இவர்கள் படையை செலுத்தினர்.

"மல்ல தேசம்" கங்கை நதி ஓரம் அமையப்பட்ட ஒரு நகரம். 
இது விராட தேசத்துக்கு, விதேஹ தேசத்துக்கு நடுவே இருந்தது.

பாண்டவர்கள் 13 வருட வனவாசத்தில், கடைசி 1 வருடம் அஃயாத வாசம் விராட தேசத்தில் இருந்தனர்.

"யுதிஷ்டிரர்" விராட ராஜாவுக்கு உதவியாளனாக, 
"பீமன்" சமையல்காரனாக, 
"அர்ஜுனன்" நர்த்தனம் சொல்லிக்கொடுக்கும் பேடியாக, 
"திரௌபதி" விராட ராணிக்கு 'மாலினி' என்ற பெயரில் வேலைக்காரியாகவும், 
"நகுலன் மற்றும் சகாதேவன்" குதிரை லாயத்தை பார்க்கும் பணியிலும் 
மறைந்து வாழ்ந்து கொண்டிருந்தனர்.

விராட அரசனின் தளபதி "கீசகன்", திரௌபதியிடம் தவறாக நெருங்க எண்ணினான். 
இதனை திரௌபதி பீமனிடம் சொல்ல,
கீசகன் தலையை ஓங்கி அடித்து, அவன் தலையை வயிற்றுக்குள் தள்ளி, 
ஒரு பந்து போல ஆக்கி கொன்று விட்டான்.

விராட தேச படை தலைவன் கீசகன், த்ரிகர்த தேச (பஞ்சாப்) அரசன் "சுசர்மனை" பலமுறை தோற்கடித்து இருக்கிறான்.

கீசகன் கொடூரமாக இறந்ததை கேள்விப்பட்டு, சந்தேகம் கொண்டான் த்ரிகர்த தேச அரசன் "சுசர்மன்".

இப்படி ஒரு பலம், பீமன் போன்றவர்களுக்கு தான் உண்டு, என்று உணர்ந்த சுசர்மன், துரியோதனனை உடனே விராட தேசத்தை நோக்கி படை எடுக்குமாறு கூறினான்.

குரு தேச "இளவரசன் துரியோதனன்", "கர்ணன்", த்ரிகர்த தேச அரசன் "சுசர்மன்" அனைவரும் விராட தேசத்தை முற்றுகை இட்டனர்.

விராட அரசன், தன் மகன் "உத்தர" குமாரனை தலைமை ஏற்று, துரியோதனின் படையை எதிர்க்க சொன்னார். 

பயந்து போன உத்தர குமாரன், செய்வதறியாது திகைத்தான். 
'அர்ஜுனன்' சமாதானம் செய்து, தான் துணை வருவதாக தைரியம் சொல்லி, போருக்கு தயாரானான்.
விராட தேச படையுடன், அர்ஜுனன் ஒருவனாக சென்று அனைவரையும் தோற்கடித்தான்.

ஒரு வருடம் தங்கி இருந்தது பாண்டவர்கள் என்று அறிந்து பயந்தான் விராட அரசன்.
தன் தவறுக்கு மன்னிப்பு கேட்டான்.
யுதிஷ்டிரர் நட்பு கரம் நீட்டினார். 
விராட அரசன் தன் மகள் 'உத்தரா'வை அர்ஜுனன் மகன் அபிமன்யுவுக்கு மணம் செய்து வைத்தார்.

விராட தேச (Nepal) படைகள், பாண்டவர்கள் பக்கம் நின்று போரிட்டனர்.

மஹா பாரத போரில், முதல் நாள் போரில், 
விராட அரசன் புதல்வன் "உத்தர" குமாரன் வீரமாக போரிட்டான்.
மாத்ர தேச (Pakistan) அரசர் "சல்யனால்" அதே நாளில் கொல்லப்பட்டான்.

உயிரை பற்றி கவலைப்படாமல் "உத்தர" குமாரன் வீரமாக போரிட்ட வீரத்திற்கு தலை வணங்கினார்சல்லியன்.

உத்தர குமாரன் இறந்ததை கண்டு ஆத்திரத்துடன் சல்லியனை நோக்கி பாய்ந்தான், அவன் சகோதரன் "ஸ்வேத" குமாரன். 
இதனை கண்ட பீஷ்மர், "ஸ்வேத" குமாரனை போருக்கு அழைத்தார். பீஷ்மருடன் போர் செய்து வீர மரணம் எய்தான்..

முதல் நாள் போரிலேயே இத்தனை உயிர் இழப்பு, யுதிஷ்டிரரை கலங்க செய்தது.
"வெற்றி துரியோதனன் பக்கம் நிச்சயம்" என்று சொல்ல ஆரம்பித்தார்.

ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணர் தைரியம் ஊட்டி, மனம் தளரவிடாமல் தைரியம் சொன்னார்.

விராட அரசனை, 15ஆம் நாள் போரில் "துரோணர்" கொன்றார்.

பாண்டவர்கள் பக்கம் நின்று போர் செய்த அரசர்கள், பாண்டவர்கள் வெற்றிக்கு துணை நினறனர்.  பாண்டவர்கள் வெற்றி பெற்றனர். தர்மத்தை நிலை நிறுத்தினர்.

உலக க்ஷத்ரியர்கள் அனைவரும் பாண்டவர் பக்கமும், துரியோதனன் பக்கமும் நின்று போரிட்டு உயிரை விட்டனர்.

யுதிஷ்டிரர் உலகத்துக்கே சக்ரவர்த்தியானார்.

மஹாபாரத போர் முடிந்து, 
3000 வருடங்களுக்கு பிறகு "சித்தார்த்தன்" என்ற பெயரில் நேபாள தேசத்தின் இளவரசனாக"கௌதம புத்தர்", லும்பினி (Lumbini) என்ற நகரில் நேபாள தேசத்தில் பிறந்தார்.
மகத தேசத்தில் (பீஹார் (bihar)) உள்ள "போத் கயா" என்ற ஊரில், புத்தர் ஞானம் அடைந்தார் என்று அவரின் சரித்திரம் சொல்கிறது.