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Saturday 7 March 2020

Namaskar, Saranagati (शरणागति) - What is the Difference? True Meaning? Don't you want to know ?.. Lets Analyse...

What is the Difference between 
Namaskar (Bowing Down), Saranagati (surrender)? 

A Chaste, Virtuous Woman, always have a a strong conviction and decision within, that 
"Her husband will take care of her all needs". 

Due to this strong conviction and decision, Even if she has the ability to earn by herself and possess enough enough talents, she never attempts to make any other effort by herself.
That is,
She never attempts any extra efforts by herself, due to her strong conviction that her Husband will take care of all her needs.  
This is called "Staying away from Anya Sadhanaa (अन्य साधना)"

Remember all Great Woman of our Indian History. 
Can't We See Sita Devi, Anasuya, Mandodhari here? 

Can't we see our own Grand Parents? 
Can't we see our own family Ancestors Womens, who were all Chaste, Virtuous Woman? 
What a Proud Nation we belong to? 
What a Great Family we came from? 
What a Proud Sanathana Dharma we are brought up with? 
We should Be Proud to be in Hindu Dharma, Right? 
A Chaste, Virtuous Woman, always have a strong decision within, that 
"Her husband will Protect her".

Due to this strong decision, "Even if some other men (who might be stronger and capable than her husband), tries to offer her help to save her, she denies any assistance from other men. Sita didn't accepted hanuman to protect her, but said Her husband should come and protect her.
That is,
She never believe or accept some other men to save her irrespective of the situation. She Trust only her husband to save and protect her.
This is called "Staying away from Anya Aasraya (अन्य आश्रय)"
A Chaste, Virtuous Woman, always have a strong decision within, that 
"Her husband have full rights to put her into Hell or Heaven. He has full Rights to give her Good Times and Even Bad Times".
That is,
She never expects anything from her husband and accepts whatever he gives to her. 
This is called "staying away from Anya Palan(अन्य पल: )

The Qualities of a Chaste, Virtuous Woman are "No Interest on Anya Sadhanaa, No Interest on Anya Aasraya, No Interest on Anya Palan"

A person (Wife) who has these 3 Qualities together is considered to be in "Saranagati" to his Prime Master (Husband).

Hope now, we understood the meaning of "Saranagati" 

The 3 Qualities of Such Chaste, Virtuous Woman is exactly the same Concept of Vaishnavism (वैष्णव सिद्धांतम).

Just replace "Chaste Virtous Wife" with a "Devotee of Bhagavan Narayana (Vishnu)". 
Just replace "Husband" with "Bhagavan Narayana (Vishnu)".
Now Go ahead and Read above again.  
You will easily understand Vaishnava Concept (वैष्णव सिद्धांतम).
You will easily understand the Heart of Vaishnava (devotee of Bhagavan Narayana). 

Most of us, visit many Temples... Right? (Some Brainless Hindu Secular with reading knowledge but no depth understanding of our Great Values of Hindu Dharma, even goes further to see Foreign-made Fake Dead Gods places and Worship their departed Soul)

While Visiting many temple, 
At Shiva Temple, we say "Sivaya Namah.. Sivaya Namah"...
After Visiting God Iyappa, we say "Charanam Iyappa.. Charanam Iyappaa"
Hence we are all Secular..  

The Sanskrit Words of "Charanam" or "Namah" both represents the True meaning of Saranagati or Prapati).

Just By Shouting "Namaha.... Namaha" at Shiva in one Temple, and Shouting Same Slogan at another God, by same person is not the reflection of True Saranagati. 

Just Shouting Slogans of "Namaha... Charanam" can't become True Saranagati.  
Gods are Smart and not Fools to believe such changing behaviours of Saying same Slogans to different Gods. 

How Gods Treat such Secular Worshipers? (most of us are like that only)
They Treat Such Slogans as "an act of respect" and "as an act of Salute". That's it. 
In Sanskrit we say this as "Namaskar".
In office, we salute our Boss. Right? 
Boss very well knew that "we are not doing Saranagati".  
He knew that we are just showing him a respect.

While seeing elders, we do Namaskar. Right? 
Every Elder knew that "we are not doing Saranagati (Surrender)". 
They knew it is just a respect we are giving to them. 

If just human can understand whether we are doing Namaskar or Saranagati, don't we think Gods can't understand this? 

A Great Hindu who believes in God, 
'goes to Shiva temple and praise him' and 
same person 'goes to Vishnu Temple and praise him'. 

God also respects him and loves him. 

God also understands that the Great Hindu praised by raising slogans of "Namah, Charanam". 

Even though, the True meaning of these words are related to Saranagati, God is smart enough to understand that it is just 'an act of Respect to God'. 

Such Devotees are blessed as per their Wishes. 
But whether they will attain Moksha? Definitely No. 
It is not Saranagati but just an act of Respect.

If we respect God Shiva, Vishnu.. They reciprocate by giving Worldly wishes. 
If we do Saranagati to specific God, They reciprocate by giving their Best Gift they possess. 

If we do Saranagati to "God Shiva"
he gives his Ultimate abode called "Kailash" which is below Brahma Loka. 

If we do Saranagati to "Bhagavan Vishnu" in his Original Form or any of his Avatars, 
he gives his Ultimate Abode called "Vaikunda" which is outside the Brahma Loka where only Dhivya Parsada (Souls who are already liberated from Cycle of Birth and Death) alone can travel.

A Chaste, Virtuous Woman always live true to her Husband.
Just like a Chaste, Virtuous Woman, 
Vaishnava (a devotee of Vishnu) also live true to her Paramathma "Vishnu".

Such Ardent Devotees are priceless not just to us to glimpse in our naked eyes, but to Bhagavan Vishnu himself. 
He Treasures such devotees. 

How a True Vaishnava lives? How a True Vaishnava thinks? 
Let's understand...

Just like A Chaste, Virtuous Woman, 
A True Vaishnava also have a a strong conviction and decision within, that 
"Bhagavan Narayana will take care of all his needs". 

Due to this strong conviction and decision, Even if he has the ability to earn by himself and possess enough talents, he never attempts to make any other effort by himself to earn.
That is,
True Vaishnava never attempts any extra efforts by himself, due to his strong conviction that Bhagavan Narayana will take care of his all needs.  
This is called "Staying away from Anya Sadhanaa (अन्य साधना)"

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Just Like a Chaste, Virtuous Woman, 
True Vaishnava also always have a strong decision within, that 
"His Bhagavan Narayana will Protect him".

Due to this strong decision, "Even if some other God (who might say themselves as stronger and capable than Narayana), tries to offer him help to save, he denies any assistance from other God.
That is,
He never believe or even accept some other God to save her irrespective of the situation. 
He Trust only Bhagavan Narayana to save and protect from odds.
This is called "Staying away from Anya Aasraya (अन्य आश्रय)"
Just like a Chaste, Virtuous Woman, 
A True Vaishnava, always have a strong decision within, that 
"Paramathma Narayana have full rights to put him in Hell or Heaven. He has full Rights to give him Good Times and Even Bad Times".
That is,
He never expects anything from his Paramathma Narayana. He happily accepts whatever he gives to him. 

This is called "staying away from Anya Palan(अन्य पल: )

Only by looking thru' the angle of Chaste, Virtuous Woman's Heart, you can understand the Heart of Sri Vaishnava. 

If you look at A Sri Vaishnava in other glass, you can't understand his feeling or sentiments.

Let's 1st understand, that 
"Namaskar is Different.. Saranagati is Different"

Respect (Namaskar) to God is different from Surrender (Saranagati) to God.

"This Core Concept of Saranagati" is the Prime Heart of Vaishnava. 

We all knew, 
Foreigners still don't have the ability to pronounce Indians Names either City or People or Country name clearly!

The Greatest Worldwide Iskcon have millions of Krishna Devotees all around the World. 
They are all ardent Krishna Devotees.  
How do they spell "Krishna"?  
Did you listened to them? 
They pronounce "Krishna" as "Kisina/Kissena" even today!

5000 Years before around 3102 BCE, Mahabharata War ended. 

After 25yrs, Krishna decided to depart to his Abode Vaikunda. 
He informed all his 15 lakhs of Yadava People to vacate Dwaraka which was built in Arabian Sea as an Island near Gujarat. 
After Mahabharata War, due to entire world participated in this War, all Kshatriya (Army men) from Yavana Kingdom (Greece) till Pandya Kingdom (Tamilnadu), died and Entire World came under one Roof of "Yudhistra".  

After Krishna departure to his Abode, 
Yadava vacated and spread across the world east-west, north-south directions which was under the Rule of King Yudhistra and later by Parikshit followed by Janamejaya and his generations.
In yadava clan, the people who were kshatriyas were referred as  "Yaudheya".

We can estimate that this departure of Yadava from Dwaraka happened around 3102-25 = 2900 BCE
Yadava Community is all over India even now.

Do you know there is a community called "Yehuda" (Yehudi) in western world?
Do you see a similar group of people existed in Dwaraka under the name "Yaudheya", an army class of Yadava?

"Yehuda community behaviour" is a typical Hindu Faith of Yadavas.

The worship of Bhagavan Sri Krishna is symbol of Yadava Community. 
Look at the Behaviour of these Yahudi!
Look at the worship methods of Mr. Joseph who is termed as Father of Christ, at the time of his son's birth in Bible Verses.

Look at the name similarity of Chris and Krish. 
Look at the same story with little twist, in Birth of Chris..  
Look at the "Cow replaced by Goats".

Everyone knew that, Foreigners do have a challenge to pronounce names and Create their Twist Stories with their own Brain strength from original story. 
"Yadava" had become "Yehuda" (in Hebrew language) in these regions. 
Later they changed Yehuda as "Jews" to hide these truths.

Just like Krishna is now pronounced as "Kisina" by Iskcon Foreign devotees, 
it's no wonder "Yadava have became Yehuda" and "Krish became Chris" after some set of people migrated to western worlds of Bharat.

A secular Devotee, who respects and praise all Gods as if "he understand the Truth of God", tries to preach others and ask a True Vaishnava with Questions like,
"Why are you visiting only Perumal (Vishnu) temples? 
Why can't you come and Visit other temples.. 
You can see Shiva, Ganesha, Muruga (Karthikeya), Iyappa etc., Right?" 

So called Hindu Secular who don't understand Hindu Dharma, goes further and ask, 
"Why can't you worship fake Gods of Foreign Temples as well?"

Just imagine a person ask a Chaste, Virtuous Woman a similar Question!!
"Your Husband is a Good Person. Agreed. 
But, Why are you Partial, Isolated? The Neighbour Person is also too Good Person. Why can't you visit him atleast once?"

Just imagine the anger and frustration a Chaste, Virtuous Woman will go through hearing such words. 

A Woman who think about many men, can't understand the heart of Chaste, Virtuous Woman.  We are not talking about such Characterless Woman here ! 

A Vaishnava (Devotee of Bhagavan Sri Krishna) goes through the same emotion of Anger and Frustration when they hear words from Secular Devotee and Fake Secular People.

This Saranagati Quality is not just with Vaishnava.  It was with Saivaites and others as well.
True Devotee of God Shiva, who had done Saranagati to Shiva, never interested to know about other Gods.

True Devotee of Muruga (Karthikeya) who had done Saranagati to Muruga, never interested to know about other Gods. 
Does not mean that they hate other Gods.. But not interested to know about other Gods (other men)

This is called True Devotion. This is called Chaste, Virtous Devotion. This is called Saranagati

Due to this Greatest Culture, India is still covered with Many Gods and Faiths...   But no one fight with each other and try to destroy other temples.

In Himalaya, While Badri Narayana stays, near by Kailasa Natha also stays. Where is the Fight between 2 beliefs?

Go and Look places like "Madurai"...  Shiva and Vishnu temples are together.  
Go and Look places like "Chidambaram"...  Shiva and Vishnu are in Same Temple.
Go and Look places like "Kanchipuram"...  Shiva and Vishnu stay Together.
Go and Look places like "Kumbakonam"...  Huge Temples are erupted in each street for Shiva and Vishnu.
Go and Look places like "Rameswaram"..   Paramathma Ram himself worshipped Shiva to give his due respect.

What a Great Dharma we have?  Can't you feel proud about this?

Go and Ask a Vaishnava Devotee...  
Do you like to Destroy all Shiva Temples?   He will say "NO". 

Why?  Because Vaishnava thinks about his Narayana alone. 
He don't think about other Gods (other men). He never interested to kill other Gods and destroy believe of his devotees.  

Go and Ask a Shaivaite.. 
"Do you like to destroy all Vishnu Temples?"He will say "No"

This Cheap mentality invested into the Minds of Bharat People when we got conquered by Cheap Foreigners and their Cheap Belief.

The Core principle of Christianity is talk in this Fashion asking others "Why can't you comes to our Worship places? We have a Great God"

Around 947CE (AD), 
Amir Suri, a Hindu ancestor born Buddhist convert (Due to impact of Ashoka buddhist propoganda), converted himself to Islam after he got defeated by Saffarid Islamic invasion @ Afghanistan (Which was Part of Bharat Land during that time).
This convert created the Deadliest Enemy to Hindus in the form of Ghurid Dynasty where people like Mohammad Ghori (a Hindu Convert Ancestor) born and invested his life in Looting wealth from Temples and destroying other's belief.

Islamic conquest by foreigners started from 947CE till 1857CE throughout Northern Part of India. 
Result:  We can't see a Single Temple similar to Temple construction in South India.  
The Most Wealthy and Educated People in North India became extremely Poor.  Even now it could not recover!! 
The Cities like Ujjain, Kashmir which are considered as Top Most Places for getting Higher Education has lost its True Color now.

Krishna himself came to Ujjain and Studied his Vedas, Sastras.  Such was the level of Respect and Height the North India Possessed till 947CE (AD). We lost everything.. 
We lost Gandhara (Afghan), Sindhu (pakistan), Vanga Desa (West Bengal) to people who got converted to Islam by Force, Rape and Sword.

Around 1498CE (AD), the most cheapest fellow called "VascodaGama" came to India and landed in Kerala.  
This Christian Sailor from Portuguese invested his time around coastal regions of South India in the name of Business and Trade.

Churches are built as a place of Worship for these believers. 
Cheap Prostitute Fellows asked the Indians, "Why can't you come and worship our God created from Israel?  Please come and worship"
These kind of speeches by these cheap fellows, created anger and irritation among Indians.  

How can a Prostitute can understand a Chaste Woman?
How can a Foreign made can understand a Chaste Hindu who is devoted to his God and Belief and have done Saranagati?

When Indians, ignored these Portuguese with silence, and allowed them to do their business alone, they took the silence as their own advantage and started shaming and naming Hindu Gods.

They took bold steps and even destroyed the Famous Kapaleeswara Temple of Lord Shiva in Mylapore in Coastal near the Ocean. They built a St. Church over that.

Due to Greatest Threat of Islamic Threats surrounding Andhra and Karnataka, Vijayanagar Emperor could not fight with Portuguese during that time, to create 2 sided Enemies.  

With Great Heart, the same temple was built 1KM inside the City of Mylapore, Chennai which is still present for Hindu's Worship.

The Place where Lord Shiva was present near the Ocean is no more. The reference to the Poetry from Great Saiva Saints like Thiru Gyana Sambanda and Aruna Giri Nathar who lived around 600AD to Worship Kapaleeswara is no more. 

Such is the Hatred Indians had to go through for 1000 years, with Foreign invaders due to their belief and Prostitute Nature to ask a Chaste Woman to look for other men.
The strategy to ask other believers to come and see their worship places became a trend of these Foreign Invaders in South.  
The Cheap conversion process started from 1498 CE(AD) and goes even today.  Its almost 600Years, and only 5% of Indians are Cheated by these Prostitute Worship.

VascodaGama is Prominent Figure and Worshiped by Foreigners as he discovered INDIA to Europion World to spread their Venom.
While Islamic Foreigners invaded and Conquered most places of North India,
Non Chaste Christian Foreigners, starting from Portuguese followed by British, French, Dutch Christians created a havoc in Southern India. Churches are built around. 
Kerala and Goa still could not recover this Illusion

When British had a chance to capture West Bengal under Robert Clive, they spread their Wings over Weak Islamic Rulers and almost slowed down Hindu Kings.

Shortly they captured Entire India (including Pakistan and Bangladesh regions).

The dominance of Christianity started at full Swing.  Cheap mentality of asking "come to our God. Believe my God" started.
Dominance to Rule India gave them their Strength to Punish and Kill Hindu Kings and Later all Freedom Fighters in their own land. 

They openly shamed Hindu Believes and Laugh at Hindus and Shamed them. 

At one side conversion speeches, other Side Shaming Hindus Gods are key strategy implemented by British Christians. 
The Mighty Warrior Kings "Marudhu Brothers" when they gave tough Fights against the British Government and protested to Pay Tax to these Foreigners, 
The British Christians went with Tankers straight before the Kaalaiyaar Shiva Temple and threatened to Bomb and Destroy them to pieces.

To Save Temple, The kings surrendered themselves and gave up their lives. Shameful British Christians hanged them to Death in their own Land in a Public place. 

Understanding History is Important. But we should also understand the intention of these Foreigners... and Also the Heart of us (INDIANS) who believed in one God and have done Saranagati like a Chaste, Virtuous Woman

Hindus never had a thought of talking about other Gods and Shame them.
A Father who is a devotee of Lord Shiva, allowed his Son if he is inclined to become a devotee of Lord Muruga. Such was the Chaste, Virtuous Maintained by us with individuals.

This Chaste, Virtuous Nature was destroyed Solely by Christian Invaders because of their Prostitute Mindset and Twisted Stories.

Lack of understanding of Saranagati is the Root cause of entire problems.  
Hindus never fight with each other "in name of God". 
If we had created Religious Fight! how is this INDIA can have multiple Temples of Multiple Gods in Same places and survived? 

How a Shiva Devotee never destroyed Muruga Temple, Vishnu Temple? 

After 948CE (AD) Islamic Invasion, the nature of Hatred slowly cropped in the minds of Hindus to attack other beliefs.
During Ramanuja Period (1017AD-1143AD), just one King showed Hatred Against Ramanuja and against Vishnu Temple. But we should understand that He too never tried to destroy Sri Ranga Temple. His Hatred was only with Ramanuja and his exile.

Hindu By Nature never fought in name of God. 
With 1 God in Christianity, if such Religious Fight can be created, think about the Fight which should have happened in name of Multiple Gods in Hindus?  None Happened !! 

Hindus must introspect.  
Convert Hindu must introspect whether to return back to be a part of Chaste, Virtuous Dharma called Hindu Dharma than asking a cheap Question to other believers "To come and Visit my God" like a prostitute. Are they not ashamed?

Hindus must get educated. 
With Multiple Gods, we never destroyed temples with each other.

Just one Foreign made God came inside Bharat Land, and still trying to do Prostitution with Hindus. Its a Shame.

Time for Hindus to Work like ISKCON to educate and bring the whole World to be Wise and Be Chaste and Be Virtuous.

Time for Hindus to make, whole World to understand Hindu Dharma.  

Hail our Spiritual Masters.  Hail Saranagati Concept. 

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Who was Jesus Christ? Who was Joseph? Look at what Matthew and Luke say...!! An Analysis...

தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கு கிளிக் செய்யவும்.

Hindus can also read patiently.
This analysis is based on historical period and Quotations from Bible.

You will understand that, all Christian families origin was a Hindu family.

The Mahabharata took place 5000 years ago in the era of 'Dwapara'.
Vyasa lived and wrote during the Mahabharata period. He was present in that period.

After completing the Mahabharata, Vyasa Rishi composed the sacred Granth "Bhagavatham" which talks only about Sri Krishna and his Original Form of Narayana and all his Avatars (incarnations).

Arjuna's grandson Parikshit himself listen to this Bhagavatham about Sri Krishna and all his Avatar and world creations, for 7 days continuously.

The Ramayana took place about 12 lakh years ago in the Treta Yuga.

In Tamil Nadu, near Trichy, in the town of Anbil, Bhrigu Rishi born as Rukshan in a hunter family. 

He chanted the Rama nama, to become Valmiki Rishi.
With the blessings of Narada, Brahma and Saraswati, wrote the Ramayana at the time of the incarnation of Rama.
He moved to Uttar Pradesh till Lord Rama's Avatar. He taught the Ramayana story to Rama's sons Luv and Kush.
Lord Ram is the 1st Disciple himself to listen to his own story of Ramayan from his Twin-child.
After Lord Rama decided to leave to his own kingdom (Vaikund), Valmiki returned back to Tamilnadu.
Valmiki left his holy body in the place called "Thiruneermalai" where he worshipped Lord Rama till his life.

Valmiki wrote the Ramayana in poetry format in "Sanskrit language" during the Treta era.

In the Kali Yuga, Kambar transcribed Valmiki Ramayana in Tamil Language in poetic format and gave it to the Tamil speaking people.

First, Hindus need to know these two legend Ithihasa, happened least 5000 years ago and its places and its time period.

After that,
If you are interested in doing research, you can read the Bible, which was created before 2000.

Reading these 2 EPICs (Ithihasa) and its time period, and then introspecting Bible and its period will give us true knowledge.

While predicting the time period of these 2 EPICs and time period of Bible creation, you will understand and introspect some facts to understand.

The Hindus, with half-awareness of the Mahabharata which happened 5000 years ago (in Dwapara Yuga),
and zero awareness of the Ramayana which happened 12 lakh years ago (in Treta Yuga)
If they read the Bible that was created before 2000, it is sure to get cheated because of your ignorance.

Born in Hindu Family and converting to other religion itself a Shame. 
The reason for the conversion from the great Hindu religion to other religions, 
is purely due to the lack of understanding of the Ramayana and Mahabharata period and its history.

Hindus are great intellectuals. Undoubtedly.

But as far as religious affairs and knowledge is concerned, hindus are extremely weak to know who they are and  their pride culture. Hindu weekness is the lack of knowledge about their Pride and history and civilization.

This is a bit sad truth on hindus. 
Hindus dont know their own Pride and beg to some fake gods, fake people temporarily and used to return back.   

If you look at the history, Lakhs of Hindus forgetting their own pride and history, had fallen to Buddhism for more than 800 years... 
But later, realized the fake concepts of Buddhism, unclear principles of Buddhism does not work. 
They returned back to hindu culture of Sanathana Dharma and started to worship Vedic Gods like Vishnu, Shiva and other demi gods as they Wish. 

If they do not want to worship with Specific Names, Vedic Gods even allow individuals to pray god as "Brammam" which is the Supreme God who came as Lord Narayana. 

Some Hindus worship Brammam alone in the form of Advaita Principle.  
Hindu Dharma allows everyone to worship by giving them their own space.


Let's look at the Bible verses that were created around 90AD ..
Moses wrote the first five books of the Old Testament around (1445—1405 BC). Moses was not a christian. He was Jew though !!.

After Jesus Christ born around 3AD and killed by Roman Emperor over Jews community, New Testament was created to highlight Christ as GOD around 90AD.

When King Herod heard that a baby was born, he and all the people of Jerusalem were upset.
Matthew 2.3
(Before 3102BC, about 5000 years ago, Parabramma (Supreme God) incarnated himself as Sri Krishna.
Kamsa, the ruler of the tyranny of Mathura, was upset that Krishna was born.
The same event that happened 5000 years ago in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. 
It is written mentioned in New Testament under the name Chris instead of Krish)
when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, "Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him". When he arose, Joseph took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt
Matthew 2.13, 2.14

("Devaki" fears that Kamsaa will kill his new born child "Krishna".
As a newborn child, Sri Krishna says, "If you are afraid, take me to Gokulam, nearby village". Vasudeva, Krishna's father left Gokulam with child Krishna.)

This story of Sri Krishna was written in EPIC Mahabharat before 5000 years ago - i.e., before 3102BC.  Even now, people can go and visit Mathura, Gokul and even the Birth Place of Sri Krishna.

Mattew says "the angel of the lord appeared to Mr. Joseph father of this little child". 
Why cant it say or also clearly reveal who is that angel appeared to Joseph it is referring to?
Why cant it say or clearly reveal who is that lord of that Angel it is referring to?...
Lets find the answer by looking at more verses to track down the root

Herod was very angry, and sent his men away, killing all the male children under two years of age in Bethlehem and all its territory.
Matthew 2.16
(Knowing that Lord Krishna had born, Kamsa sent a demon named "Boothana" to Gokul, to kill all the babies born in that month.
Again, the story which had happened 5000 years ago which is written 2000 years ago in Bible.
Even today, you can visit Gokul Village in Uttar Pradesh.)

When Herod, Tyrannt King was dead, behold, an angel of the Lord appeareth in a dream to Joseph in Egypt. 
Saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and go into the land of Israel: for they are dead which sought the young child's life.
And he arose, and took the young child and his mother, and came into the land of Israel.
Matthew 2.20, 2.21
(After Kamsa was killed by Sri Krishna at the age of 11, Vasudeva and Devika lived happily in Mathura and entire Yadhava community people returned back to Mathura.)
This is the History of MahaBharat land, happened 5000 years ago (before 3102BC).

After 3102BC (5000 years ago), Halfway through the years, someone who had been listening to the Mahabharata story and would have taken this story to Yavanas (which is the western sides of Bharat India) after 3102BC..

The story of Sri Krishna was half baked in these regions by these people in western world.

Generally speaking, when you don't understand the pronunciation, you are more likely to misunderstand or misquote.. The video below depicts this gap.
Similarly, the history of Sri Krishna, which happened around 5000 years ago, was spoken all over the world and the history of the Krishna would have transformed or misquoted by western people due to their accent difference and story of Mahabharat might have been twisted in the 3000 years by the people in western ancient nations such as Jerusalem.

Even today, the villagers play Krishna's story "Kannaiya (kanna) born in madurai... grew up in the Gokula village and killed the evil Kamsa with one blow. Released his father and mother from captivity" in their mother tongue...
The story of Sri Krishna had spread all over the world ...

After the Mahabharata war in which all the Kshatriyas (Armed Men) of the world participated, the world came under the rule of the Dharmaputra.

Does it look like Story of Christ made from the story of Krishna which happened 5000 years ago?
Chris, Krish - Does it sounds same?

Does it look like someone stole the story of Kamsa uncle and made as herod a tyrannt king?

Does it Look like the town of Mathura stolen and made as Bethlehem?

Does it seem like the city of Gokulam has been stolen and made as Egypt?

Does it look like the story written 2000 years ago seem to have stolen the story written 5000 years ago?

This is how The story of the Incarnation of Jesus is written in the Bible ...

The New Testament "Matthew" clearly illustrates the story of the Krishna Birth, which was written 5000 years ago...

To hide this truth, Don't be surprised if they bring the 3rd new testament to hide these verses in bible in future..

Now let's see what another New Testament Luke says..

Joseph Mary gave birth a child. His father Joseph, on the 8th day, named "Jesus Christ" which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb
Luke 2.21
Luke says "the angel of the lord appeared to Mr. Joseph father of this little child"
Why cant Luke say or reveal who is that angel appeared to Joseph and recommended to name the child as Jesus Christ? 
(Hindus have the habit of naming the 10th day after the baby is born.
Mr.Joseph, father of the child also had this habit which Hindus follow.
Joseph, Jesus, and Mary seem to be a family who lived abroad with a pure Hindu culture.)

Even today, in Krishna consciousness like ISKCON, we find that there are families living abroad who are attracted to Hindu culture.
They do not pronounce Krishna. Instead they pronounce him as Kissina. Foreigners do have challenge to spell sanskrit names and indian languages as it is even now.

After centuries, these foreigners can end up saying "Kissina is the Supreme God" and can also write a Book on Kissina and "follow Kistinity Religion" !!  Is is very much Possible Right?
We cant be fooled due to these Wrong Identity and Wrong Accents.
With Common sense, we should find out who is the Real GOD and Worship that Real God.

To avoid these Future risk, ISKCON recommends all ISKCON devotees to have a Thilak in their Forehead to ensure no such Fake Religions gets created after Centuries.   Long Live ISKCON and its Devotees of Sri Krishna.
ISKCON devotees do practice sanskrit slokas and do Bhajans.
But due to accent difference, they could not pronounce words clearly, but love over Sri Krishna is true.

3000 years ago, in these western countries, Krishna may have been spelled as chrisna, and naming child in their family as chris may became obvious in Jews community

The parts of the Shiva Linga and Temples available around the world till this day, are the concrete evidence of wide spread Hindu culture around the world. (shiva temple in cambodia)

If we look with common sense, In Hindu culture, people used to call Paramathma (Supreme God) with the word "Brahmam" (Note: Brahma is created by Lord Narayana.  Brahmam is Lord Narayana himself in formless, endless form).

Veda says Brahmam alone incarnated himself as "Vamana, Narasimha, Rama, Krishna, Rudra."

Veda says Brahmam is everything, Everywhere.

Veda clarified that Brahmam which is the Supreme God is also called 'Narayanan', the Rig Veda by referring that Brahmam's in his incarnation married Goddess Mahalakshmi (Purusha Sukta).

From the worship of Brahmam (Paramathma, Supreme God), we see that "Two ideologies emerged" in Hindu Dharma based on Vedic Principle
That Brahman is supernatural, formless, omnipresent, that paramathma is Rudra. Thus came "Saiva" ideology, worship of Lord Shiva as Supreme God.

Another Ideology (doctrine) emerged as "Vaishnavam" from same Veda. Here Lord Narayana is considered as paramathma, proving the proof of Purusha Suktham, and that the Paramatma was a Narayana
Although all Hindus agree that Brahmam is 'Paramatma'.

Some follow Lord Shiva as Supreme God who is formless, Supreme God in Kailash (an eternal world above Satya loga). They adopted Shaivaite Doctrines.

Some follow Lord Vishnu as Supreme God who do have form in Vaikunda (an eternal world which beholds the entire 14 loga including earth, and heaven Swarga.

We see 2 Doctrines (Saivaite, Vaishnava) emerged from Brahmam based on Veda.

This is Not a Big wonder ...
You will be surprised, to see same similarity when Judaism created 2 Doctrines/ideologies.

Christianity and Islam, which originated just 2000 years ago, are two different ideologies that are emerged from Judaism.

Judaism believes in words of "Abraham" (Ibrahim) as their guide (messenger).

You can also notice that "Brahmam, Ibrahim, Abraham" all sounds the same.

Just Like Saivaite (Shiva principle),
The concept of Islam also says the lord is supernatural and formless and must follow his words without disrespect.

The Arabic word for Islam means "surrender."

The Saivites (follower of Lord Shiva) also believe god is formless. They worship Shiva in the form of Linga (which is formless)
Both Islam and Saivites gives importance to meditation in unified form.

In Islam, the mosque itself looks like Shiva Linga.
Muslims do not like to chit chat. Same as Shiva followers.

In another Doctrine which emerged from Judaism, The Lord has form. He is termed as Christ. People who follow Christ, worship Christ.
They Do idol worship Christ or Cross. Islam is complete against the Idol worship of any form.

In India where Lord Krishna born, people who born in this Hindu origin families and later converted to Christians, today worship Christ almost like a Hindu.
They pray like Hindus, They recite sloka towards Christ like a hindu. They recite Christ japa.
They take christ who they believe as God in chariot around Streets.
They walk miles (yatra) to their Churches as a mark of devotion once in a year like Varkari in Maharastra to Vittal Mandir !!.

These are not the culture of western Christians.
If a foreign Christian visit a Christian in India, they will be amused to see the cultural behaviour and too much devotion on Christ than in Jerusalem.
These super devotion shown by so called Christians in India is not because of Christ, but because they were Hindus in Origin.

Is Jesus Christ, a devotee of Sree Krishna?? or Is the story of Krishna half baked and stolen and written in the name of Christ? We don't need this controversy anyhow !!
It's upto individuals to realizing why a story which happened 5000 years ago is written  after 3000 years in twisted form!!

Jesus, Joseph, Mary, seems to be a Hindu family devoted to Sri Krishna.
We see that these Jewish families suffered a lot, during Roman Empire rule.

When the days of her purification according to the law of Moses were accomplished, they brought him to Jerusalem, to present him to the Lord
Luke 2:22

(Joseph (Father of Christ) had the habit of going to see the deity (lord!!?) in a temple. Good to know that.
Why cant Moses reveal which Lord ? or Why cant Luke reveals which God, Temple they went to?
Which temple they went to present the child for purification?
Bible refuses to reveal that truth or they themselves do not know.

Luke 2:22 may be hidden in the future in 3rd New Testament...

Due to The Roman oppressors of those times, the God which Jews worshipped may have been hidden in fear.

As it is written in the law of the Lord, Every male that born in the womb, shall be called holy to the Lord.
Jesus was presented to the Lord by His parents as a rule that every firstborn child should be sanctified by the Lord.
Luke 2:23
(The Bible refuses to say that the god who blessed Jesus Christ the new born child is Narayana or Sri Krishna.)

Is Jesus real? Imaginary? It's a needless dispute.

Let's hope there was such a person
At the end of Kaliyuga, Sri Krishna decided to go to his Abode (Vaikundam).

The Mahabharata shows that when he disappeared, Sri Krishna said his Yadava People that the "dwaraka would sink into the sea and asked millions of Yadavas move with their families to safe places".
Yadavas moved to different places across all directions of the world.

In the country of Bharat, there are still Yadavs in the North, and in the South, especially in Tamil Nadu, the Yadavs are called as Yadhava, Konar.

The Jews must be Indian Origin Yadhava's (Yadhu) clan.

The English term "Jew" originates in the Biblical Hebrew word "Yehudi". 
In Tamil, they even clearly say "Yuudha"

The unity is evident in the word "Yadava, Yehudi, Yadhu". All these 3 words sounds the same.

Just the name seems to have changed to Jews (yehudi) over time, but their way of life, their worship, and Christ or Abhraham as "Father of the Heaven" are all Hindu cultures
It is very clear that Krishna seems to be actual deity of Jews, but due to cultural difference and accent difference over time, the story of Krishna would have been twisted and turned to Chris(Krish) or Abraham (Brahmam).

Although people's dressing sense and style have changed over time, the storyline and the practice of naming her son Christ in a temple before the Lord on 8th day, did not change them.

Mahatmas like Sri Raghavendra, Shirdi Sai Baba, worshiped Lord Rama, Lord Krishna
Today, we see that lakhs of people worship these Mahatmas who worshiped Krishna.

Christ, a Jew (Yadava Clan) must have worshiped only Lord Krishna.
Christ refers Lord Krishna of his Yehudi (Yadava) Clan more frequently, as his "Father" and "Supreme God".

Just like the Hindus do have the habit of worshiping the Mahatmas (who worship Lord Rama, Lord Krishna).
The same habit of worshiping mahatmas like Christ (who is the devotee of Sri Krishna) exist in Christ followers.
This is the known culture of Hindus which exist in Christians as well.

The Vaishnavas (devotee of Lord Narayana) used to say 'Adiyane Ramanuja Dasan' by referring Sri Ramanuja Acharya who was a true devotee of Lord Narayana.

The same practice of worshiping Mahatama is also seen by the followers of the Christ.

There is nothing wrong with worshiping Christ.

But those who worship Christ should self introspect and understand that Christ himself worshipped Sri Krishna as his Supreme God.
All Christ followers must spend least 1 or 2 years to read Bhagavad Gita of Sri Krishna religiously and then introspect.

A research over time will show that Christ is pure Krishna devotee who lived abroad (jerusalem).

Yehudi must be the same Yadhava community who spreaded around the globe after Dwaraka sinked into the sea, few would have came and settle in these regions 5000 years ago
Although it is acknowledged that Christ was born in the Jewish clan (Yehudi/Yadava), Christ seems to have been worshipped only Lord Krishna as Supreme God.

Just as Hindus have the habit of worshiping Sri Raghavendar who worshipped Lord Rama as their deity,
People in Jerusalem would have inherited the same habit of Worshiping Christ who worshipped Sri Krishna as his deity thru'out his life

Just Like Sri Krishna is termed as "cattle shepherd", someone in the village in these regions would have said Christ is "Goat Shepherd".
Krishna Story might have been changed slightly by saying that "Chris was the shepherd of the goats" when these regions had more goats than cows.

Is the story of Christ taken from the story of Krishna?
It is very much possible that some country men during these 5000 years (from 3101BC), would have used the same story of Sri Krishna to adapt his countrymen.
Somehow, the Krishna been twisted to Chris it seems.
Somehow, Cattle have been tristed to Goat.
Somehow, Kamsa King have been twisted to Aarod King
Somehow, Mathura have been twisted to Bhethelham.

Whatever be the reason !! Christ might a real.
He's seems to have lived as a true hindu.
In ISKCON, we see many foreigners live like a Hindu abroad spreading Krishna Devotion.

Did they call Krishna ended by saying Christ due to their accent? or
Did they try to write the story of Krishna in the name of Christ and to change the Romans from many deity worship, to establish that he was the only deity and true god?
We can leave this introspection to individuals.

ISKCON Devotees also believe in Only One God. Sri Krishna is the Supreme God.
They do only Japa (Hare Krishna), They have only one Goal i.e., to devote their life to srikrishna and escape from birth cycle.

The ideology of Vaishnavam and the recent formation of ISKCON, both believes in the devotion of Lord Krishna
In the Vaishnava Ideology, people from all caste around the world, is encouraged and accepted to become Vaishnava (Devotee of Lord Narayana). 
Even foreigners do come and accept Vaishnava Ideology and take Mantra Upadesh.

Organizations like ISKCON go one step further and accepts people and also connects Krishna devotees around the world together and gives food, dress, way to lead a peaceful life, to pray, and perform poojas.

The way the ISKCON devotees do street bhajan across globe is clear evident of this by chanting "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna"

The Yadavas, the worshipers of Lord Krishna, who migrated to these regions of Jerusalem over time, might have lost their heritage and might have identified themselves as Jews.

Christ and Christ Followers who encourage "Christ as God" should introspect what Matthew and Luke Says and Christ Origin to track down the Real GOD (sri Krishna).

We, human-born, should not be fooled, when the same story of Sri Krishna round robin and comes back in the name Kissina and Brahmam as Abraham.  

Do we need a real Story?  or Fake Stories? We dont need a story which is looted from real story, right?
Humans should introspect. 

Even today when foreigners say "Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare" it sounds different because of their accent and life style.

These same Foreigners when they conquered India from 947AD till 1947AD, were unable to spell most of the names in this land.
They could not spell the word "Mumba" Devi, and twisted the name to "Bombay".
They even found difficult to pronounce "Bharat" and referred the People in the Land of Bharat by referring "Sindhu river".
Even they were unable to Spell "Sindhu" clearly and they twisted "Sindhu" into "Hindu", "Hindi", "Indo", "Indi" "Indus" etc.,

They twisted so many names of people, city names of whatever they liked, during these 1000 years of dominance. 

Atleast by 1947AD independence, when British agreed to leave india after 2 world war, they signed and seperated the land of Bharat into 2 parts - one for Muslim and and other for existing Hindus.
Hindu partition region should be named as "Bharat".  
But unfortunately,
The National leaders during that time, agreed to the name "INDIA" and other partition place for Muslim as Pakistan (Bhaki Sthaan - remaining place of Bharat)

Country leaders are ready to change these twisted, meaningless names given by these foreigners during these 1000 years of invasion !
We have already changed Bombay to Mumbai, calcutta to Kolkata etc., 

Country leaders, should think about changing the countries meaningless name "INDIA" to its original name "Bharat".

People with intellect will think about corrective actions. 

Praying Fake Gods, Twisted Gods, Fake Stories, Twisted Stories won't give salvation.  
It just gives Hatred to the True God, True Stories, and True People. 

By just looking at India's 1000 yr story of invasion, we can relate how many cities, our own nation names have been twisted by these foreigners due to their accent.   

When we introspect the timeline of Mahabharata period which happened 5000 years ago, it is very obvious that, Krishna story got twisted in the form of Christ from 3102BC in the western world. 

Yadava who migrated to these regions over time would have been referred as Yehudi (Jews)... 

what is original? Who is the Original? Introspect the facts.
Introspect the accent challenges.
Don't hesitate to put aside fake gods and fake believes and nonsense (meaningless) names.

Lets believe that Christ exist.
But it is very clear from Matthew and Luke, that Christ and his Parents (Mary and Joseph) were true Devotees of Sri Krishna and worshipped him (Lord) in the temple.

Its just to grab attention and conquer Roman (who believed in multiple dieties), Christ was referred as Supreme God and as Savior of Poor and needy.

Praise the Lord Krishna
Praise the Jews (Yehudi, Yadava Clan)
Praise the Hindu Culture
Praise the Hindu Community which lives abroad.
Hail Shri Krishna fame.

Christ's beloved book should have been "Bhagavad Gita" for sure.
But this would been hidden due to fear of Romans.

For Sure, Christ will not accept who disrespect Sri Krishna.

Those who Disrespect Father Sri Krishna, were unlikely to be accepted by Christ himself for sure.

Jesus for sure loved to be born in the soil of India (Bharat).

Lets not believe in fake gods (kissina).
Accent can misdirect us.
Lets all worship Sri Krishna the true dwell for all of us. Lets all worship Sri Krishna alone.

Foreigners in ISKCON pronounce Krishna as "Kisina".
But fortunately ISKCON follows strict outer appearance.
They have thilak and have Bhagavad Gita a book and Hare Krishna mantra with them to hold their identity.
Lets assume,
If they just chant Krishna as Kisina without thilak or the book or Hare Krishna mantra!!  
What would happen after 300 years?

People would have believe that "Kisina is the God" of that region.
The story of Krishna in the name of Kisina would have passed for generations during that 300 years.
Someone would have written a book on Kisina which will be a exact replica of Sri Krishna Story under the Title of Kisina.
That book would have become a holy book to the followers of Kisina.
A new fake religion called Kisinity would have formed !!
How pity it would be to those followers of Kisina? 

Lets understand the cultural difference and accent issues across the world.  
Lets not fall down to fake gods. 
God is real. God is Sri Krishna. 

Let us all cling to the true Paramatma, Krishna to attain salvation. 

If you want to Chant "Namo Narayana", go ahead and Chant.
If you want to Chant "Nama Shivaya", go ahead and chant.
If you want to become Vaishnava, come to India and ask temple Priest down south in Krishna/Narayana Temple.
If you want to become hindu a krishna devotee, ask ISKCON to help you.
Fall into hands of Sri Krishna.  Not to Kisina or any.
Fake Gods never give you Salvation.  Its one life. Be Smart.

Hail Krishna Devotees, Hail Krishna Devotees around the world. 

Hail Hindus. Hail Sri Krishna, the Supreme God.

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