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Monday 19 August 2019

North Indians, South Indians. Why are they different? Are they Different? Let's Analyse the reason....

North India
Temple construction is modern and simple, colorful.

South India
Temple construction are very old and great and complex architects and completely made of rocks and stones.

North India
Everyone do pooja. Even other religion people, foreigners are allowed to do Haarthi and Abhishek. Everyone chant Vedic Mantra (like gayathri mantra) even in loud speaker as well.

South India
None can do pooja except a specific priest of that temple. Not even Brahmin,
Prime Minister or kings allowed to do pooja.
Even Sanyasi who give up his family and devoted his life to live for Vedic principles can't touch the Idol which they don't worship personally. They too stand with others to allow the priest of that temple to do pooja.
This is to maintain sanctity of temple procedures and to give respect to the God.
Touching and hugging is allowed only to husband and wives and friend with same sex.

Even brother and sister after certain age or after attaining puberty, don't touch each other or even sleep in same room without presence of parents.
Touching and hugging husband and wife in public is also considered as misbehaviour even now.
So, no wonder why south India don't allow everyone to touch the God inside the temple.
Every person in South India, in every home, they have a Idol of Shiva, Krishna, Muruga. Only the owner of that house touch them.  Others who visit their house, do namaskar but don't touch them.
Its to maintain sanctity and respect to the God.
Only the priest and his son and his disciple alone do pooja as guided by that temple rule and kings who appointed them when they constructed that temple. Even woman in the priest family can't touch idol.

Even when we look at Lord Ram Story in Treta Yuga, followed the same culture. North Indians also had the same culture, but diluted now !

Lord Rama hesitated to lift her Wife Sita into the Boat while crossing Ganga River in front of Lakshmana when they left to forest.

Touching and Hugging even Wife in public is considered misbehavior even in North India those days.
Understanding the hesitation of Lord Rama, his Brother Lakshmana turned other side of the boat and gave Rama the personal space to lift Sita into the Boat.
Touching and hugging is mostly accepted between friends in public.
Bhajan is allowed in loud speaker.
But Vedic Mantra are not encouraged in loud speakers. Mostly recited within with great respect.

North Indian
People do Prema Bhakti with god and most temple allow them to touch the god in temple and express their love and affection.
They Dance without hesitation to express themselves.

South Indian
People do Maryada Bhakti with god setting a boundary that we are jeevathma (sishya) and he is sinless Paramathma (guru).
Dancing is uncommon for south indians as they hesitate to express. They hide their bhakti (love to god) to others. They like to keep it secret with god alone.

Why do we see such difference between, north indians and south indians?

Why do we see such difference between, north india temples ans south india temples?

The practice that we see in North India though not part of Traditional Culture, evolved due to Arabian Islamic invasion.

Tamilnadu, kerala region had islamic conquest severely for just around 80 to 100 yr only under khilji and thuklaq period. Madurai Meenakshi Temple got attacked by the same Malik Kafur when he crossed Andhra and Entered TamilNadu (Pandya Kingdom). The destroyed Shiva Idol which was placed in front of the Actual Shiva Idol (Sundareswarar) is still kept in temple to depict the fact and atrocity faced in Tamilnadu during these periods. Meenakshi Temple was shut down for 80years due to fear and atrocities against Hindus. Same attack happened on Sri Ranga Temple in Trichy after that.

Later Pandya Kingdom and Entire Tamilnadu was secured mostly by kings of vijayanagar kingdom and later by Maratha kingdom.  TamilNadu Vows to these Kings forever.

Vijayanagar kings for 900yrs mostly fought with Deccan sultan's, delhi sultan, gujarat sultan through out their life..
Andhra and karnataka had severe temple attacks similar to north india, but reconstructed again and again by these kings.
It is believed that, 48000 prime temple were destroyed in entire Bharat during these periods.
3 Key temples we lost are
Temple where lord Krishna born in Mathura.
Temple where lord ram born in Ayodhya.  Even now (as on 2019 Aug), Lord Rama dont have a temple and kept in a Tent
Temple where Lord Shiva in Kasi.
The famous "Kohinoor Diamond" was looted from Andhra from a MahaKali Temple during Kakatiya Hindu ruling.  This was looted by destroying temple and civilians by Malik Kafur Military Army under Alauddin Khilji Period.

Lakhs of small temple were destroyed through out india.
One such small temple which was destroyed is for your view....

But most north indian had extremely suffered over these attacks and temple got under attack from 947AD till 1857AD for almost 900yrs.

Temples were alike those days throughout Bharat (from Afghan till kanyakumari).

When Hindu Kings go for battle with other Hindu king, they face each other in Battlefield outside the city. Mahabharat war is the typical example.  They fought in a seperate place called "Kurukshetra"
Alexander decided to return back to greece after victory over hindu king "porus" (purushothama) in 326BC and kept celucus nicator as army chief to hold his captured land..
He felt if this small kingdom king at the border of indus river was so powerful, he doubted whether his army will be ready to fight with all Hindu kings inside Bharat.

He felt like entering Lion cage where 1000s of lion roaring inside. As he predicted, when chandra gupta Maurya marched towards celucus nicator captured region, he gave up his land and seeing his might he married her Greek daughter as wife of Chandra Gupta Maurya.
Alexander died in Babylon (now Iran), on the way to greece due to mosquito bite.
When Arabian muslim "mohamed Ghajini" entered to loot golds in Bharat, he faced a tough battle 17 times and pardoned by hindu king 17 times after he fell on his feet for mercy and faced continuous 17 defeats by a small Gujarat king.
Islam kings thereafter mostly attacked civilians and temple to bring hindu kings to accept defeat and kill them.
Once innocent civilians got attacked and temples got destroyed, north indians (common people) became helpless and hindu kings also panicked as attacking civilians and destroying temple became tactic for arabic muslims to defeat hindu kings.
(Christian rulers are no different... British rulers who could not fight with marudhu brothers in TamilNadu, pandiya kings, they announced destruction of Kalaiyaar Shiva Temple with tanks if they don't surrender and hang themselves.

Hindu Brother Kings to save temple and idol, agreed to hang themselves.)

Not once Hindu kings took revenge and destroyed Christian built churches which are built.
Kapaleeswar temple is believed to got destroyed by Portuguese traders and St.Joseph church was built over in sea shore.
When Vijayanagar, Pallava kings recaptured these territories, they didn't destroyed the church but built the temple again few km away from the sea shore in chennai.
None of the mosque built over temples were destroyed by hindu kings.
When hindus keep respecting other believes, for 900yrs they lost almost temples and in turn allowed so much churches and mosque built all over india.
Once temple got destroyed and Idols broken, north indians (common people) started crying by carrying broken idols in their shoulders like a helpless mother carrying his disabled child.
With extreme broken heart, they themselves started doing pooja with whatever they had.
Started doing bhajan and allowed anyone who want to do pooja.

Since 1st attack always happened on brahmins who are inside the temple, north indians lost all true vedic brahmins qualified like krishna Chaitanya from west bengal, mandala mishra from kashmir who had such indepth knowledge to argue with adi sankara (avatar of lord shiva).
If hindus tried to rebuilt, after few years some other muslim ruler will come and destroy again.
Somnath SHIVA temple, Gujarat alone got attacked 18 times by just 1 thief called Ghajini.
This is just a sample of the atrocity North Indians faced for 900years.

Common people started doing pooja on their own with whatever they had.
Common people recited mantra for doing pooja.
In South India, people do maryada bhakti to god. They don't touch god.

In North India, people do prema bhakti. They chant, they do pooja, they touch.

These difference is all due to islamic invasion on hindu temples for 800yrs...

If you recollect Ramayana (which happened in North India in Treta Yuga), you will understand all temple in Bharat followed same approach like in South India.
The famous sriranganathar in SriRanga temple in Trichy was an Idol worshiped by Lord Ram himself during Treta Yuga 12 lak yr before.
The entire Vimana along with Sriranga Moorthi was given to vibeeshana, as a gift of himself (Lord Rama) for worship by Lord Rama himself.
Vibeeshana, mighty powerful Raakshas took the vimana in his hand and flew towards Srilanka.
He kept sri ranganathar along with vimana in Sri rangam, trichy to perform his evening prayer (sandhya vandanam).
Lord Ranganatha spoke to him that he wishes to stay in this place where Cauvery river flow on both sides. Also promised that he will face south side and watch towards srilanka and bless the country's prosperity always.
This temple vimana is a typical example that north india temples were also constructed with great architecture like in south india till 947AD.

North Indians personal loss, cultural loss is beyond explanation. Still crores of people survived 900 years of Invasion and still living heads high as Hindus and reviving themselves.

We are all brothers.  We are all people of bharat land.
Our temples, the way of worship were same.
Adi sankara who born in kerala, whose mother tongue is malayalam conversed with ease with mandala mishra in kashmir. People from other states (kingdom) spoke in Sanskrit as common language.
Krishna Chaitanya from Bengal came to Sri Rangam, Trichy and conversed with people in TamilNadu.
We all knew sanskrit those days and it was our common language.

After Arabian Islamic conquest, we got into an illusion that we are different, our belief is different, our temple construction is different.
After christian conquest, we lost common language called sanskrit which bridged as together. English made as common language and again we are made to believe we are different..

Beware of Separatist. Punish them hard with law.
We are one.  We are Brothers. We are all son of this bharat land.

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