Saturday, 10 February 2018

Aditi devo bhava - English

अतिथि देवो भव: (Aditi devo bhava)
This is the proud slogan of every indians.

Every country is known for few good things and remembered.

When we talk about German. We say, German people are known for making quality products.
French people are known for introducing fashion .

We the indians are known for "Indian hospitality".

This fame is given to india as we are the only people in this planet to say
अतिथि देवो भव: (Aditi devo bhava).

In english dictionary, the sanskrit word अतिथि is referred as "guest".

"Welcoming Guest to our home" is not uncommon practice thru'out the world.
Everyone welcomes guest. Not just indians.
Then why gets this credit that "indians are known for hospitality"?

If we go by this english word, we can't understand the truth, why indians are known for hospitality.

What is guest?
Guest are the people who come to our home with appointment (with prior notice). We or They communicate date and time and visit.  We welcome them and greet them. Give them feast.

If we try to understand the meaning of this sanskrit word अतिथि (Aditi), we will know the beauty of Indian heart.

तिथि refers one who comes to our home with specified date and time.

अतिथि is just negate to तिथि. That is, without specified time.

Now, if we read once again अतिथि देवो भव: with true meaning we will understand the greatness of indian culture and our ancestors.

Even if a guest entered an indian house without any prior notice of date and time, upon his arrival, the indians had a great heart and will treat them like a god (देवो) appeared in their house with respect (भव:).

Hence indians are known for "hospitality".

In other countries, if someone (even relatives) enter other's house without their permission, they feel upset, angry.

With western culture migration, today, Indians too, have almost lost their identity of "hospitality" and as everyone around the world, greet only the guest who have prior appointment to meet them.

Today indians, must relook themselves and rejuvenate their heart and try to bring back the great and wise qualities of our Indian ancestors back again.

Let us prove the world "Indians are known for hospitality" in its original form.

Courtesy : Extract from Sri Rangaji speech.

Mistakes or wrong interpretation if any, belong to me.