Friday, 13 April 2018

The Name Bharat is the Official Name of the Country. Why Hindustan? Why Hindu? Why India?

The Name Bharat is the Official Name of the Country under "Constitution of India".
Why Hindustan? Why Hindu? Why India? How these names came?

These are curse or blessing in disguise for people of India.

Sindhu River - It is a river which originates from Mount Kailash till it merges to Arabian Sea near Karachi port.
The people lived in India early referred themselves as from "Bharat".
Then how comes name India came? Hindus Came? Hindustan came?

People from other countries are known to struggle to pronounce Indian names even today.
Due to Poor Accent to pronounce the names correctly, these twisted names unfortunately became reality now.

Alexander the Great, When he marched his army from Greece, Italy till his last Journey towards India, referred the Sindhu Region as “Indoi” and people as "Indus" due to the Greek Accent.

This later twisted by the Persian Muslims when they entered Sindhu Region and invaded and looted for next 1000 years.
Thus, the name "India" is derived from Indus unfortunately.

Persian Muslims started using "Hindus" due to their Persian accent. During Mughal ruling, they used the Persian Name "Hindustan" to refer the region of Sindh.

It is pathetic that “Bharat” is using a name “India”, which came as a result of foreign people who could not pronounce correctly.

Not Just the Country Name, but lots of cities are twisted and pronouced incorrectly by these foreign christians and muslim rulers those days. It is unfortunate that these meaningless names are not corrected yet in constitution.

A meaningful name for a country is must. As "INDIA" is a twisted name of Sindhu.
Also as Sindhu is now part of Pakistan and separated, it is time to think to rename the country as "BHARAT" which is the official name of the country and drop the name INDIA.

We have already implemented changes for wrong names given by these foreign christians and muslims due to their poor accent for few of cities from 1947 till date:

Few are:
  • Trivandrum, now corrected back to Thiruvananthapuram
  • Baroda, now corrected back to Vadodara
  • Bombay, now corrected back to Mumbai (Ma Amba)
  • Madras, now corrected back to Chennai (Chenna kesava perumal temple)
  • Cochin, now corrected back to Kochi
  • Calcutta, now corrected back to Kolkata
  • Pondicherry, now corrected back to Puducherry
  • Cawnpore, now corrected back to Kanpur
  • Poona, now corrected back to Pune (Punya Giri)
  • Simla, now corrected back to Shimla (Goddess Shymala Devi)
  • Benares, now corrected back to Varanasi (2 rivers Varuna and Assi flow)
  • Waltair, now corrected back to Vishakapatnam (Lord Visakeswara temple)
  • Tanjore, now corrected back to Tanjavur
  • Jubbulpore, now corrected back to Jabalpur (Place of Jaabali in Ramayana)
  • Mysore, now corrected back to Mysuru (Place where Mahishasura ruled before he was killed by Goddess Chamundeswari)
  • Mangalore, now corrected back to Mangaluru (Mangaladevi Temple)

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