Friday, 10 July 2020

Racism must Die... You must become Hindu. World Must become Hindu. WHY??

You are a Black? 
Ram and Krishna are black. 
Gods Statue inside Temple is also made Black. 
You have a God. No Racism.

You are not Black?
Shiva is snow white. You have a God. No Racism.

You believe in non idol worship? 
Meditate on para brammam, who is the supreme source of all creation and who is beyond the imagination.

You believe in Idol worship?
Same Para brammam took the form of Narayana (black), Shiva (white) and further manifested himself as Adi Sankara, Rama, Krishna, Narasimha, Vaamana..  If you want create an Idol of them.  
God is everywhere. he can show his presence in your IDOL as well.  
You believe in equality?
Supreme Para brammam appeared himself not just as Humans, Demi Gods, as Vishnu, Shiva..  he appeared himself as Varaha (pig), Mathsya (fish) as well. Thus, Supreme Para Brammam, showed that he resides in everyone not just human and showing equality.

Only in Hindu community, 
you will see, husband and wife with different colors, but still love each other.
Only in Hindu community, 
brother and sisters with different skin tones, but still living happily.

If you want to worship white God with golden hair,
Don't go for dead souls and get cheated.  They never come.
You have Shiva.  You have Karthikeya. 

If you are Black,
Come on! Krishna is your God. 
Why do you need a Blond white skinned twisted Kris, in this racist world?

If you believe in God who is beyond imagination,
Read Advaita.  
Follow Adi Sankara. 
Follow many Rishi who meditated that supreme Parabrammam sitting alone. Be a Yogi, if you believe God (para brammam) is formless and can't imagined. 

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Hinduism embrace all.. 
It allows you to live in community and a structured way. 
If you want to name community as Caste. Go ahead. 
But it just a way to live in streamlined way.

Are you an Atheist?
Come on.. You are also allowed to be Hindu.
Atheist is also encouraged here, because you are also needed to keep Theist to analyze more on God and improve his belief.

Let's embrace Hinduism..
World peace is possible...Only if people leave the Blond Dead Gods.
RACISM must die. 

You can be krishna devotee. 
At the same time, Your spouse can be shiva devotee. 
Your son can be ganesh devotee. Your daughter can be shakthi (nature) devotee.
Still Just being a hindu, 
you will learn to respect other believes and still live together and live for each other.
Do you believe in family and its values?
Even Hindu Gods show family Values. 
Shiva's son Karthikeya calls Vishnu as his uncle.
Vishnu calls Parvati as her sister.
Brahma calls Narayana as his father.
Rishi says Brahma is their father.
We say, We are from lineage of Rishis.
We relate even Gods as our Family.

Krishna says in B.Gita, "i am karthikeya in mid of warriors" (senaaninaam skanda)

It shows that Para brammam who is the supreme, came as Krishna. And he is present everywhere.

To make the world peace, blond dead gods must be buried.

Racism must die. 
Devotion to Shiva (shiva) and Krishna (Black) is the way to stop Racism.

Time for world to embrace Hinduism. 

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