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Saturday, 27 June 2020

How can we convert our Karma (action) into Karma Yoga?. Here is the Very Simple way.. Let's understand

How can we convert our Karma (action) into Karma Yoga?.. Here is the Very Simple way..
One farm owner (boss) was growing paddy on his land.

He did not want his paddy gets harmed by birds, animals or others.

The boss himself guarded his land.
He worried about his land and his paddy.

"Does anyone damage my land and my paddy?" That is just mind boggling for him always.

From time to time, he would chase down birds, animals, and humans looking to enter his land.

He worked on the admiration that  "It is My land."

He bears the "sins" of his own karma (action)

The boss gets caught himself for his karma (action).
He owns the results (good or bad) of his own karma (action)

karma Yoga
The farm owner hired a servant to guard his land.
He was extremely sincere and also worried about his owner's land and his paddy.

"Does anyone damage my owner's land and his paddy?" That is just mind boggling for him always.
He was extra cautious to guard his owner's land.

From time to time, he would chase down birds, animals, and humans looking to enter his land.

He worked on the admiration that  "It is My owner's land and must protect to make my owner happy by my work"

He don't  bear the "sins" of his own karma (action)

Instead, his boss owns the results (good or bad) of his karma (action)

Both were doing same work (karma). 
despite doing karma, the 2nd person (here the worker) smoothly moves all his karma' results to his boss.
This is "Karma Yoga".

When Krishna Paramathma explains Karma Yoga to Arjuna, he encourage him to do his own duty. 

Only one in crore human society, will be eligible to take sanyas and give up his own karma (work).
When Arjuna the great warrior ask krishna 'whether he can take sanyas?' at the battlefield, krishna commands him "Do your duty.. but do your duty like karma yogi".

Some fake religion, like sanyasa dharma in Hindu Dharma, talks about peace only and picturize their gods as "God of peace and love". 

Those fake religion says "if someone slap you in face, show the other side of your face as well".  

How silly advice it would be for Army men?

Such advice are good for Sanyasi (saints) alone. 

Can this fake religion guide peace and love to an country army men who is fighting with an enemy country to give up their land? 

Peace and Love is a Sanyasi Dharma alone. It can't be a religion.

Sanyasi dharma alone cant be guiding principle for entire community. 

Hindu Dharma does not generalize one principle (dharma) to everyone.  Thats why these fake religion should be kicked out to ocean.

Our Hindu Dharma, says "Do your duty.. But do it like a Karma Yogi".

If you are a sanyasi, spiritual inclined, 'Do your karma (work)' according to that path. Be tolerant, Be lovable. Be spiritual.

At same time, 
when Hindu Dharma meets a soldier, it does not preach non violence.  
It says "Do your duty (Karma) with might. Kill the enemies. Protect your land.Be ready to give up your life also, but protect our nation.".

Fake religion, just takes one Dharma explained in this Hindu Dharma and cheating human community as religion.

To convert our work (karma) to Karma yoga, hindu dharma does not ask us to stop our work. But encourages to do our work honestly with truth.
It just ask us to change our mindset. 
Krishna says 
"Arjuna.. Surrender your self to me. Let me allow to be your Lord. You just do your duty. Whatever the results (good or bad) i will own it. 
With no punya (good) or paap (sin) and with your mind thinking me as owner and director of all your work, you will reach me alone".

Karma Yoga is the easiest way. 

It does not believe or ask us to say "if you slap me in one side, i will show other side". 

Hindu Dharma is beautiful.
Wherever you are.. Whatever you do...
Just understand that "your supreme god is Sri Krishna". 
Just do your work like a servant of Krishna and always tell yourself that "Am i doing my work honestly? Whethee my Owner Sri Krishna who resides in my heart will feel happy about my truth?" 

If you get answer as "Yes" within... Just continue your karma till your life.

Krishna ensures safety and protection for such beautiful devotee. 

Krishna devotee can be millionaire or poor or male or female or transgender or indian or foreigner or hindu or non hindu. 

Being a Karma Yogi and working like a servant to the land lord "sri krishna" is the trick to lead this life.

Krishna alone talks about need of Karma Yoga in everyone.. and also says "i am the supreme god (landlord) and surender into me".

Be proud to be a hindu. 
Be proud to live like a hindu. 
"Do your Duty for Krishna." - That's karma yoga.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Is karma applied on plants, animals, birds as well? How do they uplift themselves to get human form?.. Let us Understand...

Is karma applied on non-humans as well? 
How do they uplift themselves to get human form? 
Only Humans with 6th sense have Karma.. because human can think and decide. He can go good or evil things. 

Animal do all actions just for food and sleep. Hence the Karma by non-humans either considered as good or bad. 
When they die, they don't go to Yama (God of Death) but reborn immediately in other non-human form.

When human die, because they decide their actions with their intellect, they gather good karma, bad karma and go to Yama and get punished or blessed and reborn either as human or back to plant or animal or birds.

how many lives a soul has to go through to get human form?
Its based on "Sadhu Dharsan Punya"

We can understand this, when we look at an incident when narada muni came to dwaraka to meet sri krishna.
One day, Narada who resides in Sathya Loka (where brahma resides), he came to earth to have a darshan of Sri Krishna who is an incarnation of Narayana.

Sri Krishna welcomed him with great pleasure and said "Sadhu Dharsan is a great punya (having a glimpse of a sadhu itself is a blessing)".

Narada smiled and said "Krishna! how is that just sadhu dharsan alone give punya?. Are you saying this just to praise me?"
Sri Krishna said, "Absolutely No. If you want to investigate this truth... go to the nearest river. You will see one tamarind tree near the banks of river. In that tree, you will see a Wasp (insect) living there.  Go and say 'sadhu dharsan punya'. Wasp will answer you."

"will an insect will reply to this question?".. narada was puzzled.  
Yet, he knew that, Sri Krishna is not just a human.. he is the supreme god Narayana in human form. 

With no hesitation, Narada went to the river and saw a Tamarind Tree. 
To the surprise, he saw a little WASP in that tree in a small nest. 
Narada went near that WASP and said "Sadhu Dharsan Punya". 

To a great Shock... immediately that little WASP fluttered and fall down from the tree and died. 

Narada was speechless.. and went back to Sri Krishna and narrated the incident... 

Sri Krishna smiled and said "That's ok. Its just a small WASP. leave that. One day, i donated a Cow to a brahmin in Avanti kingdom, so that he can do Yagya using cow's milk and ghee. I heard just now that, that Cow is going to yield a calf. Goto the Brahmin house and once the cow calves, go to that little calf and say 'sadhu dharsan punya'.  
That little calf will answer you."

Again With no hestitation, Narada went to that brahmin house. Narada enquired that brahmin whether any little calf born recently. Brahmin was excited and said "Yes".  He requested Narada to bless the little calf.

Narada went silently near that little calf and said "Sadhu Dharsan Punya". 

To a great Shock... immediately that little calf fall down and died. 

Now, Narada Muni got little frightened. 
He didn't had the courage to meet the Brahmin again and disappeared.

Narada went back to Sri krishna and narrated the incident.  
He was not so keen to know the truth as well now ! 

Yet, Sri Krishna smiled and said, "That's ok, Narada. Do not worry. It's just a little calf. In next kingdom, there is a king friend of mine. He was worried for many years of not having a child.  Now, i heard, her wife is pregnant after long years of wait.   
Once that child born, you go and whisper in his ears 'Sadhu Dharsan punya'.  That child will answer you."

Now, Narada was in extreme shock.  whenever he uttered this word "Sadhu Dharsan Punya" to the little wasp, and little calf both died at same moment.
Sri Krishna is again asking to say this word to a Prince child.  
Narada is known for his play.  
Now he thought, Krishna is playing a Big Game over him which can give him the biggest crime.

Yet, he knew that, Sri Krishna is not just a human.. he is the supreme god Narayana in human form. 
He could not deny his command.
One day, that Queen gave birth to a beautiful Baby Boy.   King was excited and entire kingdom was celebrating.  

Narada Muni decided to know the truth and reached the king's palace.  
Seeing Narada Muni, King was elated and worshiped him and welcomed him.
He requested Narada to give blessing to his New Born Prince and took him inside.

The child was sleeping in a cushion cradle made of pure gold. 
He was decorated with fresh clothes and looking cute and majestic as a prince. 

Narada asked the King and queen to wait outside, so that he can bless him. Both went outside and queen went to prepare food. 

Narada came near the little child prince and whispered "Sadhu Dharshan punya".
To a great surprise, child open his eyes and smiled at narada.
Narada was surprise and happy that the child did not die. 

To a much great surprise, child started to speak.  
Little child said, 
"Yes. Sadhu Dharshan is Punya. I was the one (atma) who was living as Wasp in that tree. By just having a Darshan of Mahatma like you who always chant 'Namo Narayana', i immediately left that Wasp body and entered the Sattva Guna Cow, the best of all animals.  
Again, when i had a Darshan of you, i left that Body as well and entered the Queen's womb to become Human Prince. 
You have blessed me to become human.. 
Now bless me to reach that Paramatma Narayan as well"

Narada understood the play by Sri Krishna.  He understood what he meant "Shadhu Darshan punya".

With Great Joy, Narada blessed that little child and said,
"I am happy that you are born as Kshatriya, protector of Dharma and Dharmic People. 
Whatever the life you had, continue to live in your Dharma and protect the Dharmic People as Kshatriya.  
Non-Human can't do bhakti (devotion) to Narayana because they don't the tool (intellect) to think. 
Now you are human. You do your Duty as Kshatriya. At the same time, be devotional to Narayana.  
Always spend your leisure times with Sadhus.  Listen to them. 
In Next Birth, you will become a Brahman, like me who always thinks about Narayana alone.  Next Birth will guide you to Moksha (Liberation) and you will reach Paramatma Narayan."

Narada left the palace and thanked Krishna to show the meaning of "Sadhu Darshan Punya" and how non-humans take human form. 


Always Proud to say "I AM HINDU"

Hail, the Supreme God "Sri Krishna" (ignore twisted names like kisina, chris..etc).

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Who is Strong? KARMA (Action) or GOD? Let's hear Candy seller story! Hindus Must Read....

There was a candy seller. He used to Wander around all the day to sell his candy.
Personally he is good person.
He made a living with his business for each day. It was a tough life to roam around streets in summer and winter. But he was brave enough to lead his life.

Every day, He used to pass through a Shiva temple in his street. 
He had never worshiped Lord Shiva till date.

Instead of Worshipping Shiva, he used to Taunt Shiva by shouting at him "Look at me... How much struggle i am going thru' everyday".

He never believed or had the respect on Lord Shiva that "He is more powerful than human. Shiva can help him to bring a change to his tough life"
Instead, he used to hate Lord Shiva and scold him always.

One Day, Parvati Devi had mercy on him, though he shouts and hate Shiva.
Hence She asked Lord Shiva, "Have mercy on him."
Shiva said, 
"Parvati, Look at him. He have no devotion on me! Moreover, he hates me and shouts at me.
His life, His struggle and his little happiness are just results of his Karma (actions) made by him in previous births.
Since you are requesting me personally, i would still go ahead and show mercy over him.

I will give place a Jewellery Box filled with Diamonds and Gold tomorrow on the same path that he pass by.  
Let him take this Jewellery Box as Gift from me and live happily without worry.   
Since he do not believe in me, i don't want reveal my blessings to him.  

Let him think that 'It's his luck which gave him this Jewellery Box'."

As informed to Parvati devi, Shiva placed a Jewellery Box in the same path where he used to pass thru' to sell his candy.

Parvati was extremely happy

Next day, that candy seller took all his candy and started walking around the streets.  Finally, He reached the same street where Shiva kept the Jewellery Box filled with Diamonds and Golds.
By the time, he reached that street, he imagined a situation and asked himself 
"I am strong today and able to walk all around the streets to sell my candy. 
What will i do, if lose my Eye sight as grow old?  
How about i should prepare myself to walk blind?"

After that, immediately that candy seller closed his eyes to practice himself whether he could walk and cross that street.   

With eyes closed, he walked and passed the Jewellery Box kept in the street. 

After passing the Jewellery Box, he opened his eyes and felt proud that "He could survive closing his eyes.  He felt he can continue his business even if he became blind in future".  

But he does not know, that he lost the huge wealth which would have given him the wealthy life.

After few minutes, another men came walking in the same street.  
He saw the Jewellery Box.  
His Karma was good on that day and took the Jewellery Box filled with Golds and Diamonds. 

Seeing this Parvati Devi was surprised and asked Shiva, 
"What's happening here?..   Why did he suddenly closed his eyes?.  How unfortunate he is !"

Shiva told, 
"Parvati...   Karma is very strong.  No one can overcome Karma.
His Karma is driving him to stay strugglling thru'out his life, despite the chance i gave to him to become wealthy. 
Karma is more powerful for him.

But, I would tell you the secret !!  
Karma is very strong for those who don't believe in me or Narayana (Supreme Vedic God). 

He never had respect on me.  
He never believed that i can solve all his struggles.  
He believed in shouting at me, criticize me to vent out his anger.   

Those who hate me or Narayana, are free to live the way they like.   
They can also live happily, They can also live wealthy..  
But it is purely depends on their Karma. 

Those who hate me or Narayana, 
if they continue to do Good Karma (actions), they will also get all the benefits based on their Good Karma.  
That Karma results are given by us only.

Those who hate me or Narayana, 
if they continue to do Bad Karma (actions), they will also get all the sufferings based on their Bad Karma.   
That Karma results are given by us only.

But we Vedic Gods never involve to guide them in right path or stop them doing bad karma as they don't want us to help ! They born again and again in this world, till they realize this fact. 

Those who hate me or Narayana, Karma is very strong for them.

If this Candy Seller, even had little devotion over me and trusted me, My mercy would have overcome his Karma Effect. 
He would have seen the gift today, placed in front of him.

Devotion over me or Narayana can destroy the Karma Effect. 
Our Blessings are stronger than Karma.

Those who love me or Narayana, gets blessed by us. Karma effects will not touch our devotees based on the Trust they have with us.
Even If my devotee do wrong things, they will be guided by us to become a good person sooner. 

Due to Karma, If our Devotee is going thru' tough phase, we will protect them against their Karma effect.  

If a person who don't have devotion on us, if they do Bad things (Karma), we are left with no option to change their behaviour, as they dont need our help.

If a person who don't have devotion on us, if they do Good things, we are left with no option to enhance their good behaviour more and more.
Vedic Gods don't expect any thing from human. 
We just expect true devotion and respect from them.

This devotion and Respect is enough for us to remove the Karma effect and bless them."

This is lesson for all of us.   

All Worries will vanish to those who are devotee of Shiva or Narayana.  

Karma is stronger for those who don't have devotion and love on Shiva or Narayana (Vedic Gods).

God's mercy is stronger than Karma.

Let us all Be Proud to be HINDU.   We all are HINDUS.  
Let's be Proud to be HINDU. 

Monday, 4 May 2020

கர்ம வினை பலம் வாய்ந்ததா? மிட்டாய் வியாபாரி கதை.. படிப்போமே !

ஒரு மிட்டாய் வியாபாரி இருந்தான்.
நாள் முழுக்க அலைந்து, மிட்டாய் விற்பான்.
அன்றன்று நடக்கும் வியாபாரத்தை கொண்டு வாழ்க்கை நடத்தி வந்தான்..
கஷ்டமான வாழ்க்கை. ஆனாலும் தைரியமாக நடத்தி வந்தான்.

தினமும் ஒரு சிவன் கோவில் வழியாக தான் செல்வான். 
சிவபெருமானை ஒரு நாள் கூட பக்தியுடன் பார்த்ததில்லை.
"இப்படி கஷ்டப்படுகிறேனே!!" என்று சிவபெருமானை திட்டுவானே தவிர, "சக்தியுள்ள சிவபெருமான் தன் துக்கத்தை போக்குவார்"
என்று நம்ப மாட்டான்.
தெய்வத்திடம் வெறுப்பை காட்டுவான்.

ஒரு சமயம், பார்வதிக்கு இவன் மேல் கருணை ஏற்பட்டது..
சிவபெருமானிடம் "இவனுக்கு கருணை செய்யுங்களேன்" என்று கேட்டுக்கொண்டாள்.
"என்னிடம் அவனுக்கு பக்தி இல்லையே! என் மீது வெறுப்பை உமிழ்கிறான்.
அவன் பூர்வ ஜென்மத்தில் செய்த பாப புண்ணிய கர்மாவுக்கு ஏற்ப இப்போது வாழ்க்கை அமைந்து உள்ளது..
இருந்தாலும் நீ ஆசைப்படுகிறாய் என்பதால், இவனுக்கு கருணை செய்கிறேன்"
என்றார் கருணா மூர்த்தியான சிவபெருமான்.

அவன் செல்லும் பாதையில் விலையுயர்ந்த வைர கல் பதித்த மாலை கிடக்கும் படி செய்தார்.

"தெய்வமாவது கொடுப்பதாவது... எதேச்சையாக எனக்கு கிடைத்தது.. என் அதிர்ஷ்டம்"
என்றே நினைத்து எடுத்துக்கொள்ளட்டும் என்றார் சிவபெருமான்.
பார்வதி சந்தோஷப்பட்டாள்.

அன்று வழக்கம் போல வியாபாரத்துக்கு கிளம்பினான் அந்த மிட்டாய் வியாபாரி.
அந்த வைர மாலை இருக்கும் இடத்துக்கு அருகில் வரும் போது, திடீரென்று ஒரு எண்ணம் ஏற்பட்டது...
"இப்படியே அலைகிறோமே!! வயதாகி கண் தெரியாமல் போய் விட்டால், கண் தெரியாமல் நடக்க முடியுமா?... இப்பொழுதே பழக்கி கொண்டு பார்ப்போமே!!"
என்று நினைத்து கொண்டான்.

உடனே கண்ணை மூடிக்கொண்டு நடக்க ஆரம்பிக்க, அந்த வைர மாலை இருக்கும் இடத்தை கடந்து விட்டான்.
கண் விழித்து பார்த்த அந்த வியாபாரி, மிகவும் சந்தோஷப்பட்டான்.
"ஆஹா.. கண் மூடிக்கொண்டே நடந்து விட்டோமே!!" என்ற திருப்தியுடன் சென்று விட்டான்.

இவனுக்கு பின்னால் வந்த மற்றொருவன், அவன் செய்த புண்ணியத்துக்கு பலனாக இந்த வைர மாலையை பார்த்தான். எடுத்து சென்று விட்டான்..

பார்வதி, சிவபெருமானிடம் "இப்படி செய்து விட்டானே" என்று வருத்தப்பட்டாள்.

"கர்ம வினை பலம் வாய்ந்தது. தெய்வ பக்தி இல்லாமல் இருக்கும் இவனுக்கு வலுக்கட்டாயமாக கருணை செய்ய நினைத்தாலும் கர்ம வினை ஜெயித்து விட்டது.
இவன் என்னிடம் ஒரு துளி பக்தி கொண்டிருந்தாலும், அந்த கர்ம வினையை மீறி, என் கருணை ஜெயித்து இருக்கும்"
என்றார் சிவபெருமான்.

"கர்ம வினை நம்மை தாக்க கூடாது"
என்று தான் தெய்வங்கள் ஆசைப்படுகிறது..

தெய்வத்தின் கருணை நமக்கு பலிக்க, தெய்வத்திடம் பக்தி அவசியமாகிறது..

ஆனால், தெய்வத்தை நெருங்காத எவனுக்கும், அவனவன் செய்த கர்மாவுக்கு (புண்ணியமோ, பாவ செயலோ) பலனை கொடுத்து, தெய்வங்கள் நகர்ந்து விடுவார்கள்..

"வெறுப்பு இல்லாத, அன்பையே" தெய்வம் நம்மிடம் எதிர்பார்க்கிறது..

சக்தியுள்ள தெய்வத்திடம், வெறுப்பை உமிழ்பவன், தான் செய்யும் கர்மாவுக்கு பலனை தானே அனுபவிக்கிறான்.

"தெய்வ பக்தி இல்லாதவன் பாவம் செய்யும் போது" தெய்வம் திருத்த முடியாமல் போகிறது...
"தெய்வ பக்தி இல்லாதவன் புண்ணிய காரியங்கள் செய்ய மனதில் ஆசை உண்டாக்கவும் முடியாமல்" போகிறது.

தெய்வ பக்தி இருந்தால், தெய்வ அனுக்கிரஹம் நமக்கு பலித்து விடும்.

கர்ம வினையால் ஏற்படும் துன்பங்கள், தெய்வ பலத்தால் நம்மை விட்டு விலகும்.

வாழ்க ஹிந்து தர்மம்.
ஹிந்து தர்மம் சொல்லாத தர்மங்கள் இல்லை.
ஹிந்துவாக பிறப்பதே, ஹிந்துவாக வாழ்வதே பெருமை.