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Sunday 20 January 2019

How Srivathsa Gothra (Vamsa) came? All Hindus must know their Rishi dynasty.. Let's know...

How Srivathsa Gothra or Srivatsa Gothra (Vamsa) came? 
All Hindus must know their Rishi dynasty.
It is a pride for Hindus to know about their Rishis.

The name of the more important 4 other Rishis in the "Brugu Rishi" Parampara (Lineage) are:

  • Chyawana
  • Apnavana
  • Aurva
  • Jaamataknya

Like these, there are many more Rishis, Sadhus and Mahatmas in this dynasty.

Brugu Rishi is also known as "Bhargava" Rishi.

Hindus used to "self introduce" themselves by saying the "names of the Rishis lineage". 
Hindus used to self introduce themselves by saying "I am born of this rishi parampara"

The idea of self intro for hindus is to say that their ancestors are rishis, mahatma, sadhus, yogi.

Today the Brahmin community alone introduce themselves by saying their Rishi Parampara when they do Abivadhaye (Self Intro) to their elders and mahatma. 

Other community people are also from the Rishi Parampara. So it is important for everyone to know about their Rishi Parampara and their way of Spiritual life.  
Its a pride for Hindus to say that "Our Ancestors are Rishi"
The descendant of the Brugu Rishi is 'Chyawana'.

He prepared and gave us a medicine based on Siddha Method. The Jam is prepared with his name which helps to restore his youth & vitality. Even today, We go and buy from the stores to buy Chyawanprash. People buy this to gain Endurance and immunity to the body.

Let us not forget that, the same Chywana Rishi, also told us that taraka mantra, "Rama Nam" is so powerful and if recited always (Hanuman), it gives moksha from rebirth.
We swallow "Cyawanprash" Jam because it is "Good for the Body".

Should not we say "Ram Ram Ram Ram..." to the "Health of the Soul"?  
Hindus should think and introspect.

Since the lineage got originated by Brugu Rishi (aka., Bhargava), the people in this lineage belong to the "Bhargava Gothra" (dynasty or Parampara)
Hindus from Sanathana Dharma wont be interested to say, "they are from the Lineage of Nude and adulterated "Adam and Eve" Parampara.
Is there anything more shame than saying this for Hindu from sanathana Dharma?

Hindus in the Vedic Dharma introduce themselves to the wisdom of the Rishis, who are wise in the wisdom and the penance, the divine and the siddha Medicine.
If a person from Sanathana Dharma planning to convert to other religion and says "The rishis were not my Ancestors, the nude and adultered fool named "Adam and Eve" are my Ancestors" itself is a disgrace for convert!

The descendants of Brugu Rishi who is supposed to say that "They are from Bhargava Gothra" instead used to introduce themselves as "They are from Srivathsa Gothra".

Why "Bhargava Gothra" became "Srivathsa Gothra"? There is a reason behind this...
The word 'Sri' refers to Mahalakshmi.
The term 'vathsa' refers to the child.
Shriman Narayanan does not have karmic life cycle of birth and death. 
Similarly, Mahalakshmi also don't have Karmic cycle of Birth and Death.

Mahalakshmi is always omnipresent. She always Exist.
Shriman Narayanan, who is always present and exist, 
one time did avatar as a child of Dasaratha,
He also became the son of Kashyapa.
Mahalakshmi who is always present and exist, 
one time did avatar from the Ksheerapthi,
Also, born as a girl to Brugu Rishi.

Shriman Narayanan, Mahalakshmi and Adi Shesan always omnipresent in Vaikuntam.
As a world's play, they incarnate themselves in earth, swarka and any worlds. They are Independent and not slaves of anyone and not bound by limitations. 

Mahalakshmi born as Brugu Rishi's girl, and Mahalakshmi was also known as "Bhargavi".

For whom Mahalakshmi (sri) is baby (Vathsa), he is known as Srivathsan. Hence, Brugu Rishi is known as "Srivathsan" as well.

People from Brugu Lineage who say, "We are descendent from Bargava Gothra" were proud of saying that "Mahalakshmi was born in our dynasty" 

As Brugu Rishi is also known as "Srivatasan" as he is the father of Mahalakshmi, People from Brugu Lineage were excited to say, "We are descendent from Srivathsa Gothra" as it connects Brugu as well as Mahalakshmi.

Maharishi Bhrigu, once decided to test and decide who was pre-eminent among gods. 

After testing, Brahma, Rudra, he went to Ksheerapthi. He kicked the chest of the great Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu didn't got angry. 
Lord Narayana (Vishnu) asked him, 
“Maharishi, are you hurt in your foot? My chest is strong but your foot is not so strong". 
Seeing the decorum of Lord Vishnu, Bhrigu was pleased and declared him superior amongst the Tridev.

His purpose was to recognize the sadhweega god and supreme god. He accepted vishnu as "devotional deity" and became devotee of lord vishnu.
That strike by Maharishi Bhrigu, left a foot print on Lord Vishnu's chest. 
Foot print is also known as "Shri Vatsa" which is the other name of Bhrigu.

Lord Vishnu gave his chest to Goddess Mahalakshmi as a place to reside always with him which also has a connection of her Pithru (father).

In North India, in few places, people refer this foot print in Lord Vishnu's Chest as "Brugu Chinha" instead of "SriVatsa"

Generally speaking, referring foot print as Srivatasam is liked by Vaishnavas. 

Mahalakshmi herself prefers to say that "she resides in Srivatsa of Lord Vishnu" than saying "She resides in brugu Chinha of Lord Vishnu"

In the temples, we can see Purohit perform marriage ceremony for Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Normally, if we get married, father of bride used to say "I give my bride, who is born in this Rishi Parampara, to the bridegroom who is born in this Rishi Parampara."

How to mention Gothra for Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi who are eternal and supreme? 
Vaikaanasa Rishi provided an answer to this, which was approved by Lord Venkatesa of Tirupati.

According to Vaikaanasa,
Lord Vishnu was the son of Kashyapa. He did avatar as Vamana. 
Similarly, Mahalakshmi born as daughter of Bhargava (Bhrigu). 
Hence, during marriage ceremony of divine couples, 
Vishnu will be introduced as "Bridegroom from Kashyapa Gothra"

Mahalakshmi will be introduces as "Bride from Bhargava Gothra"

Even Today, In all Vishnu temple, divine marriage of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi conducted.
Perumal is referred as "Bridegroom from Kashyapa Gothra", and 

Mahalakshmi referred as "Bride from Bhargava Gothra"


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Premkumar M said...

All hindus must know their Rishi Parampara (Gothra).
Hindus must introspect and understand the pride behind it.

Thru Brugu (Bhrigu) rishi who was known as Bhargava came Bhargava Gothra. It is also referred as Srivatsa Gothra. Let us know more about this...

Share it to all Indian, Hindus across, so that hindus take pride of their ancestors and feel proud about who they are...

Anonymous said...

thanks to know this.need more and more details like this

Ramesh Vasappanavara said...

Thanks. Very enlightening indeed.

Anonymous said...

What is gotta of carpenters.After marriage gotra changes?