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Saturday 10 August 2019

Why should we eat Veg Foods? Why can't we eat meat? An Analysis

The Vedasastra says, "Human should try to avoid any kind of 'torture' on other lives as much as possible."

False religions believes in satisfying human senses alone. It encourages meat by saying  just "don't harm other humans" but never even think the animal and plant are also living beings and alive.
They see river as water.
Hindus see them as Goddess and respect even water.
They see animals and birds as creatures created by god for food. How cheap??
Hindus see God is every where.. its inside me, other human, animals, plaats too...

Today, the science came forward and countered these fake religions that "animals and plants are also living beings".

"Ahimsa paramo dharma:" - which means
To move near the paramathma (supreme god), the base qualification required is Ahimsa (Nonviolence).
This is the key advice by our Veda Sastra for those who want to move in spiritual side.

Only human beings have the capacity to think about God and his presence.

Other living beings in plants and animals don't have the capacity to think about God and his presence.

"Attaining Lord Krishna's feet (supreme god)" should be the ultimate goal of human which puts a full stop to this birth and death cycle.
It is a great sin to kill and eat animals which also has the same fear, pain to get killed like a human.

Human must fear to do "sin."
Human must fear to be a part of someone's "sin"

The "sins" we commit are the ones which gets repaid in many forms of "sufferings" we experience in this world.

The sin committed in this birth is not just alone with us.

The bundles of sin that we have committed in "multi-billion of previous birth" continue to hold us.

Fake religions believe its only one birth.
We see a child born as blind.
We see a child born in millionaire family.
We see a child born to a begger.
If just believed in one birth, we end up saying the God they believe is a cheater and partial to put one child to born as healthy and other as blind.
If no previous birth, these child are new creations then. Why those gods in fake religion doing such sin?
So, religions which dont believe in rebirth must be fake, a man made thoughts.

Sin we commit in this birth is true. Sin we committed in previous births resulted in our birth to a begger, a millionaire etc.

Being born as human, everyone must fear of sufferings. The root cause of the sufferings are the sin we committed in this birth and previous births.
We should have the fear to commit new sins by all means.

Eating non veg by killing animals is a known committed sin for a human being. We should fear of doing this sin.

We should not commit these sins which are in our control.
Knowing that "suffer will occur in many forms", we should not include these sins in our baggage.

We should try to minimize the “sinful things” as much as possible.

For human, There is no need for meat to live in this world.
Humans can live with Vegetables, Cereals, Fruits to survive.
Vedic Sastra allows Non Vegetarian foods for people in military Armed services as an exception because it requires an animal instinct and strength to counter and kill enemies  without mercy to protect their nation.

But in general,
Human dont need meat to live this life.
Instead of killing an animal for food, Human can survive with fruits and vegetables as well.

Why Brahmins were worshipped those days? Why Vedic Brahmins still gets respected even today irrespective of jealous?
In india alone we have 130 crore human beings. World population of human being is 770 crore (7.7 billion people) as on 2019.
Out of this 770 crore people, just around 7 crore people are from Brahmin community mostly reside in India.
In other communities around the world of 763 crore people, we may see some people could understand the principle of non violence and committing sin, and they become vegetarians (vegans).
But this brahmin community of 7 crore people not just practiced vegetarian food habit in this generation but the entire community is doing the same practice for 1000 past generations as a principle.
Father is also vegetarian.
Mother is also vegetarian.
Uncle is also vegetarian.
In Law, Spouse, relations everyone is vegetarians.
This non violence is the core principle adapted by this brahmin community.
This brahmin community in general is highly intellect and soft in nature, and always hesitate to provoke any kind of sin (violence, killing).
This is a unique community in this 770 crore human society, which never touched meat to fill their stomach.
Due to lack of awareness of the pride, some brahmins in today's generation taking non vegetarian foods. This is a shame for this community.

One can live with vegetable and fruits. We don't need to kill an animal for food.
Let carnivorous animals handle that non veg food.

Some psuedo intellects to justify the killing of animals for food, says "Science proved that plants are also living beings. To eat rice, wheat even vegetarians kill the entire plant. Is it not a sin committed by them?"

Yes. Agreed.
To get some pieces and grains, we end up cutting entire plant for our food.
Human can "see" with his own eyes that the animals being slaughtered, express the fear, and suffer the pain of death.
when the plants being cut, human cant "see" with his own eyes whether the plant had suffered pain of death.

When plants are uprooted to obtain rice and vegetables like potato, it is impossible to understand the pain of the plant just thru eyes. But it's evident that, human understands the pain of animals with his own eyes.

Plants have no pain and fear like animals. But they do have sense of understanding.

Science tells us that plants do understand that "it is getting killed when someone is uprooting".
Plants don't feel pain or fear but without nose, eyes, ears it can feel whats happening.

We can't understand this because it's not visible to human eyes.

Unlike animals, Plants have no fear of getting killed. But just have knowledge.

Plants are less likely to get tortured than animals getting killed.

Due to the clear understanding of degree of violence we commit on killing plant vs animals for our food, Vedic Sastra highly recommends humans to take food on plants alone.
Ahimsa paramo dharma:
The basic expectation of all human beings is to follow "non violence" and avoid meat and be a vegetarian at least.

Those who want to grow in spiritual side and feel the divinity of lord Krishna (Narayana), do restrict taking foods items which kills the entire plant. They even go for fasting (vratha) by not taking food for an entire day.
Some people (those days rishi, yogi) even stopped taking food which kills the entire plant. They took only fruits, even sometimes just the leaves and water alone.

Killing an animal is bigger sin committed than killing a plant.
As a human, least expected to stay away from this bigger sin of taking meat.

If someone believe that taking rice and wheat is also a sin and truly thinks about absolute non violence, he takes himself to divinity.

These people stop taking food made of rice, wheat but agree to take only fruits and vegetables like banana, brinjal which does not require to kill the plant.

More your sense of non violence grows, more you become cautious while taking food.

People with such mind set of non violence, moves to the path of spiritual world much faster.

We all know Dhruva story.

Dhruva at age 5, went to vrindavan to perform tapas (meditation) to see lord Narayana (Supreme God).

Though he is a kshatriya (Army men) and son of king "uththaana paadhaa", he understood the importance of non violence, to get a glimpse of supreme god.
In the 1st month, Dhruva at his tender age 5, took only vegetables and fruits for his hunger and continued his tapas (meditation).

In the 2nd month, Dhruva felt taking fruits and vegetables directly from plants might also hurt them. He took only those vegetables and fruits which had fallen from the tree for his hunger and continued his tapas (meditation).

In the 3rd month, Dhruva felt birds can takes these fruits and vegetables and why do I need to take their food? He took only the deserted leaves which had fallen from the tree for his hunger and continued his tapas (meditation).

In the 4th month, Dhruva stopped taking any kind of food and took only yamuna river water and continued his tapas (meditation).

His chanting of "narayana" mantra superceded his hunger...
In the 5th month, Dhruva stopped even taking yamuna river water and took just the air as his food and continued his tapas (meditation).

While great rishis and yogi doing meditation for years to see a glimpse of Lord Narayana in their dreams atleast, Dhruva with his Guru Naradha blessings and adopting non violence saw Lord Narayana in front of his eyes in just 5 months.
Lord Narayana created a star in his name to celebrate his true devotion and blessed him to live long in this earth with great fame, and stay in that Dhruva Star afterlife in this earth.

Also blessed him moksha (salvation and free from rebirth) and said "by the time current brahma tenure ends, both brahma and dhruva will reach his eternal world called Vaikund".

Such is the importance of non violence.

"Ahimsa paramo dharma:" - which means
To move near the paramathma (supreme god), the base qualification required is Ahimsa (Nonviolence).
This is the key advice by our Veda Sastra for those who want to move in spiritual side.

As human we don't need to live with just fruits, leaves.. and live like Dhruva, and rishis who born in this world.
Atleast we can live like a human by avoiding meat.
Having mercy and adopting non violence is the greatest quality which a human can follow.

When a small mosquito bites, we can't withstand that pain...
On the other side, for food, we are ready to kill animals which feel the same pain and fear. How insincere we are?

Nurturing Dogs and Cats at home like a friend and crying for them if they get hurt, but ready to kill other animal and birds for food?
How insincere we are?
This human society never allow a chicken and goat to have natural death. How cruel we are?
Doing all cruel sins at one side but asking God "Why am I suffering?"

Throw away false religions which believe in non violence only on Human and encourages meat.
These are fake gods with no mercy with fake advice.

Be a human atleast.
Be a vegetarian like a 7 corre brahmin community.
Let the animals live without fear of our human presence.
Be a hindu.
Proud to follow Hindu Dharma.
Follow non violence at max.
Have fear of committing sin thru violence.
Think of attaining salvation (moksha).
Think of Shri krishna as human Goal to liberate yourself from rebirth.

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