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Friday 10 July 2020

Racism must Die... You must become Hindu. World Must become Hindu. WHY??

You are a Black? 
Ram and Krishna are black. 
Gods Statue inside Temple is also made Black. 
You have a God. No Racism.

You are not Black?
Shiva is snow white. You have a God. No Racism.

You believe in non idol worship? 
Meditate on para brammam, who is the supreme source of all creation and who is beyond the imagination.

You believe in Idol worship?
Same Para brammam took the form of Narayana (black), Shiva (white) and further manifested himself as Adi Sankara, Rama, Krishna, Narasimha, Vaamana..  If you want create an Idol of them.  
God is everywhere. he can show his presence in your IDOL as well.  
You believe in equality?
Supreme Para brammam appeared himself not just as Humans, Demi Gods, as Vishnu, Shiva..  he appeared himself as Varaha (pig), Mathsya (fish) as well. Thus, Supreme Para Brammam, showed that he resides in everyone not just human and showing equality.

Only in Hindu community, 
you will see, husband and wife with different colors, but still love each other.
Only in Hindu community, 
brother and sisters with different skin tones, but still living happily.

If you want to worship white God with golden hair,
Don't go for dead souls and get cheated.  They never come.
You have Shiva.  You have Karthikeya. 

If you are Black,
Come on! Krishna is your God. 
Why do you need a Blond white skinned twisted Kris, in this racist world?

If you believe in God who is beyond imagination,
Read Advaita.  
Follow Adi Sankara. 
Follow many Rishi who meditated that supreme Parabrammam sitting alone. Be a Yogi, if you believe God (para brammam) is formless and can't imagined. 
Hinduism embrace all.. 
It allows you to live in community and a structured way. 
If you want to name community as Caste. Go ahead. 
But it just a way to live in streamlined way.

Are you an Atheist?
Come on.. You are also allowed to be Hindu.
Atheist is also encouraged here, because you are also needed to keep Theist to analyze more on God and improve his belief.

Let's embrace Hinduism..
World peace is possible...Only if people leave the Blond Dead Gods.
RACISM must die. 

You can be krishna devotee. 
At the same time, Your spouse can be shiva devotee. 
Your son can be ganesh devotee. Your daughter can be shakthi (nature) devotee.
Still Just being a hindu, 
you will learn to respect other believes and still live together and live for each other.
Do you believe in family and its values?
Even Hindu Gods show family Values. 
Shiva's son Karthikeya calls Vishnu as his uncle.
Vishnu calls Parvati as her sister.
Brahma calls Narayana as his father.
Rishi says Brahma is their father.
We say, We are from lineage of Rishis.
We relate even Gods as our Family.

Krishna says in B.Gita, "i am karthikeya in mid of warriors" (senaaninaam skanda)

It shows that Para brammam who is the supreme, came as Krishna. And he is present everywhere.

To make the world peace, blond dead gods must be buried.

Racism must die. 
Devotion to Shiva (shiva) and Krishna (Black) is the way to stop Racism.

Time for world to embrace Hinduism. 

Friday 22 May 2020

WHY HINDU GODS appeared only in INDIA? Why can't they do avatar in RUSSIA? - Let's Analyse...

If God has created the entire Universe... Why Vedic Gods have done avatar only in Bharat Land (INDIA)? 
Why can't Vedic Gods do atleast one avatar in USA? one avatar in Russia? 
What is the Challenge here?

Why did the incarnations of Sriman Narayana, happened only this soil?

Why did the incarnation of Shiva, and other deities (demi gods like Indra, Agni, Vayu) also happened only this soil?

Why did the incarnation of Rishis in Tapa Loka and Jana Loka also happened only in this soil?

Sriman Narayan, the supreme god of the world, made all his incarnations only in Bharat land on this entire earth.  Why?

Lord Shiva, though have not done much avatar, whenever he came occasionally on earth appeared only in this Bharat Land. Why?

Why Can't Sriman Narayan make an incarnation like his Rama avatar one in Russia or Japan?  
Why so Partial, if he has created this whole world?

So what makes the deity, to make an incarnation only in this great soil?

What's special these Vedic Gods find in this Specific Soil? 
Not only Shiva or Vishnu, even demi-gods like Indra, Agni or anyone even they get cursed or blessed, they also do come only to this Bharat Land !!..  
Why is that?

What makes these Vedic Gods and Demi Gods so attached to this land?

Indra himself came as "Arjuna"
Sun (Soorya) himself came as "Karna"
One of the Vasu (Demi God) came himself as "Bhisma"
Dharma Deva (Demi god) came himself as "Yudhistra"
Yama Dharma himself came as "Vithura"
Kali Purushan himself came as "Duryodhana"
Shiva himself came as "Adi Sankara"
Supreme God Narayana (Vishnu) himself came in so many avatars..

Why did they prefer only INDIA? Why? Why?

If you go and ask a human, where you would like to live?  
They would say 
"I want to live in place where i get clean air, clean water, great natural ambience and enough tasty food."

Wherever such places exist, even till date, people love to move to those places to live.  

No one loves to migrate to a place where there is a huge poverty, disease and crime.  Who will prefer such horrible place even if it exist? 

This mindset is not just applicable to human, but applicable to gods as well..   

Even demi gods like Indra, Varuna, Agni etc., who live in Swarga Loka (Heaven) have their own preference.

Even Lord Shiva who is in Kailasa Loka below Sathya Loka also have his own preference.

Even Rishis and Yogis who are eternal and live till Brahma life period and stay in Tapa Loka and Jana Loka also have their own preference.

Even Brahma who is in Sathya Loka above all these Lokas also have his own preference.   Of course, he never had time to avatar..  
He appeared occasionally only.

If Demi Gods and Rishis do have preference, do you think Vishnu don't have preference? Yes.  He too have preference when it comes to incarnation.   

We are in earth (this is called "Bhu Loka" in sanskrit) surrounded by planets and sun.  
Above the Bhu Loka (towards north), is "Bhuvar Loka" (Millions of Stars)
Above the Bhuvar Loka is "Swarka Loka" (heaven). 
Above the Swarka Loka is "Jana Loka and Thapa Loka".
Above these loka is "Kailasa Loka"
Above all these loka is "Sathya Loka" where Brahma resides
That's why, when Arjuna went and stayed just few days in Swarka Loka during 12 years of exile, he easily passed so many years.  
One day in Swarka Loka (heaven) is equivalent to one Year in Earth.

We would have heard these similar words "Hell and Heavens" in Fake man-made religions as well. 
These Man Made Religions don't even have an idea what they talk about when they use these words like Heaven. 
Its a tool for them to mesmerize people. That's it. 

Let's ignore such Fake Religions from our heart as
these are fake religions actually once said Earth is Flat, when we knew that Earth is Round when Vishnu took this Earth Ball from cosmic ocean in his Varaha Avatar.
Just like a we (Human) have preference on specific locations to live, Gods and Demi Gods and Rishi also have certain preference which makes them to do avatar only in Bharat Land...  

Let's understand few of the reasons which makes them interested to prefer this Holy Land Bharat (INDIA)

Listing few reasons from many: 

By Majority, The woman especially born in this holy land Bharat (India) alone has the feeling to lead a life with Chastity by birth.

The woman born in this land, whether her Husband is 
Rogue or Extremely Kind but Died at young age or have uncurable disease or extremely untalent or impotent or extremely poor or extremely ugly or extremely old or extremely talented
they live with that one husband alone.
Every Woman born in this land, love to live with Chastity like Sita Devi.

"Having Sex with Other Men" is unimaginable for Woman born in this land.

"Divorce" is disgusting and unimaginable thing for Women born in this land.

If husband dies irrespective of their Age, they would prefer to stay alone rather doing re-marriage and have sex with another men.

Women born in this land, feel that "this is a shame to her Chastity".

Such woman with Such Mindset born only in this land by Birth.  

Till Dwapara Yuga, and even till 1857AD, Indian Woman were like that. 
INDIAN Woman lived with Chastity with one men (Husband).

We must ask ourself... How Blessed we are to born in Holy Land?  

Our Forefathers in our Family lived in this way, right?  
Its not story of someone..  
This is how our Grand Parents lived..  
This is how our Mother is living... right?  

Chastity women is not alien women.   It's our mother. It's our Grand Mother and all our ancestors.

Even today, 
95% of Indian Woman or any woman born in this land, still have this Nature.  
Chastity is more important than anything in this world for the women born in this land.  
If there is a threat to their chastity, they were ready to burn themselves as well. 

Today, due to western culture impact from 1400AD till 1947AD (500 yrs) of christian invasion starting from Vascodagama, some % of woman have lost this chastity and have sex with multiple partners. 
That's the shame for our Land..

Due to this reason why, Vedic Gods are not directly doing avatar in Kaliyuga.  
But still Avatar of Narayana, Shiva, Demi Gods, Rishis are continuously happening even now in this holy land.   

They are coming as Sadhus, Mahatmas again and again in this holy land to guide us in right path, if we get deviated by Western Culture. 
Narayana came as Krishna Chaitanya, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.
Prahalada came as Sri Raghavendra Swami.
Shiva came as Adi Sankara and later as Vivekananda
AdiSesha came as Sri Ramanuja
Narada came as Purandara Das and Thyagaraja Swami to revive devotional music.

All Rishis and Yogis came into this world as countless Sadhu, Mahatmas..  Let us all feel proud of the mahatmas who born in this holy land and spreaded the Bhakthi in our hearts when 1000 years of islamic conquest and 500 years of Christian conquest was ruling us....

  • Tulsi Das,
  • SurDas, 
  • Kabir Das, 
  • Purandhara Das, 
  • Jayadeva, 
  • Kanaka Das, 
  • 12 Azhwar, 
  • 63 Nayanmaar, 
  • Vallabhacharya, 
  • Narasimha Metha, 
  • Nama Dev, 
  • Thukka Ram,
  • Badrachala Ramadas,  
  • Samartha Ramadas, 
  • Gandhi, 
  • Bharathiyaar (Subbu Iyer), 
  • Kanchi Mahaperiyavar, 
  • Vivekananda, 
  • Vijaya Dasa, 
  • Meera, 
  • Manavaala Maamunigal, 
  • madhvacharya, 
  • Nadhamuni, 
  • Valluvar, 
  • Thirumoolar, 
  • Siddha 
and so on....

Even Today, 
INDIA is the only country still giving so many mahatmas, Yogis, Sadhus and directing the world on spiritual Path and Yoga.


By Majority, Only in this holy land, people born with Spiritual Mindset by Birth.

This is the only land, even Atheist talks about God thru'out his life time.

Atheist do not believe God. 
A True Atheist Person who do not believe in God, never care about God which he don't believe in and waste time.

Most people born outside this holy land, born as Atheist. 
For them, Spiritual Thoughts are feeded by outside world thru' advice.
By Birth, 
They don't believe in God or they don't understand the need of God itself. 
They don't even care if someone says i am worshiping God.   
This is the true Quality of Atheist.

But, Only in INDIA, you will see Atheist "Raising 1000s of Questions about God while he himself don't believe..." 

They ask so many questions like 
"Show me the God.. 
Where is he?  
What is he Doing?  
I want to see if he exist?"

These questions are raising because they born in land which had feeded them spiritual mindset by birth

Only in India, an Atheist "wants to see the God". 
Only in India, an Atheist, ask everyone 
"Show me the God.. Show me the God"

Anywhere outside India, an Atheist never even interested to see the God and inquire about God.

By Birth, This Spiritual Thought is seeded to everyone born in this Holy Land. 

That's the beauty of this Holy Land. 
Hence this holy land gives birth to so many mahatma, yogi, sadhus continuously till date and directing us in spiritual path.

Hail, This Bharat land !  Hail, people those who born in this land ! 

People born in this holy land are born with Spiritual Mindset. 

Due to this, there was no need to educate them to be Spiritual.   

Hence, Vedic Dharma talks about how to progress this Spiritual awareness to next level by Vedic research,Yoga and discussions.

In Contrast, 
People born outside this holy land Bharat (INDIA), are born with Materialistic Mindset than Spiritual Mindset. 
Due to this, 
there was a need to educate them to be Spiritual 1st and think about God. 

Due to this, Western Religions created in last 2000 years, they had set very strict rules and commands everyone to follow their 10 commandments in their lives.

They order people... by saying 
"Come to Church without fail every sunday" 
"Read Bible..  Never question the words of God"
"Never doubt on Bible and don't question why it said World was Flat and Galileo got tortured when he said World is not flat"

Even Today, the people in western World (w.r.t INDIA) don't have Spiritual Thought by Birth.  
So it became essential for these man-made religions to order them, push them to read their 10 commandments.

Those whoever instigate them 1st, gets them converted. 
That's why most western world got mesmerized by 2 religions created in last 2000 years, except INDIA.

Since Vedic Dharma (named as Hindu Religion by Western world), don't have a reason to instill Spiritual Thought to Fellow HINDU people in this Holy Land, there was no need or compulsion to set commandments and convert them in this land. 

When Fake Religions got created by Men, there was an Urge to expand their views.  
Those in western world who born without Spiritual Thoughts, got easily attracted when just 10 commandments are given to them as Words of God.   
Religious Conversion started all around the world, except INDIA.

From 947 AD, 1000 years Islamic Religion invaded and conquered this Bharat Land (INDIA)..  They Looted huge Wealth, Destroyed Temple, Raped Hindu Women, Killed Crores of Civilians and Kings, Converted few with Force and Power....for full 1000 years.
From 1498 AD, around 450 years, Christian Religion (Portugal, Netherland, France, Britain) invaded and conquered this Bharat Land (INDIA)..  They Looted Wealth, Destroyed Temple, Raped Hindu Women, Destroyed Gurukul Vedic Education system, Inserted Western Education system, Created Divide and Rule methods by Creating confusion among Hindus by confusing Varna and Caste, Jailed and Killed Crores of Civilians and Freedom Fighters, Converted thousand of people with Money, Hatred Speech about Vedic Gods and Power....

The Great Roman Emperor who ruled the Western World and hanged Christ, a Jew in Cross, lost their Greatest Roman Civilization and their Believes in just 300 years. 
Roman Emperors became Roman Catholics.  
The Powerful Rome is a Christian Country. Their Great Architects are now museum for them.
So many countries lost their Values, Culture, Believes when foreign believes dominated their land for just 50 years....  
But even after 1000 yrs of Islamic Invasion, 450 years of Christian Invasion, INDIA still holds 100 Crores of HINDU community and even more all around the World.

In Western World, most people born without spiritual thought by Birth.  Due to this, 
Someone has to educate them and even command them by ordering "There is a God.. Believe him.. he is watching us".   
Still they don't care..  :) these fake gods...

When Mohammed Prophet tried to educate the people out there saying "Believe in God (Allah) and don't do sinful act" in return he got stones thrown at him mercilessly.

Christ when he tried to be a kind person, in turn got hanged and killed brutally and kept for 3 days in cross. 

Its not the mistake of Christ or Mohammed..  They just asked people to be a human and live peacefully.  They didn't even talk about God and where he stays and what he does, who is he etc.,. 
They just said just understand there is a god who is watching us !  
What's wrong with that advice?

It's because of the mindset of people who born without Spiritual mindset.  Its the law of Nature in these lands.

Even if an Spiritual INDIAN goes out and give birth to a child in foreign land, due to its nature and law of land, even an Indian (Bharat) child do not get spiritual mindset by Birth, but their parents have to instigate spiritual mindset. 
The way they are brought up purely westernized with the way they dress, speak.   Imagine 4th generation of such Indian families?  They have moved away too far from their roots.... 
Even if a foreigner come and get settle in INDIA and give birth to a child, that child also born with divine Spiritual Thoughts by birth.  

This is a unique beauty of this Holy land.

That is the reason why, when a Hindu gets converted into other man made religions like Christianity, 
the belief and worship this convert showers on Jesus Christ will awestruck even the true Christians @ Jerusalem.  These Christian @ Jerusalem will wonder "How come these converts are worshipping as if Christ born in their home or next door, while we ourself are little cool"

The devotion that even a convert shows in India on other religion will astonish even a True Christian born in Jerusalem.  

This devotion is not because of Christ..   
This is because of this Holy Land and the spriritual thought which they got by Birth.  

When Buddhism flourished, lakhs of Hindus got converted themselves to Buddhism from 300 BC till 1300AD and shaved their heads and accepted non-violence.  
Later they realized Buddhism is a man made religion and suddenly after 1000 years of success story, Buddhism suddenly got vanished from the hearts of these converted people.  
Converted Buddhist became HINDUS and started worshipping the True Vedic Gods.
Today, since independence (1947AD), few Lakhs Hindus who got converted are doing the same, falling in Man-Made religions and promoting them to their own Hindu Brothers.    

Fake Man Made religions are protected by people. 
Since Hindu Dharma (Vedic Dharma) are Protected by Vedic Gods, whenever this Dharma gets into Trouble, Vedic Gods take charge and revive this Dharma into hearts of Hindus.  

Since by Birth, people born in Holy land gets Spiritual thoughts, even fake religions shines for short period.

Finally VEDIC DHARMA alone become Victorious in the hearts of these People born in this holy land.


Only in this Holy Land, people born with Spiritual mindset by Birth.  

Due to this Unique Spiritual Nature,  People born in this land have Dharmic Thoughts by Birth without teaching !! 

Whether they are poor or Rich, 
Whether they have read Bhagavath Gita or Not, 
Whether they had visited temple or not, 
everyone have Dharmic Mindset by Birth.

There are no strict commandments in Hindu Dharma that 
"You must visit Temple every Friday and you must read this book daily".

But the beauty is..... 
Due to this Spiritual Mindset by Birth, 
every Hindu born in this land, fear of Karma effect...   
every Hindu born in this land, fear to speak lie...
every Hindu born in this land, fear to steal other property...
every Hindu born in this land, fear to live uncharacteristic mean life.

Majority of people born in land, believe in Karma.  

They scare of doing bad things to others because somewhere inside they believe that this Bad Karma will impact their life, their children life in future.

Due to this unique nature,  In India, 
you will see a rich person in one street. In Next Street you will a people live in Slum.  
Yet, the people living in Slum don't try to kill the rich and loot their wealth. and Rich person trying to destroy the poor. 

Even a Poor person in this holy land, talks about Karma.  

He accepts his Karma and with broadmindset, he accepts other's karma as well.  

There is no hate, There is no Vengence in the heart of people in this holy land. 

It is prevailing even today.   Even today, you can witness this Beauty.  

With 130 Crore population with 10 % Rich, 70% middle class and rest in Poor Class, still no one holds a Licensed Pistol at their home.
Countries like USA which are saying themselves as DEVELOPED Country, could not eliminate fear and insecurity in the mind among their own people.   

Everyone is scared of others.  Everyone tried to have a Pistol at hand. 

It's the common behavior all around the world..  
But this is uncommon in this Holy Land. 

Due to Spiritual Mindset and belief in Karma effect, people live peacefully with what they have rather have jealous on others. 

Even a Begger lives peacefully in this land.  
He too get his daily food by the Kind hearts of people who donate something to them. 

Here is the land, even a poor person don't get jealous of Rich person. 
Even a poor say "May be he is rich because of his past Karma (actions) and hence he is rich"
Such is the wise mindset.

Only in this land, Poor is ready to live as Poor rather looting money from others and live a sinful life. 


People who born outside this holy land, 
see Ocean as Ocean, River as River, Tree as Tree, Animal as Animal...   

In Worst case, 
some people who born outside this holy land Bharat, they even think that Trees, Animals, River, Birds are created for his enjoyment by God and they can kill, eat, misuse.

No Hen, Cow, Pig, Goat is allowed to have natural death in these worlds.

But, the people who born in this holy land Bharat, see everything as Creation of God, and whichever is living they tend to look at the soul rather the body they acquire.  

If they see a Cow, Hindus see the Soul inside the Cow Body than Seeing a Cow.
If they see another person, Hindus see the Soul inside the Human Body than seeing the human.

Due to this Unique way of seeing things around the world due to their Unique Spiritual Mindset, they treat everything with respect.   
They Bow Down, They do Namaskar with folded hands, They fell on the Grounds to show respect to the Soul which they see.

Even if they see the River, they identify the Vedic God who is giving this river water and worship that River in her Name and show gratitude to the Vedic Goddess.

People born outside this holy land, tend to see Nature as Nature. 
Due to this, they are ready to misuse, destroy anything for their living.  

They are ready to cut any number of Trees.. 
They are ready to destroy any number of animals for filling their little stomach..  
They are ready to dig any miles of holes in Mother earth to take out all minerals, gold and diamonds.  

They see everything as Nature to feed them. 
They don't have sentiment. They don't have heart.

People born in this holy land, still unable to see river as river.   
They see river as Krishna, Godavari, Ganga, Cauvery.  
They worship rivers.  They respect rivers. 

People born in this holy land, still unable to see animal as animals. 
When they see even a buffalo they see that it is the vehicle of god. 
They see even a little rat as vehicle of Ganesha. 
Non Violence is part of the Nature in Most of the Hindus.  Hence no guns and fear to live with 130 crore people nearby.

Everything they see is thru the Spiritual mirror.  

But people born outside this holy land see everything thru' Materialistic mirror for their own consumption.

Even Today, people hesitate to destroy mother earth or animals or fellow human beings in majority due to Spiritual mindset by birth.


In Western world, it is very hard to find one Spiritual Person born by Birth. 
The world is created million years ago..  
But the western world could identify only one Christ, one Socrates. 

If you look at this holy land Bharat, each family holds a Mahatma, Sadhu.  
If you investigate each family in INDIA, you will find a mahatma in a father or mother or son or grand father or some uncle or some ancestor. 

INDIA is filled with Mahatmas and Sadhu.  

You will see 1000s of such Mahatmas like Jesus Christ in this Holy Land. 

Mahatma Gandhi is an epitome of his Non-Violence principle.  Mahatma Gandhi's non violence is above Par than Christ. He just made a revolution for entire INDIA into non-violence and able to succeed as well to throw the christian rulers out.

Buddha non violence is above par than Christ.
There are so many great mahatmas like Christ born in Jerusalem.

INDIA was struggling to get Independence from ISLAMIC invasion and Christian Invasion for 1000 years, a lean Vegetarian Gandhi, who is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, by chanting Ram, Ram, Ram.... 

He initiated a people movement on Satyagraha (non violence) and able to get the Independence from these foreign invaders who looted our wealth, believes, education system, women for 1000 years...  

Spirituality is within everyone's mind in this land. 
A person who is considered as a Rogue also holds, high spirituality than the people born outside this holy land.
Such is the beauty of this holy land Bharat.


This is the unique land, where people with whatever they are specialized, they like to contribute everything in Vedic Gods.

People who had great skill in Construction and Art work, love to dedicate their talent by contributing a Big Temple and show his Art works.

Even the kings with such great wealth, always interested to spend their wealth on spiritual things by constructing big temples and engaged all kind of people with different talents to show case and create magical everlasting temples.

This is quite evident even today, when we go and look at each temples which are left overs after 1000 years of Islamic and christian invasions..  

Whatever the talent, the people born in this land tend to dedicate their talents to God. 

Musicians showed their talents by singing devotional songs on Vedic Gods.
Dancer showed their talents by narrating the stories of Vedic Gods.
Actors showed their talents by acting the stories of Vedic Gods.
Scholars showed their talents by translating Vedic Scriptures and Puranas in every regional languages across INDIA.

From birth to Death, People born in this land, are surrounded by Spirituality and protected by Vedic Gods.

Even Today, with so much Western Impacts, still HINDUS are same.  
More than 90% of Hindus are still spiritual by birth. 
Even Today, everyone think about some Vedic Gods in their mind every day.


When you compare the size of Europian Continent, China, America, Saudi, the "size of this Bharat Land is comparatively very less". 

Such Big Nations with large size, have 1 or 2 spoken language with Grammer. 

If you look at INDIA, there are more than 100 unique languages in use.  
Each languages have grammer, scripts as well and have history on their own. Officially they use 20+ languages as state language.

It is not easy to create a language for a country.  
A Dumb idiot can't create language. The brilliance and talent of the INDIANs can be easily understood by the number of languages spoken in INDIA with 130 crore population.

It is not easy to create an language with grammar for a country.  It is not easy to make people speak that language. 
But In INDIA, with such a small size compared to Big Countries, we have 100 difference languages spoken by so many lakhs of people. 

This itself confirms the talent of the people in this land.

Not just Languages....
Each State have their unique style of dressing..  Unique style of colors and costumes.

Each State have their unique style of Dance and music..

The Talent do not gets ended on just materialistic things..    
It goes further...

Man Made religions talks about what God wants from us and ends there..
Hinduism goes even further...  It talks about 
Who is that Supreme God? 
Where is he? 
Who are Demi Gods? 
Where are they?  
Where are we? 
Who is Deva? Who is Asura? 
Who is Human? Who are we?  Why did we born?  What is our purpose? 

What God wants from us? What we need to do? on..

All kinds of questions gets answered to guide a human for Spiritual progress to make him realize the Supreme God Narayana and attain moksha (Liberation from Birth).

When you look at Western Religions, they restrict people to ask question beyond a point..   
Galileo was tortured when he contradicted christian belief that Earth is flat and later Science have to prove him after centuries...

Western Religions have limited view with limited 500 page book of advice.  

Instead of reading manmade books, 
if a person read Bhagavath Gita which is just a 100 page, spiritual advice straight from words of Supreme God can liberate any souls to Moksha and bring Spiritual thought by his divine Grace.

People born outside this Holy land born with materialistic desires..  
Whatever they have created till day, is for fulfilling their materialistic needs..

There is no such creations made by them which can bring peace to soul. 

But to bring peace to the soul, INDIA gave YOGA, the greatest medicine for relaxing mind and body. Due to this, western world is now falling to Yoga for Peace..  The greatest gift to the World by this Holy Land Bharat (INDIA).

These are some reasons why, Vedic Gods always prefer to do their avatar only in this HOLY LAND Bharat (INDIA).  
Blessed are those who read this.

Blessed are those who born in this Holy land.

Blessed are those who are going to born in this Holy Land.

Blessed are those who are living as HINDUS in this Land or anywhere around the world.

Blessed are those who are spiritually guided by this great HINDU DHARMA (VEDIC DHARMA) and Vedic GODS.