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Thursday 9 January 2020

7 hills is AdiSesha. Where is the head,, heart and tail of the snake resides in Tirumala, Tirupati? Hindus should know this.

What is the length of AdiSesha in Tirumala, Tirupati?

When narayana, the supreme god decided to descent in this earth in Archa-Avatar himself,
Adisesha, the serpent immediately wished to offer his service for his new avatar.

Narayana asked Adisesha to goto earth and wait for his avatar.. 
Adishesha with 1000 heads laid down in form of 7 hills which is now called as Seshagiri or Tirumala.

This 7 hills spread across huge area...
Want to know where is the head portion of adisesha? 
Tail portion? 
Heart portion?..

Most importantly want to know where lord srinivasa himself standing over Adisesha?...

Lord srinivasa stands at top crown gem of Adisesha's head...

Lord Srinivasa standing at a hill named Venkatadhri.
Behind him, is the Narayanadri Hill.
In front of him is Karudadri hill..
4 more hills extends till Sri Chailam...
Ahobilam holds Simhadri hill.

Heart of Adisesha lies at Ahobilam.

Tail of Adisesha ends at Sri Chailam.

Head of Adisesha starts at Kalahasthi.

The Supreme God Srinivasa stands over the Crown head of Adisesha who appeared himself as idol (not man-made) in kaliyuga for Thondaimaan chakravarthy who ruled 12 forest regions starting from Thiruvahindrapuram (திருவஹீந்திரபுரம்) near cudaloor till tirumala.

These 12 forest regions were split into 2 and referred as "south arcot", "north arcot".

Thondaimaan king 1st had the darshan of narayana in Varaha roopam entering a snake pit.
From the same place, appeared Srinivasa as well in archa roopam form.

Thondaimaan chakravarthy, built the temple for lord Srinivasa which we are seeing now. 
Also he constructed a temple for Varaha in the same place where he appeared.

Both Srinivasa and Varaha archa moorthi can be seen in our Naked Eyes even today.

To give worldly wealth, to give moksha, Narayana descended in Tirumala just to give us the chance to see him thru our eyes.

The Supreme God who is the reason for us to live, to see, is appearing in front of our eyes. Such is the love he has over us.

This love affects everyone who goes to tirumala and see him at temple.
The mouth with no control, shouts "Govinda... Govinda..." once we saw him in our naked eyes.
Feel the divinity.

Arcot (ஆற்காடு) means 6 forest.

Know the value of our divine places.. Be proud to born as Hindu (Vedic principle followers).

மேலும் படிக்க..