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Saturday, 27 June 2020

How can we convert our Karma (action) into Karma Yoga?. Here is the Very Simple way.. Let's understand

How can we convert our Karma (action) into Karma Yoga?.. Here is the Very Simple way..
One farm owner (boss) was growing paddy on his land.

He did not want his paddy gets harmed by birds, animals or others.

The boss himself guarded his land.
He worried about his land and his paddy.

"Does anyone damage my land and my paddy?" That is just mind boggling for him always.

From time to time, he would chase down birds, animals, and humans looking to enter his land.

He worked on the admiration that  "It is My land."

He bears the "sins" of his own karma (action)

The boss gets caught himself for his karma (action).
He owns the results (good or bad) of his own karma (action)

karma Yoga
The farm owner hired a servant to guard his land.
He was extremely sincere and also worried about his owner's land and his paddy.

"Does anyone damage my owner's land and his paddy?" That is just mind boggling for him always.
He was extra cautious to guard his owner's land.

From time to time, he would chase down birds, animals, and humans looking to enter his land.

He worked on the admiration that  "It is My owner's land and must protect to make my owner happy by my work"

He don't  bear the "sins" of his own karma (action)

Instead, his boss owns the results (good or bad) of his karma (action)

Both were doing same work (karma). 
despite doing karma, the 2nd person (here the worker) smoothly moves all his karma' results to his boss.
This is "Karma Yoga".

When Krishna Paramathma explains Karma Yoga to Arjuna, he encourage him to do his own duty. 

Only one in crore human society, will be eligible to take sanyas and give up his own karma (work).
When Arjuna the great warrior ask krishna 'whether he can take sanyas?' at the battlefield, krishna commands him "Do your duty.. but do your duty like karma yogi".

Some fake religion, like sanyasa dharma in Hindu Dharma, talks about peace only and picturize their gods as "God of peace and love". 

Those fake religion says "if someone slap you in face, show the other side of your face as well".  

How silly advice it would be for Army men?

Such advice are good for Sanyasi (saints) alone. 

Can this fake religion guide peace and love to an country army men who is fighting with an enemy country to give up their land? 

Peace and Love is a Sanyasi Dharma alone. It can't be a religion.

Sanyasi dharma alone cant be guiding principle for entire community. 

Hindu Dharma does not generalize one principle (dharma) to everyone.  Thats why these fake religion should be kicked out to ocean.

Our Hindu Dharma, says "Do your duty.. But do it like a Karma Yogi".

If you are a sanyasi, spiritual inclined, 'Do your karma (work)' according to that path. Be tolerant, Be lovable. Be spiritual.

At same time, 
when Hindu Dharma meets a soldier, it does not preach non violence.  
It says "Do your duty (Karma) with might. Kill the enemies. Protect your land.Be ready to give up your life also, but protect our nation.".

Fake religion, just takes one Dharma explained in this Hindu Dharma and cheating human community as religion.

To convert our work (karma) to Karma yoga, hindu dharma does not ask us to stop our work. But encourages to do our work honestly with truth.
It just ask us to change our mindset. 
Krishna says 
"Arjuna.. Surrender your self to me. Let me allow to be your Lord. You just do your duty. Whatever the results (good or bad) i will own it. 
With no punya (good) or paap (sin) and with your mind thinking me as owner and director of all your work, you will reach me alone".

Karma Yoga is the easiest way. 

It does not believe or ask us to say "if you slap me in one side, i will show other side". 

Hindu Dharma is beautiful.
Wherever you are.. Whatever you do...
Just understand that "your supreme god is Sri Krishna". 
Just do your work like a servant of Krishna and always tell yourself that "Am i doing my work honestly? Whethee my Owner Sri Krishna who resides in my heart will feel happy about my truth?" 

If you get answer as "Yes" within... Just continue your karma till your life.

Krishna ensures safety and protection for such beautiful devotee. 

Krishna devotee can be millionaire or poor or male or female or transgender or indian or foreigner or hindu or non hindu. 

Being a Karma Yogi and working like a servant to the land lord "sri krishna" is the trick to lead this life.

Krishna alone talks about need of Karma Yoga in everyone.. and also says "i am the supreme god (landlord) and surender into me".

Be proud to be a hindu. 
Be proud to live like a hindu. 
"Do your Duty for Krishna." - That's karma yoga.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Is karma applied on plants, animals, birds as well? How do they uplift themselves to get human form?.. Let us Understand...

Is karma applied on non-humans as well? 
How do they uplift themselves to get human form? 
Only Humans with 6th sense have Karma.. because human can think and decide. He can go good or evil things. 

Animal do all actions just for food and sleep. Hence the Karma by non-humans either considered as good or bad. 
When they die, they don't go to Yama (God of Death) but reborn immediately in other non-human form.

When human die, because they decide their actions with their intellect, they gather good karma, bad karma and go to Yama and get punished or blessed and reborn either as human or back to plant or animal or birds.

how many lives a soul has to go through to get human form?
Its based on "Sadhu Dharsan Punya"

We can understand this, when we look at an incident when narada muni came to dwaraka to meet sri krishna.

One day, Narada who resides in Sathya Loka (where brahma resides), he came to earth to have a darshan of Sri Krishna who is an incarnation of Narayana.

Sri Krishna welcomed him with great pleasure and said "Sadhu Dharsan is a great punya (having a glimpse of a sadhu itself is a blessing)".

Narada smiled and said "Krishna! how is that just sadhu dharsan alone give punya?. Are you saying this just to praise me?"
Sri Krishna said, "Absolutely No. If you want to investigate this truth... go to the nearest river. You will see one tamarind tree near the banks of river. In that tree, you will see a Wasp (insect) living there.  Go and say 'sadhu dharsan punya'. Wasp will answer you."

"will an insect will reply to this question?".. narada was puzzled.  
Yet, he knew that, Sri Krishna is not just a human.. he is the supreme god Narayana in human form. 

With no hesitation, Narada went to the river and saw a Tamarind Tree. 
To the surprise, he saw a little WASP in that tree in a small nest. 
Narada went near that WASP and said "Sadhu Dharsan Punya". 

To a great Shock... immediately that little WASP fluttered and fall down from the tree and died. 

Narada was speechless.. and went back to Sri Krishna and narrated the incident... 

Sri Krishna smiled and said "That's ok. Its just a small WASP. leave that. One day, i donated a Cow to a brahmin in Avanti kingdom, so that he can do Yagya using cow's milk and ghee. I heard just now that, that Cow is going to yield a calf. Goto the Brahmin house and once the cow calves, go to that little calf and say 'sadhu dharsan punya'.  
That little calf will answer you."

Again With no hestitation, Narada went to that brahmin house. Narada enquired that brahmin whether any little calf born recently. Brahmin was excited and said "Yes".  He requested Narada to bless the little calf.

Narada went silently near that little calf and said "Sadhu Dharsan Punya". 

To a great Shock... immediately that little calf fall down and died. 

Now, Narada Muni got little frightened. 
He didn't had the courage to meet the Brahmin again and disappeared.

Narada went back to Sri krishna and narrated the incident.  
He was not so keen to know the truth as well now ! 

Yet, Sri Krishna smiled and said, "That's ok, Narada. Do not worry. It's just a little calf. In next kingdom, there is a king friend of mine. He was worried for many years of not having a child.  Now, i heard, her wife is pregnant after long years of wait.   
Once that child born, you go and whisper in his ears 'Sadhu Dharsan punya'.  That child will answer you."

Now, Narada was in extreme shock.  whenever he uttered this word "Sadhu Dharsan Punya" to the little wasp, and little calf both died at same moment.
Sri Krishna is again asking to say this word to a Prince child.  
Narada is known for his play.  
Now he thought, Krishna is playing a Big Game over him which can give him the biggest crime.

Yet, he knew that, Sri Krishna is not just a human.. he is the supreme god Narayana in human form. 
He could not deny his command.
One day, that Queen gave birth to a beautiful Baby Boy.   King was excited and entire kingdom was celebrating.  

Narada Muni decided to know the truth and reached the king's palace.  
Seeing Narada Muni, King was elated and worshiped him and welcomed him.
He requested Narada to give blessing to his New Born Prince and took him inside.

The child was sleeping in a cushion cradle made of pure gold. 
He was decorated with fresh clothes and looking cute and majestic as a prince. 

Narada asked the King and queen to wait outside, so that he can bless him. Both went outside and queen went to prepare food. 

Narada came near the little child prince and whispered "Sadhu Dharshan punya".
To a great surprise, child open his eyes and smiled at narada.
Narada was surprise and happy that the child did not die. 

To a much great surprise, child started to speak.  
Little child said, 
"Yes. Sadhu Dharshan is Punya. I was the one (atma) who was living as Wasp in that tree. By just having a Darshan of Mahatma like you who always chant 'Namo Narayana', i immediately left that Wasp body and entered the Sattva Guna Cow, the best of all animals.  
Again, when i had a Darshan of you, i left that Body as well and entered the Queen's womb to become Human Prince. 
You have blessed me to become human.. 
Now bless me to reach that Paramatma Narayan as well"

Narada understood the play by Sri Krishna.  He understood what he meant "Shadhu Darshan punya".

With Great Joy, Narada blessed that little child and said,
"I am happy that you are born as Kshatriya, protector of Dharma and Dharmic People. 
Whatever the life you had, continue to live in your Dharma and protect the Dharmic People as Kshatriya.  
Non-Human can't do bhakti (devotion) to Narayana because they don't the tool (intellect) to think. 
Now you are human. You do your Duty as Kshatriya. At the same time, be devotional to Narayana.  
Always spend your leisure times with Sadhus.  Listen to them. 
In Next Birth, you will become a Brahman, like me who always thinks about Narayana alone.  Next Birth will guide you to Moksha (Liberation) and you will reach Paramatma Narayan."

Narada left the palace and thanked Krishna to show the meaning of "Sadhu Darshan Punya" and how non-humans take human form. 


Always Proud to say "I AM HINDU"

Hail, the Supreme God "Sri Krishna" (ignore twisted names like kisina, chris..etc).

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

What is MAYA? Is MAYA so powerful? - Interesting Story. Must Read by HINDUS.

One day Narada Muni from Satya Loka came to earth to see Shri Krishna who is the Vishnu avatar.
Krishna invited him gracefully and worshipped him because of his Brahma Rishi status and the devotion he had over him.

Narada said Krishna..
"Krishna!! I don't have any kind of worries. I am an ardent devotee of you. I always chant your name.. People often talk about Power of Maya (Illusion). 
This Maya is created by you only.  
Is this so more powerful and very hard to break unless you wish to break them? 
I don't see anything such exist..  
Does maya really exist?"

Krishna laughed at Narada and asked him to take a bath in the river and come back..

Narada with no clue agreed the words of Krishna and took bath...

When Narada immersed himself in the water and came out, he became an extremely beautiful woman.  
 Click here

Suddenly, He became She.  Narada became Naradi.
Entire Past History became obsolete.  

That Beautiful Lady found herself amused about her Identity.  
She does not know who is she is?  

She wandered around that place and saw a prince came for hunt in that forest.  

That Prince got attracted to the beauty of this woman. 
He inquired about her and found she don't remember anything about herself ! 
He fall in love with this beautiful woman.  She also fall in love with that Prince.  

He took her to his palace and married her.    
Years Passed by..  
Prince became a King and She became the Queen.  

She was extremely happy and leading a happy married life.  
She loved her Husband. She loved her Kingdom so much
She gave 5 beautiful children to the kingdom. 
They were also brought up with good education and became eligible Young Princes

At one night, an enemy king along with his Big Armed Troops entered her Kingdom and slayed both the Kings and all his sons.
Entire Kingdom was captured and flamed into pieces.
She ran for her life and chastity. 
After so many miles running hard to escape from enemies, she reached the same place where she took bath.

She cried hard after losing her husband, lovable childrens and kingdom.  
She was hopeless. She was helpless. She was abandoned.
She cried about her future.  
She lost all the hope to live anymore...  

She thought of giving up her life in the river and jumped in...  

When she came up..  Narada appeared !

Narada was in absolute shock. 
He could not imagine what happened to him !   

Silently he reached back to Krishna.  

Krishna asked him "Rishi..  Did you take Bath?   Do you want to know the Power of Maya? Do you want to know how Maya can be removed in split seconds by me?"

Narada Rishi fell to the Feet of Shri Krishna and said 
"Krishna, you have shown me the power of Maya and the Power of you to remove this Maya.  Only you can remove this Maya which is very dangerous and threatening.  If anyone who loves you truly (Bakthi), they will cross this Maya by just your grace.  I understand that i am your devotee because you saved me from this Maya" 
Shri Krishna as usual acted as if he does not know about anything and comforted Narada to stay for few days in his Palace and bless him with his presence.  

Narada smiled at Krishna and stayed their for few days before leaving to Satya Loka. 

Hail, Hindu Dharma...
Hail, Those who are HINDUS. 
Hail, Jai Shri Krishna.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Puri Jagannath Story. Why Krishna Looks without legs and hands and BIG eyes? How was Orissa (Odisha) - During Mahabharata Period? - HINDUS MUST KNOW

Orissa during the Mahabharata: How was Odisha (Orissa)?  
Let us understand... our History...

"Kalinga, Odra and Uthkala" kingdom are now called as "Orissa (Odisa)".

There was a town called "Purushoththama Puri" in Uthkala kingdom.   
Today we say this City as "Puri".    Puri means "Dhakshina" (donation).  Puri is the "Gift of Purushoththma"

Uthkala means "Greatest (uth) Sound (kala)".   It refers the sound of Veda.
Uthkala is the kingdom, known for "presence of 1000s of Vedic Brahmins".

Anyone who enters this kingdom, anytime, used to hear Vedic Chants all the time.  Such was the divine place.  Hence the name "Uthkala" came.

During Treta Yuga (almost 8 lakh year before), there was a King Named "IndraDhyumna" ruling Pandya Kingdom in South. His Guru was "Agasthya". 
One day he left for Theertha Yatra to see all holy places and have bath on divine rivers and oceans across  Bharath Desam.  He was a Vishnu Devotee. 

In Treta Yuga, Agasthya had darshan of Sri Rama at Panchavati.  Also later he gave all his divine weapons and Aditya Hrudhayam to Sri Rama to be victorious against Ravana.

After travelling thru' several places, he reached Uthkala Desam (Odisa). 

He saw a mountain named "Neelachala" near banks of the Ocean (Bay of Bengal).  He took the holy bath in the Ocean. 
He got interested to chant "Dwadhasakshara Mantra" (Om Namo Narayanaya) and had darshan of Vishnu (Supreme God) in this place.

He ordered all his Troops and Ministers to return back to his kingdom and take care of the people till he return back.

By Seeing his devotion, Vishnu appeared before him as "Jagannatha" (God of Worlds) with counch, chakra in his hands. Wearing pithambara, koustuba and having srivatsa in his heart.
Indradhyumna worshipped Jagannatha and requested him to show all his avatar. 
Vishnu showed his prime dasa avatar. (krishna avatar, Balarama avatar, kalki avatar yet to happen during his time)

"Puri" is the place where Jagannath showed all his 10 avatar to Indradhyumna in Treta Yuga. 

During 1170 CE (AD), When India started to get invaded by Ghurid Dynasty by Mohamad Ghori and his brother. Bhakti movement started in INDIA.
Jayadeva who gave us "Gita Govindam" born during this period, worships Puri Jagannatha beautifully by saying all his 10 avatar as...
Thrutha meena sareera,  Jeya Jagadeesa Hare !
Thrutha kachchaba roopaa, Jeya Jagadeesa Hare !
Thrutha narahari roopa, Jeya Jagadeesa Hare !
This clarifies us, why Puri Jagannath (who we say Krishna) is worshipped in 10 avatar by Jeyadeva.   

That Same Jagannath himself came as Krishna in Dwapara Yuga later.  

After having Darshan of Jagannath in all his 10 Avatar, King IndraDhyumna wanted to build a temple and install Jagannath in 2 forms (Vyuha roopam, Vibhava roopam) with Vishnu Maya. 

He asked Visvakarma, an architect of Deva (demi gods in Swarka Loka) to build a magnificent temple to house the 3 idols.  
Once Temple is ready,  
Vishnu himself came in disguise as carpenter and agreed to make 3 idols as per Indradhyumna request. 
Yet, he set a condition that "he should not be disturbed at any cause, until he finish the work."
King agreed.  Carpenter locked himself in a room and started carving the wood to make 3 IDOLS.

But just after two weeks, the Queen became very anxious. 
She thought the carpenter might be dead as no sound came from the temple room. 
Therefore, she requested the king to open the door. 
When the door opened, carpenter was alive and Idol was half constructed. 
As per his condition, he abandoned his work left the 3 idols unfinished. 

The idol was devoid of any hands and legs just drawn with Very Big Eyes.
It was frightening to  see the 3 IDOLS left unfinished.
A divine voice told Indradyumana to install them as it is in the temple. 
Indra Dhyumna felt this is something pre-planned by Vishnu himself beyond his imagination and installed the 3 idols as it is.

IndraDhyumna installed the IDOL in the temple and made arrangement to worship him as Jagannath in 2 forms with Vishnu Maya.

He then left back to his Pandya Kingdom.   This Same Indra Dhyumna later got cursed by Agasthya when he showed little arrogance (madha) that he is a king and also devotee of Vishnu to his Guru Agastya.  
Agasthya cursed him to become elephant and roam with arrogance (madha).  
The King who is also a Vishnu Bhakt, was also blessed by Agasthya that "Supreme God (Para Brahmam) will come to rescue him and give his abode".

Due to curse, Indra Dhyumna, was roaming as Elephant (Gajendra) and was caught by a Gandharva who was cursed as Crocodile in the river (vegavathi). 
Gajendra was rescued by Vishnu holding 8 weapons in his 8 hands in Garuda.
He sliced the crocodile with his chakra and rescued him. 
Gajendra Moksha happened in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. Ashtabhuja perumal is the Vishnu who appeared to rescue Gajendra.  
The Stuti said by Gajendra is narrated by Suka Brahma Rishi in Bhagavatham during the beginning of Kali Yuga to Parikshit (grand son of Arjuna).

Why Puri Jagannath IDOL was left unfinished? Why Vishnu accepted this form?  The reason was understood, later when Vishnu did avatar as Sri Krishna in Dwapara Yuga.   

Puri (Uthkala Desa) is the place, where Krishna is worshipped as "Purushoththama" and "Jagannatha" along with his Brother "Balarama" and his Sister "Subhadra" (at center).

In Dwapara Yuga (5000 yrs before), Puri (Uthkala) is the same place where our Krishna along with his brother Balaram and Sister "Subhadra" came once from Dwaraka.

Vasudeva's youngest sister name is "Srutakirti". 
He had another sister named 'Preetha', she was adopted by his father brother who was king of Kuntala Kingdom and widely knows as "Kunti devi". 
Srutakirti got married to the king of Uthkala Kingdom. 
Srutakirti is the aunt for Sri Krishna.

On one occasion, Srutakirti wanted to invite his Brother's Son Krishna and everyone to her home for few days.   

Krishna who was in Dwaraka (Gujarat) readily accepted his Aunt invite and happily started to Uthakala (Puri, Orissa) along with his entire family. 
Krishna took all his 8 Queens along with his Brother (balaram) and Subhadra together. 

The Journey started from Gujarat to Orissa.  

During that time, 
Narada Rishi (who is in Sathya Loga with Brahma) came down to earth to see Krishna who is the avatar of Vishnu.  
He reached Dwaraka and came to know that "Krishna just started to Uthakala Kingdom (Orissa)".

When Narada decided to reach Uthkala (Puri, Orissa), a Brahmin Yogi met Narada along the way. 

Brahmin Yogi was elated to have Darshan of Narada Rishi who himself a Brahma Rishi, Deva Rishi and more over Manasa Putra of Lord Brahma himself. 

That Brahmin Yogi was so delighted to see such a "Vishnu devotee like Narada".

He bowed before him and worshipped him and said "You are the Greatest devotee of Vishnu.  The best Vishnu devotee in the world, who can be like you?.  You are the greatest devotee of Krishna who always chant 'Narayana.. Narayana' all the time. I am extremely elated to have a darshan of the Best devotee of Krishna".

Though Narada is great devotee himself, he could not accept such praise as Mahatma don't like hear praise about themselves.   

Narada replied the Brahmin Yogi, that 
"I am not the best Devotee of Vishnu.  I personally do not have any worries.  I live in Satya Loka. With No worries in mind, it is very easy for any one to do Bhakthi (devotion on Vishnu).  So my Devotion is not the best.  
Ahead of 1000s of worries thrown, prahaladha chanted "Narayana".  Even Vishnu was extremely delighted with him.   More than me, i would say "Prahaladha" is the best devotee of Vishnu"

Hearing the words of Narada, that Yogi got excited and asked Narada to take him to the Loka where Prahalada resides to have his darshan.

Narada who was planning to go to Uthkala Kingdom (Puri, Orissa), could not deny the Yogi's request and his devotion to know the True Bhakth of Vishnu.

Both Narada and Brahmin Yogi went to the Divine Loka where Prahalada reside and had his dharshan.

Brahmin Yogi got elated and shouted with joy, "I am fortunate to see Prahaladha... who is the best of all Vishnu devotees"

Prahaladha politely denied and replied the Brahmin Yogi, that 
"Yes i am also Vishnu devotee and Vishnu appeared as Narasimha and i worshipped him always. But I am not the Best Devotee of Vishnu. 
Because my devotion is Advaitic. Due to this, i see everything as Narayana. I could not differentiate even myself.  I see Narayana inside me and everywhere.   
Due to this, even when my father Hiranyakasipu tried to kill me, i could not see sword as sword. i could not see my father as father. i could not see me as myself.  I could see everything as narayana and hence never protested or never even asked for help even to Narayana. 
When my father asked me 'is your narayana is inside this pillar?", i was not even expecting vishnu to appear as Narasimha but i saw pillar as well as Narayana.   
In that sense, I replied "Yes.. He is there..."

But my father told me, if i dont see Narayana inside this pillar i am going to cut your head. 
This made Lord Narayana to appear before him as Narasimha.  

When everyone got frightened to see his avatar (half men, half Lion), i still saw narasimha as narayana without fear. 
This advaitic devotion is great.. But i wont say that 'This is the best'.
A True Bhakthi (Devotion) should have emotions of love. 
In Advaitic State, i could not taste that emotions which is divine and considered as Best devotion.  

In Earth (Bhu Loka), Hanuman is still there.  He is the greatest Devotee.  He sees Vishnu in everything.. But still have emotion.  His love towards Rama who is the avatar of Vishnu can't be matched by my devotion.  

He sacrificed his entire life for service of Rama.  That is why Hanuman is worshipped everywhere.  He is the best devotee"

Hearing the words of Prahaladha, that Yogi got more excited and asked Narada to take him back to Bhu Loka to help him meet Hanuman.

Narada who was planning to go to Uthkala Kingdom (Puri, Orissa), could not deny the Yogi's request again and his devotion to know the True Bhakth of Vishnu.

Both Narada and Brahmin Yogi returned back to Bhu Loka where Hanuman reside and had his dharshan.

Brahmin Yogi got elated seeing Hanuman and shouted with joy, "I am fortunate to see Hanuman... who is the best of all Vishnu devotees"

Hanuman politely denied and replied the Brahmin Yogi, that 
"Yes i am also Rama devotee and Vishnu appeared as Rama and i had the greatest opportunity to serve him thru'out.  

When i shared the news that Sita devi is alive and kept in Lanka by Ravana, Rama hugged me and even said he could not payback for my service.

Rama had great love and respect over me.  He treats me with dignity.  
But let me tell you..  
Even though i know Rama himself is avatar of Vishnu and even though Rama gives me enough space to speak to him anytime...  somehow i fear of going near him.  
With great Love and affection of seeing himself as Supreme God, when i tried to hug him and speak freely, somehow i get fear and i fell into his feet and started crying.  
Rama has given me all freedom. I do all kind of service to him.. Yet, i don't have the guts to speak to him freely and hug him, smile at him like a friend.  When i see Rama's Qualities i fear of myself that i am not eligible to speak him at all. I end up bowing my head before him.

If you want to see the Best Devotee, you can right now go to Dwaraka.  You will see Krishna's Best relative "Uddhava" who looks alike of Krishna. 
He not only serves Krishna as prime minister but speaks freely and share his emotions.  Even Krishna shares his emotions to Uddhava.  This the Best Devotion.  Please go and meet him"

Hearing the words of Hanuman, that Yogi got extremely excited and asked Narada to take him back to Dwaraka to meet Uddhava.

Narada who was planning to go to Uthkala Kingdom (Puri, Orissa), could not deny the Yogi's request again and his devotion to know the True Bhakth of Vishnu.

Both Narada and Brahmin Yogi returned back to Dwaraka (Gujarat) to meet Udhdhava.

Brahmin Yogi got elated seeing Udhdhava and shouted with joy, "I am fortunate to see you... Hanuman himself said You are the best of Vishnu devotees"

Udhdhava politely denied and replied the Brahmin Yogi, that 
"I am fortunate enough to be  with Krishna in Dwaraka and serve him.  Yes He speaks his heart only to me.  I am fortunate enough to speak to him freely without having a fear that he is Paramathma and i am Jeevathma.   It is his simplicity that making me to speak freely. So i don't think i am the best of devotees.

If Hanuman said i am the Best Devotee, i should agree.   But i should also tell you the fact that, i was once, wandered like an educated arrogant soul before meeting Krishna.

When Krishna constructed Dwaraka and i had a chance to meet him, my life changed. My arrogance due to my education disappeared after Krishna asked me to meet Gopi's in Vrindavan who took care of him till his age 10.  

As krishna said, i went to Vrindavan to see Gopis (woman in vrindavan). The Devotion which you see in me, is because of  dust of Vrindavan that touched me.  

When i visited that Vrindavan where Krishna played till Age 10 and left suddenly to Mathura, Each Gopis in Vrindavan were doing all their household duties, but their heart was beating for Krishna. Their eyes are flooded with tears.  
Even though Mathura is not too far away from Vrindavan, these Gopis never shown interest to come to Mathura to see Krishna.  

Their devotion is extremely pure.  They didn't even want to disturb Krishna by going to Mathura and make him cry. 
They were ready to hold the memories of 10 yr play of krishna at vrindavan for their rest of life. 

Their heart is full of Krishna.  Yet they do all household activities.  This is Karma Yoga which Krishna loves to see in everyone.
I was blessed to see Gopis in Vrindavan that day.  My life changed after that. My arrogance due to education vanished.  I become a servant, devotee of Krishna. 
More than my happiness, i live for krishna's happiness. 
If you want to see True Devotee, Goto Vrindavan"

Hearing the words of Uddhava, that Yogi got extremely excited and asked Narada to take him to Vrindavan to meet Gopis.

Narada who was planning to go to Uthkala Kingdom (Puri, Orissa), could not deny the Yogi's request again and his devotion to know the True Bhakth of Vishnu.

Both Narada and Brahmin Yogi went to Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh) to meet Gopis.

Brahmin Yogi got elated seeing Gopis and fell on their feet with tears in his eyes and said, "I am fortunate to see you all... You are the best of devotee of Krishna, the avatar of Vishnu"

Gopi women politely denied and replied the Brahmin Yogi, that 
"We are just a common village people with no education.  We are no one to be compared to such great devotees like Narada who is standing next to you, or like Hanuman, Prahalada, Uddhava.  Yes we were fortunate to see Krishna till his Age 10 and see his play from his birth.  We even don't understand he is Narayana. Such is the knowledge we had. 
He protected entire village people at Age 7 by lifting this Big Govardhan mountain in his index finger for 7 continuous days.  He swallowed fire when entire forest caught up in fire. He fought with Kalinga a poisonous snake in Yamuna..  
We just enjoyed his play.. But our knowledge is so corruptless that even we could think him as our little krishna. 

Due to this, whenever he comes to our home and steal butter we fight with him and report him to his mother Yashodha..  At the same time, we used to love him as well. 
When krishna don't steal in our home for a month, we feel very bad and ask him voluntarily to come and steal at our home..  

Yet, At Age 11, he decided to move to Mathura his own place.  We know that he belongs Vasudeva and Devaki.  We are happy not to disturb him..  But always happy to think about him thru'out out our life. 

But this devotion and love which you are seeing in all of us is just a reflection of Radha who is True Love of Krishna.  
We imparted this devotion from Radha only.  She is the Best of all Devotees"

Hearing this, Brahmin Yogi got excited and asked "Where i can meet Radha devi? Can i have the fortune of having Darshan of Radha Devi?"

Gopi replied, "It is not possible unless Krishna himself allows.   You go and ask Krishna to Show Radha, the Best of Devotee." 

Hearing the words of Gopis in Vrindavan, that Yogi got extremely excited and asked Narada to take him Uthakala (Puri, Orissa) to meet Uddhava.

Narada who was planning to go to Uthkala Kingdom (Puri, Orissa), was happy to take him to Uthkala.

Both Narada and Brahmin Yogi reached Uthkala Kingdom (Puri, Orissa) to meet Krishna.

At that time,  Krishna has already reached Uthkala kingdom was spending his time with his relatives.
A Big function was conducted at the banks of Ocean (Today we say "Bay of Bengal") by Uthakala King and many artistic displays and talents are displayed to entertain Dwaraka King Sri Krishna.

Krishna along with his 8 Queens and his brother Balarama and Subhadra where sitting and watching the ceremony with joy.

Narada along with this Brahmin Yogi reached Uthkala finally.
Seeing Narada Rishi in Uthkala, Krishna got elated and happily invited him and enquired about his visit.
Narada who came just to have a darshan of Sri krishna in this avatar, introduced the Brahmin Yogi who came along with him.

Ever Smiling Shri Krishna, with due respect requested Brahmin Yogi to have a seat and enquired about his visit to meet him.

The Elated Yogi, after seeing Narada, Prahaladha, Hanuman, Udhdhava, Gopis in Vrindavan, was eager to ask about Radha devi instantly..  
When krishna enquired about his visit, Yogi started by uttering the word "Radha....".  

Before he could complete his sentence, Krishna who was extremely normal and smiling, went to a state of shock, his eyes flooded with tears...  his hands and legs frozen and felt like he lost his hands and legs..  His eyes with unbelievable shock got widen.  
Immediately Krishna who is the avatar of Vishnu became unconscious and went to state of Samadhi and fall down like a wood.

Seeing what went thru' krishna, Balarama could not control himself and fell on the ground and went to state of Samadhi.

Seeing both of his brothers in this state, Subhadra also felt unconsicious and went to samadhi.  

Brahmin Yogi was shocked. He could not believe his eyes to see this status of Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra.  

'Rukmini, and Radha' are 2 forms of Mahalakshmi appeared in this Krishna Avatar. 

Rukmini, knowing the situation, immediately addressed all his other Queens to dress up like Gopis and she dressed  herself up like Radha devi.

Appearing as Radha Devi, Rukmini consoled Krishna surrounded by other Queens dressed up as Vrindavan Gopis to bring him back.

Krishna slowly recovered from his samadhi and became normal.  
Witnessing this, Brahmin Yogi understood that "Radha Devi is the Best of all Devotees".  

He thanked Narada Rishi to show extreme patience to show him all Vishnu devotees and finally the God himself"

Brahmin Yogi told Narada Rishi, 
"Anyone can be become a devotee of Krishna, Vishnu Avatar.  
It is very nature for a Devotee to think about Bhagavan and cry for his darshan. This is very natural. Devotion to God is very natural.
But, it is impossible to see such a devotee, which makes Bhagavan (Supreme God) to have darshan and cry for him. 
I am thankful to you to show me the Greatest Devotee of Vishnu. I know that i am not eligible to see Radha devi, but i am extremely happy to hear of Radha Devi thru' Krishna, avatar of Vishnu"

This happened during Dwapara Yuga (5000 yrs before) during mahabharat period.
The reason why the IDOL was left unfinished received the answer during Krishna Avatar. 

When Krishna Paramathma cried for his true devotee and became unconscious and felt with no hands and no legs with wide opened eyes is what we see in Puri Jagannath.

Devotees thinking about God is very common.  God thinking of his devotee is very uncommon.  This status is what we see in Puri Jagannath.

Indradyumna who built 3 unfinished IDOLs as 2 form of Jagannath along with Vishnu Maya, later became krishna, balarama and subhadra.  
Krishna created a reason why those 3 IDOLs left unfinished during Indradyumna period in Treta Yuga.

When Lodi Islamic rulers captured North India and Eastern part of India including West Bengal and Today's Bangladesh, Krishna Chaitanya mahaprabhu born @ Naba-dweep in west bengal.  
After taking up sanyas, he reached Puri and had the Darshan of Jagannath in this form with no hands, no legs and eyes wide open. 
He immediately understood Krishna status, he himself attained the same Samadhi, thinking of Shri Krishna and Radha Devi's True devotion. 

He finally disappeared inside Jagannath himself, showing the world that he is the chaitanya of Krishna himself who came as Mahaprabhu to give all hindus the spiritual strength by spreading the world famous chant of 
"Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare". 

His Disciple Prabhu Padha later created a worldwide bhakthi movement in the name "ISKCON" which is promoting this Mantra which is uttered by Krishna Chaiyanya mahaprabhu.   

Those who listen to this chant, Those who are human across the world who chant Hare Krishna are pouring themselves into ISKCON and chanting this Greatest Mantra in this Kaliyuga.
Wherever you go and visit Krishna Temple, wherever you see Krishna Pictures, you will see a beautiful, ever smiling attractive, lovable Krishna.

Puri is the only place where Krishna looks shockingly with no hands, no legs, and with big wide opened eyes. 

This is the most divine place of Odissa. This is the place where IndraDhyumna got darshan of Jagannath.  This is the same place where Krishna came and showed the reason behind this unfinished IDOL structure.

During Mahabharata period, Yudhistra decided to conduct Rajasuya Yagya in Indraprastha (Delhi).  
He asked his brother Sakadev to invade Kalinga Kingdom and Odra Kingdom to ensure the kings in these regions accept his Rajasuya Yagya.

The kings of these 2 kingdom warmly accepted to donate and also participated in the Rajasuya Yagya.

Duryodhana Wife is from Kalinga Kingdom.  Due to this, Kalinga Kingdom in Odisa supported Duryodhana in the EPIC Battle of Pandava and Kaurava.

When Pandava went for exile after losing all wealth in chess to Sakuni, Karna took this chance to conquest Odra Kingdom and Uthkala Kingdom as well
Due to his conquest, Uthkala and Odra King and their army troops also supported Duryodhana in the EPIC battle of Pandava and Kaurava.

On 2nd day of Battle, Duryodhana ordered Kalinga King and his Army troops to kill Bheema. 
Bheema killed the Kalinga king just by his hands. 
Just by himself, he destroyed the entire Army Troops of Kalinga on that day.

Bhisma who is the Prime Army chief tried to rescue Kalinga Army Troops from Bheema. 
Bhisma tried to reach Bheema in the battle. 
Seeing this, Satyaki (Sri Krishna's body guard and his Army chief) rushed towards Bhisma and killed his horse Charioteer.

Without Charioteer, the horses lost its control and ran opposite and took bhisma away from Bhima. 

Uthkala Army Troops tried to Nakula during the day but failed to achieve any success.

2nd Day Battle was a Victorious for Pandavas.

Mahabharatha war happened in Dwapara Yuga end.  This is 5000 years ago. Approximately the war was expected to happen around 3127 BCE. 

After Krishna departure to his abode, Kali Yuga started around 3102 BCE.  Parikshit ruled the entire world as all Kings around the world died in this EPIC battle of Mahabharat in Kuruksetra.

After 3000 years, this Kalinga Kingdom became extremely powerful nation in Entire Bharat Land under the rule of Chandragupta Maurya.

Around 563 BCE, Nepal King named Siddharth left his throne after seeing death as reality for everyone.  He was later named as "Buddha" in Bihar (Bodh Gaya) and his advices were followed as buddhism.

Buddhism was slowly growing in common people in Nepal and Bihar slowly during this period.

Around 327 BCE, Alexander from Greek after successful invasion of Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Afghan etc., he reached Kashmir and saw a small king named "Purushoththama".   
Due to Greek Accent and unable to spell the Sanskrit names, he was pronounced as Porus.
After Huge Battle, Alexander was able to defeat Purushoththama, but feared to invade further deep inside crossing Sindhu river.   He felt if a border King himself is so powerful, it is like entering a cage where 1000s of lions roaming inside....

In his captured Kingdom, he asked his Army Chief Selucus Nicator to hold his place till he get his next order from him.

Alexander did not felt invading further more and decided to give rest to his army troops and returned back.   He died on the way due to Mosquite bite in Iraq (Babylon)
In 305 BCE, knowing that someone from Greek (yavana kingdom) entered the land of Bharat and captured a piece of land, Chandragupta Maurya (Ruler of Bihar) reached himself and defeated selucus nicator.   

With Fear of life and seeing the mighty King ChandraGupta, a disciple of Chanakya, he gave his own daughter to get married to Chandragupta the emperor.

This was the 1st relationship developed with marriage between India and Greece. 

Due to this relationship, later Megasthanese (a Greek philosopher) visited India and roam around the capital city of Maurya kingdom named Patalipura (in Bihar). 
He also roam around the Kalinga Kingdom (Odisa) and praised the wealth of this Bharat Land.

After Chandra Gupta Maurya, Ashoka Chakravarthi came to Throne as Maurya king (Bihar). 

To expand his kingdom, he waged war against all Kings across Bharat Land and captured almost every kingdom from Afghanistan till Andhra except Tamilnadu and Kalinga Kingdom (Odisa).

During his time, Kalinga Kingdom was under a rule of King named "Padmanabha".   
It was a huge battle of blood and finally Ashoka was victorious to capture Kalinga Kingdom under his rule.

It was believed that, Ashok met a Buddha Monk and got advice on non-violence.

This made a change in his approach and later he preached non-violence and peace to all his Kings who were under his control from Afghan till south India.

Many Kings got attracted as his Supreme king himself accepting Buddhism principle.  
Afghan (Gandhara) Kings never had to worry about any invasion and started building buddhist monuments and started encouraging buddhism principles. 

Thru'out India Buddhism got spreaded like wild fire because king themselves are encouraging.  

Whereever you see, there were 1000s of shaved heads roaming in street chanting "Buddham charanam kachchaami".

Army Men had no room to be in war zone. Army men got engaged in social protection activities like normal police.  Army men got engaged in building Buddhist monuments. Most of the hindu kings in region of Afghan, Sindhu (pakistan) converted themselves to Buddhism.

Without knowing about future threats from western world, Hindus Kings made army men lazy and weak and stayed unprepared at their borders. 
While at the same time, after christ death in 30AD, around 384AD, the roman empire which killed christ in the cross was convinced to believe in christianity (like Buddhism).  Constantine a roman king during that time, allowed Christianity believer to build churches in Roman Empire (Italy).    
This paved the end of Roman Civilization in next few centuries..   
All Roman Civilians (Italian) became christians.  The Nation which ruled the entire western world of Bharat became slave of Christianity and lost its Power, Identity and Civilization.  

The Roman empire got vanished.  
Roman Catholic Churches developed and Christianity took its form and place to spread their wings towards Europe and later to eastern countries.

While Christianity a new religion started, those who dont believe Jesus Christ as God, dis-approved this Religion and around 570AD an another new religion was formed with the Arabic word "Islam" (which means Surrender to God in english and Saranagati in sanskrit).
A guide book was written by Mohammed prophet and named it as "Quran".   
He generally said, those who dont believe in god are dangerous and always stay from them.   

He guided this principle to ensure those believer of God to stay together and dont become atheist.

Later this guidance was misquoted and misunderstood when they saw other people who also believe in god but worship in other forms.     

Islam started to spread hatred due to this and they started attacking Christians who believe in God in the name of Christ and started attacking Buddhist who believe in God in the name of Buddha. 

Islamic invasion towards Bharat became the greatest threat to nation, when entire country has already fallen in Buddhism while army men are sleeping for years. 

The Greatest mistake, a seed which was sow by the Ashoka, during his time period, resulted in the greatest disaster of all time. 

Amir Suri a Hindu king in Afghan, who adoped Buddhism got defeated by Saffarid Islamic conquest from Iran. 

Amir Suri allowed islamic preeching in his kingdom (Afghan) and which later resulted in his grand son adopting Islam as his religion and converted entire Nation to Islam.  Amir Suri initiated Ghurid Dynasty which created the greatest Islamic Threats in the name Mohammed Ghori who initiated invasion in Land of Bharat from North.

Ashoka Chakravarthi though a valiant and powerful king due to his non-violence approach indirectly weakened the other kings, which resulted in 1000 years of Islamic invasion and 600 years of christian invasion down south.

Lord Krishna who gave us Bhagavadh Gita, says Kings should not take up non-violence.  Non-Violence is for Sadhus.  But Kings must be a warriors and must be prepared to protect his people and if required fight enemies with full force.

Ashok seems to have forgotten Bhagavadh Gita and fall in prey for Buddhism.

India was occupied by Islamic Invasion from 947AD till 1857AD.  During this period, Islamic Invaders starting from Gajini and then by Ghurid Dynasty destroyed many hindu temples, raped women, looted wealth from temples, attacked civilians to make king bow down to accept the defeat. After Islamic rulers from Ghurid Dynasty, Mamluk Dynasty took over the rule, followed by Khilji dynasty, followed by Thuglaq Dynasty, followed by Sayyid Dynasty, followed by Lodi Dynasty, finally followed by Mughal Dynasty.  They all captured Delhi and expanded their conquest thru'out India for next 1000 years from north.
In 1692 AD, Mughal Dynasty Islamic Invader "Aurangzeb" ordered to close the puri Jagannath temple. Otherwise he threatened to demolish Puri Temple like the temples which he destroyed in Kasi and Mathura. The Temple was merely closed. 
It was re-opened only after Aurangzeb's death in 1707 AD almost 15 years later.

While Islamic conquest spread from North to south, from 1400 AD (after vascodagama entry in kerala) Christian invaders from Portugal, British, French, Dutch (Netherland) conquested thru'out India for next 500 years starting from Southern part of kerala. 
In 1857AD British christian rulers were able to capture the whole India (including divided parts Bangladesh and Pakistan) and looted the wealth which is left in hands of common people. 

Even Today, India is occupied by Hindus who got converted into Islam and Hindus who got converted into Christianity during these conquest days.  
As least 10 generations already passed by, their identity is lost though the skin and DNA matches a Hindu DNA and skin. 
Due to this reason, South India holds high number of Christian compared to North, whereas North India holds higher Muslim population than compared to South.

Majority of Muslim converts who got converted in 1000 years of Islamic Invasion were fortunately moved out by donating a seperate land.  In Sindhu Kingdom, luv, son of lord rama constructed Luv Pura (now Lahore) is given to muslims by congress. Also, Takshasila where Janamejaya did Sarpa Yaga to revenge Takshaga the snake which killed his father Parikshit (now Taxila) also got lost to convert Muslims.  The land of Sindhu was named as "Pakistan" for muslim converts. 

Similarly, lakhs of Hindus in eastern Part of India who got converted into Islam during these 1000 years of invasion, also given a Vanga Desa which is now named as "Bangladesh". 

Still, many convert Muslims continued to stay in INDIA and disagreed to relocate to Islamic Nation given to them.  Now this converted muslim population is also growing faster in INDIA and slowly started to revolt against those Hindus, who didn't bow down to those toughest phase of 1000 years invasion of Real Muslim invaders.

Hope you enjoy reading..... the story of Odisa (Orissa)