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Sunday 1 November 2020

Why Kumkum is used instead Saffron? Why Hindu women apply kumkum in forehead.. How do we lost these reasons from our mind? Lets introspect...

Why Kumkum is used instead Saffron? 
Why Hindu women used to take bath using turmeric, and apply kumkum in forehead? 

The word "kumkum" is actually a sanskrit word
Actually, it refers the 'Saffron powder', but not the kumkum we use

Vedic Sastra, actually recommend pooja to vedic gods using Saffron (kumkum) powder or it's flower.

Whether we do pooja for Maha-kali, or Sri Krishna, it recommends pooja using Saffron (kumkum). 

One day, Kanchi Maha Periyavar Sri Chandrasekara Swamigal (lineage of Adi Sankara Peetam), asked his devotees about this topic... 
"Vedic Sastra recommends pooja using Saffron (kumkum). 
We can't buy Saffron as it is too costly. 
But, any reason why we are using red kumkum instead of actual saffron (kumkum)?", paramacharya asked.  

The devotees gathered at that time, remained silent. 
Some of them might knew the answer. But everyone preferred to stay silent to listen to his answer which would be very interesting. 

Maha Periyavar himself answered... 
"As per Vaidya Sastra (Ayurveda), saffron have medical benefits to 'cure skin diseases' and also helps to 'reduce body heat'. 
Turmeric also have similar benefits alike Saffron. 

In our Vedic Sastra, for every guidelines suggested, there exist alternate guidelines (प्रथिनिति विचारम) as well. 
That means, if suggested material is not available, vedic sastra allows nearest equivalent alternate material. 

By that alternate guidelines (प्रथिनिति विचारम), it is allowed to use turmeric powder in place of Saffron (kumkum). 
Some people used to mix saffron in boiled milk with sugar and drink daily for health.
Saffron is too costly to buy. 
So, To get the same benefit, Most people use turmeric powder in boiled milk with sugar and drink daily for health. 

While doing pooja on MahaKali, Mahalakshmi, Ganesh, Sri Krishna or any Vedic Gods, if saffron is not affordable, it was recommended to use Turmeric powder as alternate. 
To make turmeric look alike Saffron (kumkum), we add some red color and give it a name 'kumkum'. 

The kumkum which we are using to do pooja on Devi TripuraSundari @ kanchipuram is the red turmeric powder, which is an accepted vedic practice.

Thus Sri Kanchi Maha Periyavar explained the meaning and purpose of kumkum.

Hindu women, those days protected their skin using turmeric bath. 
Having Saffron (Kumkum) in forehead was a practice when our country was the richest, before foreign conquest. 
Slowly, we started using Red Turmeric as Kumkum. 

It's very sad to see Hindu woman despite medical benefits behind, they avoid kumkum  
It's very sad to see some use chemical stickers and some walk with nothing in forehaed like other religion community.
Even today, foreigners believe and portray "a hindu women with a kumkum". 
But it's very sad that, Hindu woman lost their pride of these traditions which are scientific and traditional. 

As Indians, we should not forget what happened From 947AD till 1947AD
Our country was looted by foreign religious invaders for 1000 continuous years at supreme power. 

 Temples were looted, destroyed and mosque were built over that

Millions of Vedic Brahmins were massacred in these 1000 years, as most of them stayed in and around temples. 

They became the 1st Targets. 
This land which had brahmins who had learnt 1 veda, 2 veda (dwevedi),3 veda (trivedi), 4 veda (chaturvedi) are no more. 

Now a days their families still hold these surnames but lost vedic studies
Today almost 97% of brahmin families have became namesake brahmins holding these pride surnames. 

India not just had lost the temples, wealth, but the knowledge of Veda and it's reasons. 
When someone reads Mahabaharat today and finds Karna took Naga Astra (a missile which can spread poison) by chanting vedic mantra, no one knows today, what mantra he recited and what procedure he used. 

In 1000 years, when vedic brahmins got killed, and vedic scriptures burnt and temples destroyed, we lost all treasures... 

We as People of this land, should at least visualize the pain that forefathers in our family had gone thru. 

Everyone of us were rich those days. 
People in this land never had a reason to beg foreigners those days.
The whole Bharat Land was self-sufficient and lived in their home town with family together.

Imagine the pride we had, those days. 
We lost everything in this 1000 years.. 

Most importantly, Today, we don't even know many Hindu Dharma and Rituals and practice because of the lost we incur due to those 1000 years of invasion. 
Today, Most of us, don't even know why woman had kumkum on their forehead. 

How shamefully we were driven by foreign invaders. 
Hindus must introspect. 

Most of the times, Kshatriyas (kings) had to give up their lives, when these foreign invaders tried to attack civilians and temples directly instead fighting with them. 
Mohammed Gajini 17 times he tried to destroy and loot golden somnath temple only and killed many civilians. 
The people in Saurashtra had no choice than to escape. 
They migrated till Tamilnadu to save their lives. 
How sad we suffered.. !! Alas !!

When Kshatriya fall down, Brahmins became the poorest of all, as kings were the saviors of their basic needs. 
When British around 1800AD smelled the downfall of Islamic rulers, they used their power to finish islam rulers and took over the control of entire India (including today pakistan, bangladesh). 

Hindus who got converted into Islam thru Rape, and fear of sword from 947AD till 1800AD also now left alone like beggars, along with existing brave hindus.

Bharat land at that time was covered with 90% True hindus and 10% converts to Islam
All people during that became extreme poor. The once Richest Nation in the earth where columbus, vascodagama, megasthanese tried to visit India has now became extreme poorest Nation because of loot and destroy of education and killing of vedic brahmins. 

The left alone wealth including kohinoor diamond was also taken to Britain.

Christianity was promoted in full swing in all coastal sides. 
Churches were built. 

On poor hindus, money was spent to make them christians, thereby to make entire country a Christian Nation to gain civilians support. 
British Christian absolutely aware that some of the Hindus who had been living as muslims from 947AD were the hard targets and were very hard to get converted to Christianity as Islam was created with a disbelief in Christ as God. 

So, at one side british christian rulers while converting some hindus to Christianity and some as psuedu secular hindus
they noticed that muslims have become major threat to create civil disturbance.

Instead trying to convert those Hindu muslims to Christianity, they tried to attack them with force
Mughal dynasty was uprooted from Delhi. 
All Deccan Sultanate's were decimated. 
they uprooted Tipu Sultan and shot all his sons and make an end for Islamic Rule which dominated our land for 1000 years with low tax on hindu those converted to Muslim and heavy tax on brave Hindus. 

Poor Hindus of some section started to get converted to Christianity. 
More than Christian belief and it's god, shaming Hindu Vedic Gods, shaming Vedic Believes like having kumkum in forehead was criticized. 

As brahmins were so poor those days and everyone in general being poor, no one had time to check these facts. 
More than Dharma, Food and survival became a major issue for civilians. 

Christian believers punished Galileo when he predicted that Earth is round, as Christianity believed that "Earth is Flat" during that time as per old testament. 
They smartly hided their own facts.. 
But Shamed all Hindu customs and gods, to create hatred mindset on Hindu Dharma.  

On other side, money was given for those who accepted Christianity. 
Being poor and no time to retrospect the truth and value we possessed, conversion to Christianity started to flourish.. 

Those with western mindset, those who don't fight with them were respected by british christian rulers. 

Those who don't have western mindset and appeasement to Christian rulers were hanged and jailed. 

But 90% of Indians were below poverty that time. 
So food and life became very important for many. 

For administration, they enticed poor brahmins to study english
With extreme poverty, few Brahmins started to work as clerk, teacher, advocate from 1850s

Since they don't fight, British trusted brahmin community for their admin work.

Due to this, vedic brahmin families slowly got deviated and started to leave vedic studies and took western studies which can give them jobs to live

Bhagat Singh was hanged, 
Va Vu Chidambaram pillai was jailed more than a decade and tortured who was a richest businessman (vaishya) and purchased ship on his own to do his business without paying tax to christian rulers, 
Brahmins like Mangal Pandey, Chandrasekhar asad protested the british conquest, 
Bharathi, the greatest poet and freedom fighter, died as poor like an orphan, 
Vanchinathan killed himself after shooting a district collector 
and many tried their best to get rid of this foreign religious rulers. 

British shamed other communities as slaves. 
They shamed them, tortured them. 

The people who were considered as Sudra (employee category people) were the most affected from 947AD. 
They became helpless. 
British Christians treated them as slaves and gave jobs to few of them as policemen to attack their own Freedom fighters. 
Due to extreme poverty, not just Sudra (employee category people), even brahmin community joined Army and ended up attacking their own people. 

Mangal Pandey, a brahmin joined British Army himself..  
Later revolted in 1857 which started the India Independence movement with british.

Our Land was filled with confusion. 
Some Brahmins became a slave of western mindsets
Some became freedom fighters and lost their lives. 

Some Vaishya (business) became a slave of western mindsets
Some became freedom fighters and lost their wealth. 

Some Sudra (employee) became a slave of western mindsets and became servant and policemen. 
Some became freedom fighters and lost their lives. 

By the time, British Christians took over the control of this entire land, almost all existing kings were no longer kshatriya (protector).. 
most of them surrendered their land and accepted royalty from them. 

Some kings who are real kshatriya (protector) like marudhu pandiya, veera pandiya all were captured and hanged in public by christian british rulers. 

Hindus who were living as muslim civilians at core hated the british rule. 
Yet some poor muslims took jobs for their earnings. 
At 1857AD, when british rulers asked to bite the bullet which is coated with pig's meat, muslim civilians revolted. 

When muslims and hindus revolted together, entire British govt faced a civil disturbance and huge life threat as many were working in british army as well. 

Rest is history... 

By 1947, after 2 consecutive world wars (thanks to hitler) Britain got hit badly. Reviving Economy at Britain became prime focus for them. 

Finally they decided to leave this poorest country India, in the hands of British mindset and pseudo secular leader Nehru (Brahmin) who had his studies in British soil and with no Vedic background instead holding the prefix "Pandit". 

It's time for Hindus now to introspect Hindu Dharma. Ladies must start apply Kumkum and understand the Vedic Reasons and Medicinal (Ayurveda) reasons.

Wednesday 19 August 2020

How Krishna Idol Worship started? and Bhagavatham started? Hindus must know...about Grandson of Krishna and Grandson of Arjuna story.

That was the toughest time. Shri krishna had decided to depart to his abode.

Before his departure, Krishna spoke about his departure and spoke in length on various dharma, bhakti to Uddhava his best friend, his best devotee, his best relative, his best minister.  

On hearing the news of krishna departure, all the Pandavas, unable to bear the separation from Krishna, decided to leave this world. 

Before they left, Maharaj Yuddhisthir appointed Parikshit, son of Abhimanyu, as the emperor of the whole world, where there is no enemy.

Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Lord Krishna and jambavati, son of Sambha, was made the king of Mathura.

Then, pandava brothers along with draupati took vanaprastha and left the world one by one.

With sudden departure of Shri krishna and pandavas, the world become hopeless.
No one have inspiration to live. 
No one is excited about anything.

Even though the world is in peace with no war, everyone felt emptiness in their heart.

Parikshit, ruler of world with inconsolable loss, came to meet Vajranabha to console each other.
Both of them, greeted each other.. but no happiness.. no inspiration.

At this time, Shandilya rishi came to Mathura
Chandilya rishi asked about their welfare and happiness.

Vajranabha bow down at rishi feet and asked, 
"Will this world regain happiness again? 
After krishna's departure, whole world is mourning and striving to see the divine face of Krishna paramatma again.
After Krishna's departure, Uddhav also left his holy body. 
Pandavas also departed. 
We are at inconsolable distress. 
Will this world see happiness again?"

Chandilya Rishi replied, 
"Vajranabha.. Do not worry. 
World will regain happiness with Krishna presence who is paramatma and his divine appearance never cease. 
Uddhav who gave up his human body did not went to Vaikunda yet (Abode of Parabramma). He is still living in Vrindavan as Lotus stem in kusum sarovar, govardhan. Find him.
He will direct you the way.."

By hearing this, Vajranabha and Parikshit gathered hope

They went along with Chandilya Rishi to Kusum Sarovar where the lake was filled with Lotus.
They could not identify which lotus stem is Uddhava??.

Chandilya Rishi asked them to do bhajan on Radha Krishna which will show Uddhav presence. 

They began to sing kirtans and bhajans about Sri Radha Krishna. 

On hearing this, one specific lotus stem alone started to move
Chandilya Rishi noticed that Lotus stem which moved to the song of Krishna as Uddhav in disguise. 
They continued to sing on Radha Krishna. 
Pleased by their devotion, Sri Uddhava gave them his darshan. 

Looking at Vajranabha, Uddhava said, 
"Krishna is an avatar of Parabramma. 
He is omnipresent and his presence is everywhere. 
His appearance is divine and ever exist. 
His avatar itself is an appearance.
In his avatar himself, he showed that his appearance is divine and showed his presence in Hastinapur, sitting in Dwarka to save Draupati by showering colored sarees without a need of hands to give, ear to hear. 

Not just that, 
He became everything (living and non-living) when brahma deva took all his friends (vraja vasi childrens) and their cows including their clothes and pot. 

His appearance is always present. 
Those who wishes to see him with devotion, would definitely see him.

To see him again and experience krishna, i will tell you the 2 secret ways...  

Vajranabha, you install a Krishna Murthi similar to Sri Krishna. 

Those whoever Worship Krishna Murthi (Idol) with true devotion, 
Those whoever understand that Krishna himself became not just Cows and his Friend but even a non-living materials like pot in Brahma Mohana and 
Those who understand him as Parabramma and omni present, 
will surely going to experience Sri Krishna's presence in their life. 
The True devotees, will hear him speak, feel protected by evil."

Then Uddhava looked at Parikshit and said, 
"Parikshit! As of now, you continue to do your duty as a king of the world.  
An Auspicious day will come in your life. 
Eating a tasty fruit itself is delicious but it require little effort to bite and chew. 
But Drinking Tasty Fruit Juice is delicious and require no effort at all. 

Like Drinking a Tasty Fruit Juice and enjoying the sweetness, You will get the divine darshan of Suka Deva (Son of Vyasa) and he will shower you about krishna's supremacy and his supreme qualities and divinity like a fruit Juice to drink. 
That divine speech from Suka Deva himself is Sri Krishna.  
Just like i disguised in lotus stem to stay in Vrindavan, Krishna who is paramatma have disappeared and disguised into these divine words.  These divine words from Sri Suka is Srimad Bhagavatham. You are going to experience this great treasure.

Those who read and understand those words of Bhagavatham, will feel Krishna's presence at same moment."

Then Uddhava looking at both Vajranabha and Parikshit, said 
"Wherever the Idol of Krishna is worshiped and divine words delivered by Suka Deva is read, those places will become divine. 
Krishna presence will be felt in those places by everyone. 
People will regain their real happiness with Krishna presence." 

After consoling them, Uddhava disappeared. 
Vajranabha, created 3 images of Lord Krishna. 
He made the Image of Krishna as Govind Devji (now at Jaipur)
He made the image of Krishna as Bankey Bihari (now at vrindavan)
He made the image of krishna as Hari Dev (in Govardhan)

Those who worshiped Krishna Idol with true devotion, have got Darshan of Sri Krishna...  There are many great Saint, Sant and mahatmas have got Darshan of Krishna. 
12 Azhwars including Andal, Meera, Tulsi Das, Surdas, TukaRam, Ramakrishna, Jayadeva, Krishna Chaitanya and many.... 
Krishna Idol worship alone gives everyone the true happiness.  

Even if we don't have Devotion to the level of these Bhakt, even a pinch of Devotion is giving us a feel that we are protected and krishna guides us in right path.  

Many devotees feel that Krishna is protecting them.  
Many devotees still feel that Krishna guides them at every path. 

These divine experience can't be explained and expressed.  
Those who are worshiping Krishna Idol, even today feels the divinity and supreme guidance. 

For some years, Parikshit was ruling the entire world (Indus Valley Civilization starts as per History) with no enemy, no worries, huge wealth and beautiful wife, and beautiful son Janameyjaya.

When Parikshit roaming in forest hunt, he mistakenly dropped a dead snake on a rishi who was in meditation and returned back. 
Rishi's 7yr old son seeing a dead snake in his father shoulder, got angry and cursed the person who did this cheap behaviour to death in next 7 days by poisonous snake called "Dakshaka".

Parikshit being a grandson of Yudhistra who is known for his Dharma, felt ashamed of his irresponsible action made over a rishi. 
He didn't wanted to find alternate solution to save his life.

He decided to accept his fate and immediately asked their ministers to take over the ruling till his child "janamejaya" become adult

He left silently and sat near banks of Yamuna to face the death penalty due to curse

Looking at his Maturity, who was able to look at the human life as temporary and unpleasant reality, Suka Deva appeared in Front of him. 

On next 7 days, 
Suka Deva showered him about Krishna who is Parabramma Narayana who did many avatar of Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Rama etc., 
He narrated the whole story of Krishna who is not just Parabramma but who himself is Grand Father to Parikshit.
This divine words of Suka Deva and Parikshit is "Srimad Bhagavatham".   
The places where Krishna Idol worship happens and where Srimad Bhagavatham is recited, krishna presence is evident.  

Those who read Bhagavatham will experience the divine of Krishna himself.
Those who worship Krishna Idol will experience his love and affection.

We all must remember Vajranabha, Grandson of Sri Krishna, when we look at any Krishna Idol. 
Any experience we gain from Krishna is because of grace of Vajranabha.  
We all must remember Parikshit, Grandson of Arjuna, when we read Srimad Bhagavtham.  
Any experience we gain from Krishna is because of grace of Parikshit. 

Hail Sri Krishna..  
Hail all the Krishna Devotees 
(Meera, Jayadeva, PurandharDas, Vallabha, Azhwar, Ramanuja, Adi Sankara, SurDas, Tulsi Das, Namdev, Tukka Ram, Krishna Chaitanya, Ramakrishna and so on.....)

Saturday 13 June 2020

Is karma applied on plants, animals, birds as well? How do they uplift themselves to get human form?.. Let us Understand...

Is karma applied on non-humans as well? 
How do they uplift themselves to get human form? 
Only Humans with 6th sense have Karma.. because human can think and decide. He can go good or evil things. 

Animal do all actions just for food and sleep. Hence the Karma by non-humans either considered as good or bad. 
When they die, they don't go to Yama (God of Death) but reborn immediately in other non-human form.

When human die, because they decide their actions with their intellect, they gather good karma, bad karma and go to Yama and get punished or blessed and reborn either as human or back to plant or animal or birds.

how many lives a soul has to go through to get human form?
Its based on "Sadhu Dharsan Punya"

We can understand this, when we look at an incident when narada muni came to dwaraka to meet sri krishna.

One day, Narada who resides in Sathya Loka (where brahma resides), he came to earth to have a darshan of Sri Krishna who is an incarnation of Narayana.

Sri Krishna welcomed him with great pleasure and said "Sadhu Dharsan is a great punya (having a glimpse of a sadhu itself is a blessing)".

Narada smiled and said "Krishna! how is that just sadhu dharsan alone give punya?. Are you saying this just to praise me?"
Sri Krishna said, "Absolutely No. If you want to investigate this truth... go to the nearest river. You will see one tamarind tree near the banks of river. In that tree, you will see a Wasp (insect) living there.  Go and say 'sadhu dharsan punya'. Wasp will answer you."

"will an insect will reply to this question?".. narada was puzzled.  
Yet, he knew that, Sri Krishna is not just a human.. he is the supreme god Narayana in human form. 

With no hesitation, Narada went to the river and saw a Tamarind Tree. 
To the surprise, he saw a little WASP in that tree in a small nest. 
Narada went near that WASP and said "Sadhu Dharsan Punya". 

To a great Shock... immediately that little WASP fluttered and fall down from the tree and died. 

Narada was speechless.. and went back to Sri Krishna and narrated the incident... 

Sri Krishna smiled and said "That's ok. Its just a small WASP. leave that. One day, i donated a Cow to a brahmin in Avanti kingdom, so that he can do Yagya using cow's milk and ghee. I heard just now that, that Cow is going to yield a calf. Goto the Brahmin house and once the cow calves, go to that little calf and say 'sadhu dharsan punya'.  
That little calf will answer you."

Again With no hestitation, Narada went to that brahmin house. Narada enquired that brahmin whether any little calf born recently. Brahmin was excited and said "Yes".  He requested Narada to bless the little calf.

Narada went silently near that little calf and said "Sadhu Dharsan Punya". 

To a great Shock... immediately that little calf fall down and died. 

Now, Narada Muni got little frightened. 
He didn't had the courage to meet the Brahmin again and disappeared.

Narada went back to Sri krishna and narrated the incident.  
He was not so keen to know the truth as well now ! 

Yet, Sri Krishna smiled and said, "That's ok, Narada. Do not worry. It's just a little calf. In next kingdom, there is a king friend of mine. He was worried for many years of not having a child.  Now, i heard, her wife is pregnant after long years of wait.   
Once that child born, you go and whisper in his ears 'Sadhu Dharsan punya'.  That child will answer you."

Now, Narada was in extreme shock.  whenever he uttered this word "Sadhu Dharsan Punya" to the little wasp, and little calf both died at same moment.
Sri Krishna is again asking to say this word to a Prince child.  
Narada is known for his play.  
Now he thought, Krishna is playing a Big Game over him which can give him the biggest crime.

Yet, he knew that, Sri Krishna is not just a human.. he is the supreme god Narayana in human form. 
He could not deny his command.
One day, that Queen gave birth to a beautiful Baby Boy.   King was excited and entire kingdom was celebrating.  

Narada Muni decided to know the truth and reached the king's palace.  
Seeing Narada Muni, King was elated and worshiped him and welcomed him.
He requested Narada to give blessing to his New Born Prince and took him inside.

The child was sleeping in a cushion cradle made of pure gold. 
He was decorated with fresh clothes and looking cute and majestic as a prince. 

Narada asked the King and queen to wait outside, so that he can bless him. Both went outside and queen went to prepare food. 

Narada came near the little child prince and whispered "Sadhu Dharshan punya".
To a great surprise, child open his eyes and smiled at narada.
Narada was surprise and happy that the child did not die. 

To a much great surprise, child started to speak.  
Little child said, 
"Yes. Sadhu Dharshan is Punya. I was the one (atma) who was living as Wasp in that tree. By just having a Darshan of Mahatma like you who always chant 'Namo Narayana', i immediately left that Wasp body and entered the Sattva Guna Cow, the best of all animals.  
Again, when i had a Darshan of you, i left that Body as well and entered the Queen's womb to become Human Prince. 
You have blessed me to become human.. 
Now bless me to reach that Paramatma Narayan as well"

Narada understood the play by Sri Krishna.  He understood what he meant "Shadhu Darshan punya".

With Great Joy, Narada blessed that little child and said,
"I am happy that you are born as Kshatriya, protector of Dharma and Dharmic People. 
Whatever the life you had, continue to live in your Dharma and protect the Dharmic People as Kshatriya.  
Non-Human can't do bhakti (devotion) to Narayana because they don't the tool (intellect) to think. 
Now you are human. You do your Duty as Kshatriya. At the same time, be devotional to Narayana.  
Always spend your leisure times with Sadhus.  Listen to them. 
In Next Birth, you will become a Brahman, like me who always thinks about Narayana alone.  Next Birth will guide you to Moksha (Liberation) and you will reach Paramatma Narayan."

Narada left the palace and thanked Krishna to show the meaning of "Sadhu Darshan Punya" and how non-humans take human form. 


Always Proud to say "I AM HINDU"

Hail, the Supreme God "Sri Krishna" (ignore twisted names like kisina, chris..etc).

Wednesday 20 May 2020

What is MAYA? Is MAYA so powerful? - Interesting Story. Must Read by HINDUS.

One day Narada Muni from Satya Loka came to earth to see Shri Krishna who is the Vishnu avatar.
Krishna invited him gracefully and worshipped him because of his Brahma Rishi status and the devotion he had over him.

Narada said Krishna..
"Krishna!! I don't have any kind of worries. I am an ardent devotee of you. I always chant your name.. People often talk about Power of Maya (Illusion). 
This Maya is created by you only.  
Is this so more powerful and very hard to break unless you wish to break them? 
I don't see anything such exist..  
Does maya really exist?"

Krishna laughed at Narada and asked him to take a bath in the river and come back..

Narada with no clue agreed the words of Krishna and took bath...

When Narada immersed himself in the water and came out, he became an extremely beautiful woman.  
 Click here

Suddenly, He became She.  Narada became Naradi.
Entire Past History became obsolete.  

That Beautiful Lady found herself amused about her Identity.  
She does not know who is she is?  

She wandered around that place and saw a prince came for hunt in that forest.  

That Prince got attracted to the beauty of this woman. 
He inquired about her and found she don't remember anything about herself ! 
He fall in love with this beautiful woman.  She also fall in love with that Prince.  

He took her to his palace and married her.    
Years Passed by..  
Prince became a King and She became the Queen.  

She was extremely happy and leading a happy married life.  
She loved her Husband. She loved her Kingdom so much
She gave 5 beautiful children to the kingdom. 
They were also brought up with good education and became eligible Young Princes

At one night, an enemy king along with his Big Armed Troops entered her Kingdom and slayed both the Kings and all his sons.
Entire Kingdom was captured and flamed into pieces.
She ran for her life and chastity. 
After so many miles running hard to escape from enemies, she reached the same place where she took bath.

She cried hard after losing her husband, lovable childrens and kingdom.  
She was hopeless. She was helpless. She was abandoned.
She cried about her future.  
She lost all the hope to live anymore...  

She thought of giving up her life in the river and jumped in...  

When she came up..  Narada appeared !

Narada was in absolute shock. 
He could not imagine what happened to him !   

Silently he reached back to Krishna.  

Krishna asked him "Rishi..  Did you take Bath?   Do you want to know the Power of Maya? Do you want to know how Maya can be removed in split seconds by me?"

Narada Rishi fell to the Feet of Shri Krishna and said 
"Krishna, you have shown me the power of Maya and the Power of you to remove this Maya.  Only you can remove this Maya which is very dangerous and threatening.  If anyone who loves you truly (Bakthi), they will cross this Maya by just your grace.  I understand that i am your devotee because you saved me from this Maya" 
Shri Krishna as usual acted as if he does not know about anything and comforted Narada to stay for few days in his Palace and bless him with his presence.  

Narada smiled at Krishna and stayed their for few days before leaving to Satya Loka. 

Hail, Hindu Dharma...
Hail, Those who are HINDUS. 
Hail, Jai Shri Krishna.

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Why Krishna Steals Butter? What does that God want to say to us by Stealing Butter? We should know the reason...

Why Krishna Steals Butter? 
Nanda Baba was the richest person in Vrindavan. 
Actually Krishna don't need to steal butter, because he had enough Butter prepared by his Mother "Yashodha". 

Yet, he loves to steal the butter, which is kept hidden and also kept very high by Gopis in Vrindavan. 

Krishna comes secretely and steals that butter.
He used check whether the butter is white, soft and have quality to get melt even in little heat.
If then, 
he just loves to taste that butter. 
After tasting the butter, he breaks the pot as well and happily smiles at the Gopi.  

If the butter kept in not pure white or not soft or does not melt, he just don't taste and ignores it.

This is a mischievous play by Little Krishna, till his age 10 when he was at Vrindavan.

There is a meaning for every act by Krishna.  

Butter represents "soul"Butter represents us.

If you are pure with no stain of impurity in your mind, thought and senses.

If you are soft by nature and do not engage in killing or encouraging killing by eating meat,
If your heart melts, by just listening about Shri Krishna and his other avatar.
If you aim high, think high to attain Moksha (Liberation) and think about Krishna alone, than thinking about materialistic life alone.
If you keep your spiritual interest very secret without boasting your bhakti to others
the supreme God krishna himself comes near you.. gives his darshan. 
Like the way he swallows the butter, he swallows you (keep with him, Protect you).  
Finally, like the way, he break the pot, he breaks the chain of birth-death lifecycle and give you Moksha (Vaikunda).

Those who pray to Shri Krishna and offer "Butter" to him, must pray him, to grant these 5 qualities. 

Just recollect all those Mahatmas who had these 5 Qualities.  

Surdas, Tulasi Das, Meera, Ramakrishna, Krishna Chaitanya, 12 Azhwars, Purandhara Das, Jayadeva, Namdev, Tukaram and countless mahatma...

How much you should be proud to born as Hindu! or being Hindu !  

None of these Mahatma never tried to show their Bhakti (devotion) to the world.  

They kept their Bhakti Secret
They were always thinking high. Thinking only about Supreme God Narayana and his avatar. 
They were pure and lived Pure
They were soft in nature and never had taken meat and did violence act. 
Their heart melted whenever they think about Krishna, Rama and that cry came out as Bhajans from their heart.   
Krishna appeared voluntarily before them. 
Krishna took all of them to his eternal abode (Vaikunda).  
Krishna made them famous to this world, even though they kept themselves secret. 

All acts of Supreme God (Narayana) have reasons.  

These mahatmas are real example to understand and interpret the secret of why Krishna Stole Butter.

Long live our Mahatmas.

Long Live our Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma/ Vedic Dharma)
Long Live our Bhakthi (Devotion)
Everyone Who chants "Hare Krishna Hare Rama" are HINDU.   
Lets Make Everyone "HINDU" and let everyone realize the Bliss from REAL GOD who is not man made.