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Saturday 10 February 2018

What is Aditi devo bhava? What is Aditi means? Indians are famous for ?... Let's know

अतिथि देवो भव: (Aditi devo bhava)
This is the proud slogan of every indians.

Every country is known for few good things and remembered.
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When we talk about German.
We say, German people are known for making quality products.
When we talk about France
French is known for introducing fashion.
We the indians are known for "Indian hospitality" to the world.

This fame is given to india as we are the only people in this planet to say
अतिथि देवो भव: (Aditi devo bhava).
In english dictionary, the sanskrit word अतिथि is referred as "Guest".

"Welcoming Guest to our home" is not uncommon practice thru'out the world.
Everyone welcomes guest.
Not just indians.

Then why, world recognize India for Hospitality and hail them by saying "indians are known for hospitality"?

If we go by this english word "Guest", we can't understand the truth, or we can understand why indians are known for hospitality.

The Word "Aditi" is translated in English as Guest.  But What is meaning of guest?  What is the actual meaning of Aditi? 

Guest are the people who come to our home with appointment (with prior notice).
A person who is invited to visit someone's home or attend a particular social occasion is generally termed as "Guest"
The person who is invited to visit our home is termed as "GUEST".

If we try to compare the meaning of this "Guest" with the sanskrit word अतिथि (Aditi), we will never understand the greatness of Indians Hospitality or know the beauty of Indian heart.

तिथि (Dithi) refers to Specific Time or Date. A Person who is invited and comes to our home with specified date and time is called Guest.  The Actual meaning of "Guest" can be तिथि (Dithi)

अतिथि is just negate (not of) to तिथि.
That is, without specified time. A Person who was not invited, but came in surprise to our home informing his arrival time or date. That person is referred as तिथि (Dithi) by People of Bharat.

Now, if we once again read अतिथि देवो भव: we will understand the greatness of indian culture and our ancestors.
Even if a person enters an indian house without any prior info of his arrival date and time, the indians had a greatest heart and will treat them like a god (देवो) appeared in their house with respect (भव:).
This greatest hospitality was a common scenario thru'out India.  Due to this greatest Quality, we fell down for 1200 years under Christian and Islamic conquest. Still Indian recovered and fought back against the enemies and got independence at 1947 AD.
Though this greatest Hospitality is misused by foreigners, still this is the greatest Quality of Indians.  Even Today, with little More cautious Indian continue to show their Hospitality to the Foreigners and have to continue anyway and can't lose great Qualities because of Cheat or misuse by foreigners. 
Hence indians are known for "hospitality".

In other countries, if someone (even relatives) enters other's house without their permission, they feel upset, angry.
With western culture migration, today, Indians also, have almost lost their identity of "hospitality" and as everyone around the world, Indians also invite only the guest who have prior appointment to meet them.

Today indians, must relook themselves and rejuvenate their heart and try to bring back the great and wise qualities of our Indian ancestors back again with little Caution.

Let us prove the world "Indians are known for hospitality" in its original form.

Courtesy : Extract from Sri Rangaji speech.

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