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Thursday 25 April 2019

How Indians saw God in their life? What is the situation today? Who messed up?.. An Analysis based on history...

How India, handled God's?.. Who messed up? An Analysis...

From Satya Yuga till 947AD (nearly 40 lak years and older)
Man 1 : My god is Ganesha. Who is your god?
Man 2 : Lord Muruga. Who is your God?
Man 3: Lord Vishnu. Who is your God?
Man 4: God is everywhere. I follow Advaita. Who is your god?
Man 5: Lord Shiva. Who is your God?
Man 6: I dont believe God. i worship my Parents. 

Everyone respected other's belief in this Land of Bharat. Lived with Dignity and Peace but not as Piece.
No one showed hatred against other's belief and their temples or other people, though other have different belief.
Kings as per their rule, attacked other king in separate battlefield and conquered other cities in war.
But they never killed common citizen or destroyed temple of Gods which they dont believe in or worship.
Very rarely we see 1 or 2 kings with barbarian mindset showed animosity against other believes, but they too never attacked temple of other God which other believe in.
Even when Chola king tried to kill SriRamanuja (1017AD-1137AD) when Vishita-advaita principle dominating shiva worship in his region, he never tried to kill common citizen in Sri Rangam, Trichy.
He didnt tried to destroy Vishnu temples including SriRanga Temple.
All hindu kings have built all kind of temples for all Gods believed by their citizen.
After the birth of Buddha (Siddhartha) and Mahavira, Even kings allowed construction of Jain Temples, Buddhist Temples for buddha and Mahavira followers.

Belief system, mutual respect of other worship and harmony of human life, started to get disturbed, when India encountered entry of Man 7.

From 947AD - till Date....
Man 7 : My god is Allah (God). Who is your god?
Man 1 : My god is Ganesha.
Man 2 : Lord Muruga.
Man 3: Lord Vishnu.
Man 4: God is everywhere. I follow Advaita. 
Man 5: Lord Shiva
Man 6: I dont believe God.
Man 7 : No. You will go to hell. You all either accept my way of worship or i will fight with you in name of God which I believe, by any means (direct, backstabbing, poisoning, suicide bombing etc) to convert you or kill you. 

Man 7 : I will fight with kings. If I can't beat kings, i will enter their city like a barbarian and destroy all temple and loot wealth and kill common people. I will make civil disturbance. 
Nalanda university was destroyed and lakh od Buddhist and hindus civilians got killed by Bhaktiyarpur Khalji.

Aurangazeb destroyed kasi temple, mathura krishna temple.

His Great Grand Father 'Babur' destroyed Ayodhya temple and built mosque over that beheading 1000s of Hindus in a well.

40000 prime temples were destroyed by them from 947AD.
Lakhs of Temples across cities and streets destroyed.
Famous Kohinoor Diamond was looted from Kali temple in Andhra by Malik Kafur during Aladdin Khilji rule.
Civilians who worshipped other Gods were killed.
Kings to the protect city against these Barbarians, lost their lives by cheating and surrender.

Man 1 to Man 6 became helpless and became poor.
Few of the men, for their safety of life and family women, adopted Man 7 religion by force and death threats.

Belief system, mutual respect of other worship and harmony of human life, further started to get disturbed, when India encountered entry of Man 8, the biggest thief on earth with fake accent and fake dressing sense and fake god.
From 1498AD - till Date....
Man 8 : My god is Christ who got stabbed and killed. Who is your god?
Man 1 : My god is Ganesha.
Man 2 : Lord Muruga.
Man 3: Lord Vishnu.
Man 4: God is everywhere. I follow Advaita. 
Man 5: Lord Shiva
Man 6: I dont believe God.
Man 7 : My God is Allah.
Man 8 : No. You will go to hell. I only go to heaven where Christ gone after he got killed. 
You all either accept my way of worship or i will fight with you, by divide and rule policy. 
I will talk ill about your Gods and spread lie. I will try to spread hatred within Man 1 to Man 7.

I will spread my man-made messages as God's message and lure people with money and false cry and propaganda. 
If required, i will go to any extent to convert you all with force.

Man 8 was successful enough to make conversions thru money and false propaganda and speaking Ill about lord shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu etc.
Since Man 1 to Man 6 don't have nature to disobey other belief allowed this conversions to happen from 1498AD till date....Without realizing that this is not just conversion, but they are seeding hatred about their Gods in the minds of Christian convert in their own bharat land.

Man 7 became prime enemy and threat for Man 8 because he also believe that not Christ but Allah alone is supreme and no one else.

Portuguese, Dutch, French, British, All christian joined their hands and demolished Islamic Conquest by 1858AD.

All common people in Bharat Land who are already muslim converts since 947AD, now became helpless and became poor like hindus.
Inside they were hindus, but outside they appeared muslims.

Man 8 then destroyed marata dynasty after 3 consecutive wars with the help of Afghan tribe who later became of "Nawab of Pataudi" for their support against Maratha Empire.

Man 8 also killed so many Tamil Kings by threat to pay Tax or by giving threat to destroy temples.
Marudhu Brothers gave up their Lives, when christian rulers asked them to surrender if they don't want Kaalaiyaar Shiva Temple to get destroyed into pieces with Bombs.
Kings surrendered themselves and gave up their lives to save the hindu temples.
Due to 2 consecutive World Wars (Thanks to Adolf Hitler), European Countries became destabilized.

With huge civil disturbance by poor hindus and convert muslims in India, British decided to leave the Bharat land by dividing the nation to 3 pieces (1 part for Hindu people, 2 remaining (paki) parts for muslim converts and named them as India, East Pakistan and West Pakistan)
Nehru allowed convert muslims to stay in Hindu divided region and also hesitated to announce India as Hindu Country.  Pakistan was announced as Islamic Country.

Brainless Nehru, Made a blunder because of his lack of long vision. He could not see India holds 40 crores of hindu people living in India, who suffered by these Man 7 and Man 8 for 1000 years.
Nehru allowed convert muslim, convert christians to stay with Hindus and do the same Hatred against other believes.

Converted Muslims and Converted Christians who are Hindus before 40 generations, now following the same foot steps of Man 7 and Man 8.

Lesson can be learnt once. But can't be repeated.
History proved the atrocities and torture of 1000 years.

Hindus (man 1 to 6) should introspect and plan ahead and live together to counter threats.

Hare Rama, Hare Krishna - Bhajan

Sunday 14 April 2019

How was Pakistan, During Maha Bharat period? During Ramayana Period? Hindus should know this...

How was Pakistan, During Maha Bharat period?

kekeya kingdom, Sindhu Kingdom, Madra Kingdom which were part of this Great Bharat, are now part of pakistan region which was given by the 1947 Indian Government, to become a Muslim nation.
In the Ramayana era, the birthplace of Kaikeyi was "kekeya" Kingdom.
This Kingdom is in Pakistan today.

When Lord Rama was forced to exile to stay in forest by Kaikeyi, the king of Kosala (Uttar Pradesh) "Dasaratha" died.

At that time, "Bharat and Sathrugna" were in the Kekaya land (Pakistan region). He left Kekaya and reached Kosala (UP, INDIA) after Dasaratha death.

Lord Rama's younger brother Bharat, developed and constructed two important towns "Dakshashila" and "Purushapura" near the KeKeya kingdom

"Dakshashila" was one of place in current pakistan region, where poisonous snakes, and even the snakes from Pathala Loka used to reside. Bharat constructed his kingdom and named as "Dakshashila"
These two cities (Taxila, Peshawar) are in Pakistan today.
The city of "Dakshishila" created by Bharat, has now become 'Taxila, Pakistan'.
The city of "Purushapura", created by Bharat, has now become 'Peshawar, Pakistan'.

The Towns created by Bharath have become islamic occupied places after seperation during 1947 by the government.
The original names of these Town are also modified to Taxila and Peshawar.

Changing the Hindu City Names are the first work done by the converts.
Portion of the Bharat nation, has unfortunately have become a Muslim nation today because of seperation.

Vyasa Rishi, who wrote the Mahabharata, narrated the entire epic to his disciple "Vaishampayana"
It is in the city of Taxila, now Arjuna's family heir "Janamejeya" asked about his ancestors and Vaisampayana narrated the entire story of Mahabharat to him.
Unfortunately, Dakshashila which is now referred as Taxila, in Pakistan, has become a Muslim occupied place.
Hindus have lost many heritage places like this due to 1000 years of islamic and 200 years of christian occupation in holy land of Bharat
The son of Sri Rama, 'Luv' created and constructed the town called "LuvPura" which is also now part of Pakistan. The city is now mentioned as Lahore which is also a muslim occupied place.

We Bharat People in India, became responsible to allow the city
built by Rama's brother, Bharat, and Rama's son, Luv to the hands of Pakistan to become islamic cities.

Even now, Bharat people of India, are failing to honor Lord Ram's in his birthplace "Ayodhya" which is in India which is not an islamic city like pakistan.

People of Bharat in India, must realize least bit of Indian history to understand what we lost, what we should not least give up going forward in Indian Soil with past experience.

Most of the Hindus temples and believes are threaten by the people who were converted from Hindu Families only. The Entire state of Pakistan were hindus or Buddhist 1000 years before, till the invasion of Muhamed of Ghori. Even Mohamed Ghori ancestor was once a buddhist who accepted islam due to his defeat in Afghan.

Peace, speaking of equal charity, are the Qualities of people in Sanathana Dharma (Hindus). These good qualities entertained the other religious missionaries to show guts to do conversion in Bharat Land thru money and threat.

It is a fact that people who born as hindu and later got converted to other religion led to the destruction of Hindu culture by themselves or by the later generations.

City of Takshashila by Bharat, now became "Taxila" of Pakistan
City of Purushapura by Bharat, now became "Peshawar" of Pakistan
City of Gaandhaar by Bharat, now became "Gandahar" of Afghanistan
City of Luvpura by Rama's son Luv, now became "Lahore" of Pakistan.
Few of The Hindus (People of Sanathana Dharma) due to their secular mindset, donated these Hindu Kingdoms to Muslim community at the time of independence and made these regions as Islamic cities as "Pakistan" during 1947 AD.

These pseudo secular people during 1947AD, agreed to make these kingdoms to islamic cities due to lack of knowledge about the history and heritage of this Bharat Land and Lord Rama.

Now how was Pakistan in the Mahabharata period? Let's see.

During the Mahabarata period,
Maadra Kingdom (Current Punjab region in Pakistan), was ruled by the Salya. Salya was a relative of Pandavas. Her daughter referred as "Madri" married the Kuru king "Pandu".

Salya was grandfather of Nakula and Sahadeva.
When Salya, Madra King decided to support Pandava for the War against Duryodhana, he took his army troops from Madra to reach Kuru kingdom (UP, India).

Duryodhana, who heard this, offered a big feast to Salya King and his armed forces on the way to the Kuru Kingdom.
Thinking that the Pandavas had organized this party, Madra King 'Salya' accepted the hospitality.

Later, Madra King 'Salya' learned that Duryodhana had done this and made this arrangement.
As per sanathana Dharma, one who gave food and hospitality, the receiver should accept anything that requested by the person who gave food.
Salya, Asked 'what kind of help is required and he would be willing to do'

Duryodhana asked Madra King to allow his armed forces to fight from his side and be a charioteer of Karna during the war.

The Madra king 'salya', who did not violate the charity, agreed and fought for Duryodhana.

In the Battle of the Mahabharata, in the 13th day of war, Abhimanyu broke the Chakravyuha organized by Drona and entered inside the circle.
Bhima, Yudhistra could not follow Abhimanyu who entered inside the Chakravyuh. They were stopped by Jayadratha with massive army.
Abhimanyu, as a single warrior, fought against the Maha Rathas with brave heart

Kosala king (Uttar Pradesh) "Bruhadbala" attacked Abhimanyu. He got killed by Arjuna's son Abhimanyu
Later, the Madra king Salya's son "Rukmaratan" and Salya's brother, got killed in the battle by Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu also killed Duryodhana's son Lakshmanan.

Drona realized that the defeat would be certain if Abhimanyu continues the victory. Hence Drona asked all his 6 Great Powerful Armed heroes (Krupar, Karna, Yadav's leader Krithavarman, Duryodhana, Saguni, Dushshaasan) to fight together and kill Abhimanyu.

Mighty Warrior Abhimanyu, fought against all and killed Sukuni's brother and destroyed several thousand troops.

With the several hours of spirited fight, finally Drona with all his 6 maha rathas destroyed Abhimanyu's weapon. In the absence of weapon, Abhimanyu's was struck down with mighty mace (gada) by Dushshaasana. Abhimanyu fall down and all 6 maha rathas together killed Abhimanyu which was against the rule set in this war by Bhisma

Jayadrata born in Sindhu (Pakistan) kingdom, married Duryodhana's sister "Dussala".
His father 'Vrithakstra' handed the land of Sindhu to Jayadrata and went to penance.

During the time of Mahabharata, when the Pandavas were in exile for 13 years,
Jayadrata came along with some Kekeya Armed Force (Pakistan) and tried to mislead and molest Draupadi
Arjuna ran up and chased everyone, dragged Jayadrata and put him in front of Yudhishtra.

Citing, 'Jayatrathan' is a husband of Duryodhana's sister agreed to pardon his greatest sin he tried against Draupati. Yudhistra asked Bhima to shave his head and make 4 or 5 tuft here and there and shame him and leave him alone.
This way he wont go back to his Sindhu Kingdom least for next few months and hide somewhere in forest.

In the battle of Mahabharata, some Kekeya rulers fought for Pandavas, some Kekeya rulers fought for Duryodhana

"Vridhakshatra", the king of Kekeya (Part of Pakistan), fought on the side of the Pandavas. Drona killed him on the 14th day of war.

Vrihathshathra's son Visokan also fought. Karna killed him in the war.
Army General 'Ugrakarman' who saw the death of 'Visokan', rushed towards Karna's son 'Prasenan' and slayed him.

Karna, who saw his son's death, cut the hand and arm of Ugrakarman with his arrows.

When Jayadrata was ready to participate for the MahaBharat War, his father gave him a boon.
"If you got killed in battle and if your head fall down, the person who made your head fall over the ground, his head will burst."

Jayadrata was the main reason for Abhimanyu's death.

Arjuna, who became angry, vowed that 'before the sun goes down the day, I will kill Jayatrata. If could not kill Jayadrata, I will fire down myself'

On the 14th day of the war, the Kauravas set up the Sakravyuha, and hid Jayadrata.
By the death of Abhimanyu, Arjuna fought with a terrible anger on 14th day.

In this 14th day alone, 21,870 tanks, 21,870 elephants, 65,610 horsepower and 1,09,350 infantry were destroyed and killed by Arjuna.

With the sun nearly set and thousands of warriors still between Arjuna and Jayadratha, Krishna sent his Sudarshana Chakra in order to mask the sun and create an illusion of sunset. 

The Kaurava warriors rejoiced over Arjuna's defeat and look forward for his imminent suicide. 
Jayadratha was hiding behind Duryodhana, relieved that he was saved.
Therefore, he came out of the formation.

Suddenly the sun was free from the eclipse and Krishna told Arjuna, pointing at the sun that the sun had not set, but it was only a solar eclipse.

He then pointed at the hiding Jayadratha, telling Arjuna to sever his head.
He then tells Arjuna to shoot the head into the lap of Jayadratha's father.
Arjuna then quickly picked up his Gandiba (bow) and shot a Pashupatastra at Jayadratha.
Jayadratha's head then flew away very far and landed on lap of his father, Vrithakstra. His father, got horrified at having his son's head in his lap, hurriedly got up. The severed head fell to the ground, killed Vrithakstra.

In the Mahabharata war, after Bhishma and Drona fell, Anga king (West bengal) 'Karna' took the Army leadership of Kauravas

Duryodhana appointed King of Madra 'Shalya' (punjab in today's pakistan) as charioteer for Karna.  Shalya felt ashamed of this disrespect but agreed

During the war, lot of argument started between them.
On the 16th and 17th days of the war, Shalya served as Karna's charioteer, while continuously praising the Pandava prince and citing Karna's shortcomings.

Karna, who was angry with Shalya's arguments at the battlefield, recalled an incident that happened in the Drudharashtra's court and insulted Shalya Raja.

When Vedic Brahmin came to Drudharashtra's court, and requested some lands for doing Yagya, Drudharashtra asked Madra King 'salya' to help the Brahmins by donating some lands for Yagya.
The Vedic Brahmins politely disagreed by saying, 'In no way should we have any association with the people who are behaving like Valika and those who support them. Madra Kingdom supports such Valika and we reject any help from Madra king' 
By recalling that incident, Karna insulted Salya "You are King of Madra whose kingdom is filled with Valika people, which is a shame for our Vedic Culture"

Valika are those people who born in family of Sanathana Dharma (today we say Hindu) but live the life against Vedic principles and disbelief in Vedic gods.

Narada says, More than anyone else, Valikas are the biggest stain to the humanity. These Valikas must be removed to protect sanathana Dharma.

Madra King 'Shalya' is not a valika, but his people have started behave like Valika deviating from the Sanathana Dharmic life.
Madra king felt insulted by Karna Speech
During the epic fight with Arjuna, Karna's chariot-wheel gets stuck in the mud. Shalya didn't offered help. Karna got down and tried to move the chariot-wheel.
Sri Krishna recalled incidents happened at Dhritarashtra Court where Karna initiated Duryodhana to remove Draupati's Clothes at the Court.
Also Sri Krishna recalled Karna who tried to kill him, when his Chariot-wheel got stuck in the mud while trying to lift the wheel.
In the end, Arjuna killed Karna with the Anjalika Weapon.

Duryodhana named Shalya as the commander-in-chief after Karna's Demise.

On the 18th day of war, Shalya got killed in battle with Yudhishthira.

After the end of the Mahabharata War, Arjuna's grandson Parikshit was the only one left other than Pandava Brothers.

Yudhishthira decided to make Ashwamed Yagya to bring the nation under one regime.

To gain acceptance from each countries, Arjuna went to all the countries with the armed force.
Jayadrata's son "Suratha" was ruling Sindh region (Pakistan).
'Arjuna is coming with the force', he shouted to his armed forces with fear.

Suratha ordered his forces to stop Arjuna.
Duryodhana's sister Dhussala, ran to see Arjuna when she realized that Arjuna was coming towards Sindhu Kingdom.
She asked Arjuna not to fight with her son.
Because she is a sister in the relationship, Arjuna told that, "If you agree, that Yudhistra as the emperor of the earth, there is no intention of war."

"Dhussala" had no objection to accept Yudhishthira as Chakravarti.
Arjuna invited the Sindhu Kingdom to participate in Ashwamed Yagya and went out to other nations to gain their acceptance

Jayatrata's son "Surata" become bedridden in the fear of getting killed by Mighty warrior like Arjuna who killed his father and his grand father together in the war.
Even though Arjuna returned without war against Sindhu Kingdom, he could not recover from fear and died.

Yudhishthira, who brought the world under his rule, made his journey to the Himalayas after Sri Krishna went to his Abode (Vaikunda).
'Parikshit' was appointed as the emperor of the world with no enemies to counter him.

Due to a curse, a poisoneous snake called Dakshaka snatched away the life of Parikshit.

Parikshit's son, Janamejayan, after knowing about his father's death story, he decided to kill all the snakes around the world and decided to do "Sarpa" Yagya in the town of Takshashila (which is now Islamic city called Taxila, Pakistan)

The snakes around the world, came and killed themselves in the fire, like an iron gets attracted by a magnet.
Astika Maharishi came forward and adviced Janamejaya that the destruction of such a species was the sin for a personal reason. Janamejay agreed Astika Rishi's word of advice and stopped the yagya further

Hare Rama Hare Krishna - Bhajan

Sandhya Vandanam -  With Meaning (Morning)

Sandhya Vandanam -  With Meaning (Afternoon)

Sandhya Vandanam -  With Meaning (Evening)

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Friday 13 April 2018

Change INDIA to BHARAT. That's our IDENTITY. The Name Bharat is the Official Name of the Country. Why Hindustan? Why Hindu? Why India?.. TIME TO CHANGE

The Name Bharat is the Official Name of the Country under "Constitution of India".
Why Hindustan? 
Why Hindu? 
Why India? 
How these names came?

Truly, We can't say,  whether it is a "curse" or "blessing in disguise" for people of India.

Sindhu River - It is a river which originates from Mount Kailash till it merges to Arabian Sea near Karachi port.

The people lived in India from Himalaya till Kanyakumar earlier referred themselves as from "People of Bharat".
Then how comes name 
"India"  came? 
"Hindus" Came? 
"Hindustan" came?

People from other countries are known to struggle to pronounce Indian names even today.  Even today Iskcon Devotees pronounce Krishna as Kisina. 

Due to their Poor Accent to pronounce the names correctly, the twisted names by these foreigners unfortunately became reality now. Its a shame for whole of us.

Alexander the Greek King, When he marched his army from Greece, Italy to conquest the whole world, arrived at his last Journey towards Bharat and referred the Sindhu Region as “Indoi” and people as "Indus" due to the Greek Accent.

This later further got twisted by the Persian Muslims, when they entered Bharat Land via Sindhu Region and invaded and looted for next 1000 years. They pronounced "Sindhus" as "Hindus" instead of "Indoi" as Greeks.
Thus, the name "India" is derived from Indus unfortunately which was a Twisted name by British Christians again !!

Persian Muslims started using "Hindus" due to their Persian accent. 
During Mughal ruling, they used the name "Hindustan" to refer Sindh (hindu) region (stan).  

It is pathetic that “Bharat” is using a name “India”, which came as a result of foreign people who could not pronounce correctly and twisted at their will.

Not Just the Country Name is twisted by the Foreign Invaders, 
but lots of cities also got twisted and pronounced incorrectly by these foreign greek, christians and muslim rulers those days. 
It is unfortunate that these meaningless names are not completely corrected yet in constitution.

Afghanistan (gandhahar)  pakistan, bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan,Tibet, India together is referred as Bhaarat Varsh.

Specifically India is termed as Bharata Kand.

The city gandhahar was developed and constructed by Bharat himself, brother of Sri rama in treta yuga (which is 12 lakh years before).
Kaikeyi was from this region in ramayana period.

The same Bharat also constructed purushapura and Dhakshashila.

This is now a islamic cities in pakistan under name Peshavar (purushapura), Taxila (Dhakshashila).

We had lost cities of Bharat to become islamic cities!!

Later, Luv son of Srirama, constructed Luvpura. 
Again, this is now Lahore and a capital city of Islamic Country Pakistan after 1947.

What is the meaning of Bharat?
In sanskrit, Bharat is defined as "bhaa roopey brahmani rathaa ithi bharata" (भा रूपे ब्राह्मणी रता इति भारत:) (Land of Spirituality - Bharat)
What is the meaning of Bharat?
People who gets immersed themselves in self realization and their thought always attached into Parabrahma".

This tells that only in this Bharat land, mahatma, gyani, yogi, mahapurush born to attain moksha (liberation from birth death cycle).

Hence, it is called as Bhaarata Varsha.

Why India is specifically termed as Bharata Kanda?
This is the land which gave us Jada Bharata the greatest yogi who reached moksha by following ashtanga yoga.

Jada Bharata's previous birth was a raja rishi named Bharata. 
He followed Ashtanga Yoga and achieved success till Dhyana. Before he could reach Samathi and reach Moksha, he fall in material desire in the form of deer.

Hia love and affection on deer made him to born as deer in his next life.
After that deer life, he born as Jada Bharata and from birth he stayed in samadhi sthithi and reached moksha.

Bharat refers to land of great yogi.
What is the meaning of this twisted INDIA?..  This meaningless name had made people in this land to lose their identity. Shame on us.

A meaningful name for a country is must.  Unfortunately, Bharat is referred as "INDIA" a meaningless name.
"INDIA" is a twisted name of Sindhu. 
Moreover, the Region of "Sindhu" is now part of Pakistan and separated from Bharat in 1947AD with an agreement between Jinnah and Congress Leaders like Nehru.

INDIA itself a twisted name of Sindhu.  Sindhu itself is not part of this Bharat Land now.  We still Hold this Name for the Great Country of Bharat !
Most unfortunate is, People of Bharat (land of spirituality) are referred as "INDIANS" which is also a Twisted meaningless Identity !

The FaceValue of this Country, and Countrymen will prosper only if we change our Countryname and Identity to a Meaningful Name. 
Our Country Name is "Bharat", and we are not INDIANS, but we are Bharat people.

It is time to think to rename the country as "BHARAT" which is the official name of the country and drop the name INDIA.

Today, Our Country with the Name "INDIA" and we as "INDIANS" are chasing the whole world to do Business and get wealth and working in several countries.

In Earlier Days, when our land was "Bharat" and we as "Bharatputra", the whole world were chasing us, begged us, traded with us.  Not one single people in Bharat Land had to go foreign lands for Money and Lifestyle.

Colombus tried to reach INDIA... and Reached United States a vast land.  They killed all Blacks out their (they named them as Red INDIANS) and conquered that land.
Vasco daGama a Portugues Sailor reached INDIA as a business trader and occupied our Land for 500 years around the coastal side of Bharat.
Ghurid Islamic Rulers Originated from Arabia and Turkey invaded our Land and occupied for 1200 years.
British Christians followed Portuguese and reached INDIA and conquested the lands for 300 years.

1200 years of atrocities and loot, and twisted names destroyed this Land's wealth and culture and knowledge the people of Bharat gathered for years..

When Whole world were eating Bread and Honey, People of Bharat were known to prepare great food Festivals of 1000s varieties.
When Whole world were without science, People of Bharat had Ayurveda and Siddha.
When whole World were wearing dress with woolen dresses,  People of Bharat were wearing Clothes and Ornaments made of Gold, Diamonds and Gems..
When Whole World were Barbarians, People of Bharat were full of Rishis, Yogi, and Mahatma.

947AD Ghurid Dynasty Entered the Land of Bharat?   
Is there any one single invention happened by these Western World before they Enter INDIA and loot our knowledge and wealth?  Can anyone say one Worthy INVENTION which they gave to this World?

In Ramayana which happened 12 lakh years before, history says Ravana used Flight.
In Mahabharat which happened 5000 years before, history says they used Brahma Asthra (Nuclear Bomb) which can destroy whole community..  
Till Date, Science is not able to track Why INDUS Valley Civilization got destroyed in Sindh Region?  INDUS Valley Civilization is the Glorious period which was considered as start of Parikshit Ruling Period after Kaliyuga ends. 

Land of Bharat have Lost Many..  Least we could do, is to repair the Country NAME and Bring the meaningful IDENTITY for People of this Great Land and Bring back the Glory.

We have already implemented changes for these Twisted meaningless names given by these foreign christians and foreign muslims due to their poor accent for few of cities from 1947 till date:

Few are:
  • Trivandrum, now corrected back to Thiruvananthapuram
  • Baroda, now corrected back to Vadodara
  • Bombay, now corrected back to Mumbai (Ma Amba)
  • Madras, now corrected back to Chennai (Chenna kesava perumal temple)
  • Cochin, now corrected back to Kochi
  • Calcutta, now corrected back to Kolkata
  • Pondicherry, now corrected back to Puducherry
  • Cawnpore, now corrected back to Kanpur
  • Poona, now corrected back to Pune (Punya Giri)
  • Simla, now corrected back to Shimla (Goddess Shymala Devi)
  • Benares, now corrected back to Varanasi (2 rivers Varuna and Assi flow)
  • Waltair, now corrected back to Vishakapatnam (Lord Visakeswara temple)
  • Tanjore, now corrected back to Tanjavur
  • Jubbulpore, now corrected back to Jabalpur (Place of Jaabali in Ramayana)
  • Mysore, now corrected back to Mysuru (Place where Mahishasura ruled before he was killed by Goddess Chamundeswari)
  • Mangalore, now corrected back to Mangaluru (Mangaladevi Temple)

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