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Wednesday 20 May 2020

What is MAYA? Is MAYA so powerful? - Interesting Story. Must Read by HINDUS.

One day Narada Muni from Satya Loka came to earth to see Shri Krishna who is the Vishnu avatar.
Krishna invited him gracefully and worshipped him because of his Brahma Rishi status and the devotion he had over him.

Narada said Krishna..
"Krishna!! I don't have any kind of worries. I am an ardent devotee of you. I always chant your name.. People often talk about Power of Maya (Illusion). 
This Maya is created by you only.  
Is this so more powerful and very hard to break unless you wish to break them? 
I don't see anything such exist..  
Does maya really exist?"

Krishna laughed at Narada and asked him to take a bath in the river and come back..

Narada with no clue agreed the words of Krishna and took bath...

When Narada immersed himself in the water and came out, he became an extremely beautiful woman.  
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Suddenly, He became She.  Narada became Naradi.
Entire Past History became obsolete.  

That Beautiful Lady found herself amused about her Identity.  
She does not know who is she is?  

She wandered around that place and saw a prince came for hunt in that forest.  

That Prince got attracted to the beauty of this woman. 
He inquired about her and found she don't remember anything about herself ! 
He fall in love with this beautiful woman.  She also fall in love with that Prince.  

He took her to his palace and married her.    
Years Passed by..  
Prince became a King and She became the Queen.  

She was extremely happy and leading a happy married life.  
She loved her Husband. She loved her Kingdom so much
She gave 5 beautiful children to the kingdom. 
They were also brought up with good education and became eligible Young Princes

At one night, an enemy king along with his Big Armed Troops entered her Kingdom and slayed both the Kings and all his sons.
Entire Kingdom was captured and flamed into pieces.
She ran for her life and chastity. 
After so many miles running hard to escape from enemies, she reached the same place where she took bath.

She cried hard after losing her husband, lovable childrens and kingdom.  
She was hopeless. She was helpless. She was abandoned.
She cried about her future.  
She lost all the hope to live anymore...  

She thought of giving up her life in the river and jumped in...  

When she came up..  Narada appeared !

Narada was in absolute shock. 
He could not imagine what happened to him !   

Silently he reached back to Krishna.  

Krishna asked him "Rishi..  Did you take Bath?   Do you want to know the Power of Maya? Do you want to know how Maya can be removed in split seconds by me?"

Narada Rishi fell to the Feet of Shri Krishna and said 
"Krishna, you have shown me the power of Maya and the Power of you to remove this Maya.  Only you can remove this Maya which is very dangerous and threatening.  If anyone who loves you truly (Bakthi), they will cross this Maya by just your grace.  I understand that i am your devotee because you saved me from this Maya" 
Shri Krishna as usual acted as if he does not know about anything and comforted Narada to stay for few days in his Palace and bless him with his presence.  

Narada smiled at Krishna and stayed their for few days before leaving to Satya Loka. 

Hail, Hindu Dharma...
Hail, Those who are HINDUS. 
Hail, Jai Shri Krishna.

Sunday 16 December 2018

Understanding difference between Jati (Caste) and Varna in Hinduism - An Analysis on Varna and Caste

HINDUISM (Sanathana Vedic Dharma) talks about 4 Varna (In English: 4 Color Shades) of people required to run a human Society.

There are People who are interested and aim to
  • attain Moksha (Liberation from the Birth and Death Cycle) in their life, 
  • Spiritually inclined, 
  • devoid of materialist interest and fame, 
  • devoid of earning and saving wealth, 
  • devoid of Anger and Love, 
  • interested to share the truth of Vedic Principles and Dharma to others and practicing themselves. 
The People with such Guna (English: Nature) are referred as "Brahman"
Brahman means - Those who are inclined towards Brammam or Paramathmaa or Narayana or Vedic Gods.

There are People who are interested and aim to
  • Be prosperous, have wealthy materialistic life, 
  • Interested to do their Own Business, 
  • Happy to give chance to other to make income by giving opportunities to work, 
  • Interested for luxurious life style, 
  • Interested to bring the whole nation to prosper with wealth by developing their business growth.
The People with such Guna (English: Nature) are referred as "Vaishya"
Vaishyas means - Those who are inclined towards Business.

There are People who are not completely

  • Spiritual to leave materialistic interest, 
  • Business Minded and skilled to run business on their own, but ready to work for these people with the skills they acquired through learnings and work experience and support them and inturn interested to get "Salary" for their livelihood.
People with such Guna (Nature) are referred as "Shudhra" (Employee)
Shudhra means - Those who are Employees who works for anyone who pays them.

There are People who are interested and aim to
  • Live for other's safety and peaceful life, 
  • Ready to protect the people against enemies at any cost, 
  • Ready to give up their lives without hesitiation if required to protect them.
People with such Guna (Nature) are referred as  "Kshatriya"
Kshatriya means - Those who are from Protection Force (Army Men) who always do their duty for the safety of the people and their peaceful life.
Vedic Sanathana Dharma says 
If people with these 4 gunas came and work together,
then it is very easy and possible to bring a civilized human society and bring prosperous growth much faster.

But, we all knew that, All people may not be interested in these 4 Gunas alone.

There are people in this world who don't have any of these 4 Gunas as well.
You will see people with 

  1. no interest in Spiritual moral values and Spiritual Life &
  2. no interest to do business and give opportunities to others and support Nation's growth
  3. no interest to work as "Employee" to others
  4. no interest to be in Protection force to live for protection of these people (Brahmin, Vaishya, Shudra)
There are Thieves, Murderer, Barbarian who will kill a human or animal for his need and his wishful thinking etc.,   
These people also exist in this world.  We can't ignore them.

But Vedic Sanathana Dharma Says, 
"We can't ignore them. But these people are never going to help to bring a civilized Human Society or going to help to bring prosperity in Human Growth for better life style"

Vedic Sanathana Dharma addressed them with a Generic term as "Panchama
Panchama means "5th Category".  
This has no special identity or meaning.
It is just given, to address rest of people, who don't contribute for making Civilized Human Society. 

Since there is nothing great to talk about Panchama, Vedic Sanathana Dharma encourages people with these 4 Gunas to form a civilized Human Society and Bring better Living.

Since Ultimate Goal of Human Birth is attaining Moksha, people with no materialistic interest and always in Spiritual process (Brahman Nature) were respected by people with other Gunas.  

People with Kshatriya Guna, being a protector by nature, gave the Due respect to those people who were Brahman Natured.  

People with Kshatriya Guna, by their Nature, by default took responsibility to protect all these people with Gunas of Brahmin (Spiritual), Shudra (employee), and Vaishya (Businessman)

We see that People were identified based on Guna (Nature) till Treta Yuga. 

That is, Varnas (Shades) were identified based on Gunas (Nature) of Individuals till Treta Yuga.
The Kshatriya Natured (Guna) Viswamitra, wanted to become brahman after seeing Vashista, a BrahmaRishi.
Viswamitra left his Crown and all wealth to become Brahman.
To Attain Brahman Guna, He went to Meditation for years and Gained Spiritual Powers.
But failed few times by losing all his Spiritual powers due to his Kshatriya Nature (guna) of Anger and Love.
He fall in Anger few times.  He fall in Love with the Menaka, a Demi Goddess from Heaven (Swarga Loka) which is above the Earth (Bhuva Loka).  

Above Swarga Loka, is Makara Loka. Above Makara Loka is Jana Loka,  Above Jana Loka is Thapa Loka.  Above Thapa Loka is Brahma Loka. 
Lord Brahma resides in Brahma Loka which was created by Lord Narayana who resides beneath Below Pathala Loka holding all 14 Lokas with his Supreme Power. 
We all know Above Pathaala Loka is our Bhu Loka. 

Due to his persistency and determination, he controlled his anger and love.
He left his attachment to the worldly desires and went again for meditation.
He was successful and finally Lord Brahma and Devendra appeared before him and blessed him as "Brahma Rishi". 
Viswamitra didn't agreed their acceptance and continued further till Rishi Vashista himself came and blessed him as "Brahma Rishi" like himself.

Viswamitra became Brahmin by his Guna with the victory over Anger and Lust/Love and gained Spiritual interest to attain Moksha.

During those Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, people were identified based on Guna (by their Nature).
Due to this, after Viswamitra attained the Qualities of Brahman, he was never been criticized by anyone during that Yuga and he was respected as Brahma Rishi but not as Kshatriya.

No one said, "He was a Kshatriya once and had fallen in Love and Anger due his Kshatriya Nature". 

There was no discrimination or differences shown during those days as everyone treated others based on their Guna (Nature).

Hence the 4 Varnas (colors or shades of people) are identified by their Guna (Nature) till Treta Yuga.

With Years pass by, common people followed these Rishis like Vashita, Viswamitra, Bharadwaja.
They started following and adapted restricted life according to their Rishi's Advice and principle.

All these people followed the one and only Veda but lived the life which make their Rishi's happy.

Kshatriya followed Great Kings born in their family and as a Guide.
They had Pride on their Lineage.  

Vaishyas followed their Great business people in their Family and as a Guide.
They had pride on their Lineage.

Shudras followed their Great Skilled people in their Family and as a Guide.
They had pride on their skill and Lineage. 

Everyone Encouraged Marriages with others who had similar Guna (nature).  This made the Human Society to form a very structured and strong Civilized Society.

  • A Man from a Rishi follower, interested to marry a woman from other Rishi's follower.
  • A Man from a Kshatriya follower, interested to marry a woman from other Kshatriya Family. 
  • A Man from a Business background, interested to marry a woman from Business (Vaishya) background.
  • A Man from a highly skilled background, interested to marry a woman from another highly skilled employee background (Shudra)
This is an expected behavior by an Organized Human Society, Right? 
Even Today,
Businessman always interested to marry her Daughter to another Business Man (Vaishya). 

The reason behind this Science is also very obvious.

Two identical Business Minded People (Husband and Wife) will get child on the Same Nature.  Genetic Science. 
This helps the Business family to run their Business by the next generation with Same Aggression, Passion and Vigor to take forward and Grow the business.

In KaliYuga, This method is followed now a days by Business people only.  

Its very rare to see a Business family, allow their Daughter to marry a highly Spiritual Inclined Boy or an Employee or an Armed Person who fights in Border.
Its not descrimination. 
But it is a fear of losing their own business if the next generation do not show interest to pull up their business.

Till Treta Yuga, people got married based on their Varna (Class).  

A man from a Rishi Parampara with Spritual Nature, married a Girl from another Rishi parampara. So the Child born to them were Naturally inclined to the Spiritual path and lived the life to attain moksha than leading a materialistic Life.

A Kshatriya Man married another Kshatriya woman only.
Due to this, their Child were also Ruthless, Fearless against enemies and ready to protect their other people with Brahman Guna, Vaishya Guna and Shudra Guna. 

This organized approach of these Marriages prevailed even now in India.
But was flourishing through out the world till Buddhism, Christianity, Islam were created after the birth of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.

Due to organized way of Marriages based on Guna (Nature), the Child's Nature were predictable to their Parents. 

Till Even Dwapara Yuga and Even at the Start of Kali Yuga
If a Child born in a  Kshtriya Family, 
the child's Parents knew that, this child by Nature were Ruthless, Fearless and always interested to Serve People even at his cost of his life.  

If a child born in a Brahmin Family, 
the child's Parents knew that, this child by Nature were devoid of Anger and Lust and interested towards Spirituality and Moksha.

If a Child born in a Shudra family, 
the child's Parents knew that, this child by Nature were interested to Work for Others and show their mastery in their art skills and make money out of that. 

If a Child born in a Vaishya Family, 
the child's Parents knew that, the child by Nature were interested to take risk and build business, bring Jobs to others, serving for country's economic growth.

During Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga, people were reaping the Fruits due to this excellent build up of Human Society.  

Everyone in the Bharat Varsha (which is from Iraq to Kanyakumari) were Rich and healthy.

Gold is a common ornament those days when the western world were still roaming as Barbarians.

Most of the western World had seen only Wheat and Honey as Food those days.
Their biggest food is Bread and Honey.
They had Clothes made of Cotton and Animal Skins.

During Those days, Bharat Varsha was an unimaginable place to Visit.  
  • The Food Varieties in this Land (even Today), 
  • The fertile Land, 
  • Highly Disciplined Cultured People and Skilled People 
  • Organized People headed by a Very Strong Kings, Roaming Like Lions is too much to ask for a economically powerful Country.  
Western People were not discriminated those days by Kings of Bharat Varsha.
There also some Good People exist.

People lived in Community and had this Same structure by in unorganized way.
They also had Business people, Army and Kingsmen, Spriritual people, and Employees.
They were unorganized because of Cross Marriages and less Ethics and low Spiritual Clarity. 

Kings of Bharat Varsha, did not descriminated them.
But since these people outside Bharat Varsha don't know the Vedic Principle of Life, they were commonly referred as "Mlechchas" (Foreigners of Vedic Principle). 

Bharat Varsha kings used to do Business with these Mlechchas earlier those days and always gave their hands to support their Human community against Panchamas (5th category of People who involve in Theft, Murder, Killing etc.,)

We see that, In Mahabharat, Mlechchas (foreign countries who dont know Vedic Dharma Life), also participated in the War on either sides of Pandava and Kauravas. Kings of Bharat Varsha, did not descriminated them.

By the end of Dwapara Yuga, though the cross marriages of different Gunas were never encouraged, it started happened with very slow pace. 

  • A Brahmin Natured Man marrying a Kshatriya Woman, 
  • A Kshtriya Natured Woman marrying a Vaishya Men, 
  • A Shudra Natured Woman marrying a Kshtraiya Men
started happening in Dwapara Yuga at very slow pace.  

These Cross Marriages after a Matured Society had been developed caused so much disturbance and unrest.  
These cross marriages, were mostly restricted by people themselves, to avoid social unrest and development of Human Society.  

In Today's Scientific World, Science Agrees that

  • Genetic behavior passes thru' generation.  
  • Not just behavior, even few Diseases too.  
Till the time, People married their partners of Same Guna (Nature),
their Son/Daughter had the Same Guna.

Parents were able to Guide their children's Wish with ease, because they were aware of their child's interest.

When Cross Marriage started to happen at very slow rate during end of Dwapara Yuga, the Rishi Communities, Kings communities, Shudra Communities, Vaishya Communities formed so far, took the form of Caste and people within these Caste and Communities, started to protect, condemn and restrict these Cross Marriages.  

There are million of caste in India and each Caste have their Own history and reasons.  All these are created not just in one day.  These are created from Satya Yuga. Caste System are the most powerful entity which made this Holy Land the most powerful and economically powerful country till 947AD.
Before 947AD, No one from this land showed interest to leave this land and settle in other countries.

Today, Indians are moving to USA, Australia, But the history was absolutely different when we look at the History of our own Ancestors.

Arabian Islamic Rulers tried to enter this Holy Land to loot temples wealth and gold from 947 AD. They made Iran, Iraq, Afghan to Islamic Countries and tried to conquer India for 1000 years and loot all wealth to Arabian Countries.

Columbus wanted to Reach the Holy Land of INDIA but ended up finding America in 1492AD.
Vasco Da Gama a Portuguese Sailor, wanted to Reach INDIA in 1498AD and entered as Business Trader and then Looted INDIA's wealth to Europe.

He was Later followed by British in 1601 by John Company or British East India Company as ordered by British Queen Elizabeth.  They looted this Land for 200 years at Power till 1947 AD and took away major wealth including Kohinoor Diamond to their Countries.

Then Came, Dutch, French and looted their part and took away.

Before 947 AD, No One from this land interested to go foreign lands either for money or food or life style.

When the whole world is eating butter and honey. this holy land of Bharat has millions of variety of food at their kitchen.

Why entire World tried to attack us ?  The reason is very simple...   It is because of this structured growth based on Varna.  From Satya Yuga till Kali Yuga (947 AD), the holy land of Bharat was highly Civilized, Rich, Powerful with Immense wealth.

People say that, Today's Scientific inventions are marvellous. 
Is there one Single Greatest Invention created by these Foreigner before they entered India (1498 AD)?

Thus, There were million of caste in India and each Caste have their Own history and reasons which made us the most powerful country and economically powerful country till 947AD.

Each caste/Community was formed by a King or Rishi or Leaders or mahatma or Sadhu.

For example, 
in Dwapara Yuga,
Yayati was Ruler of the Kingdom of Pauravas (North West region of India and Pakistan).
One Day,
he invited his Son "Yadu" and asked him whether he is interested to give his Youth as he is becoming old.
Yadu Politely declined and said, "This is against the Dharma (Rule) of Nature and even if God's wishes, he is not ready to accept".
By hearing his response, Yayati ordered him that 'Yadu is no more eligible to lead the life as Kshatriya (Armed Men) and have to look out other options to live his life'.

Yadu bowed down and respected his father's Order. 

Though being Kshatriya (Army Men) by his Nature, he had to survive along with his family and followers.
He started protecting Cows and started Doing Business by selling Milk, Butter, Ghee, Sweets to the people around his kingdom. 

Yadu's Nature (Guna) is Kshatriya (Army).
But by his work, Yadu is now Vaishya (Businessman).

This created a intermediate Class of People with "King's Nature with Business intelligence"

These people were fearless, ruthless and had no fear of Life to protect the human society but also became an expert in Doing Business and Grow the Economy by themselves. 

The people who followed him, worshiped the King "Yadu" like a pride of their community.
They proudly named themselves as "Yadava".
This Yadava Community is considered as Caste after the invasions of Islamic and Christian rulers.
We all know that, Lord Narayana did the Avatar of "Lord SriKrishna" in this Yadava Community and himself said "I am Yadava".  

He himself took care of Cows and protected the Cows till his age 11 before he left to Mathura, UP.

Just like Yadu, so many Rishis, Kings, Sadhus, Mahatma due to specific reasons like these had many followers and they became a Community and turned into Caste by Christian Invaders and Post Independence.

The Community Formations like Yadava, Rajputs, Chola, Pandya inturn helped the Human Society further as it helped people to identify people's Nature more preciously. 

Marrying a Kshatriya Men or Marrying a Yadava Men like Krishna were easy to identify the King's Nature.

If a Kshatriya King wanted her Daughter to marry a Pure Kshatriya, he won't prefer Yadava Kings.
If a Kshatriya King want her Daughter to marry a Kshatriya King but also good in Business, preferred Yadava Kings. 

Similarly, the Caste/Community helped the Human Society to Identify the Nature of People by Looking at their community and marry them

This made the Entire Bharat Varsha the strongest Ever Nation during Dwapara Yuga.

The Culture, Art, Weaponry, Research, Medicine, Sports, Yoga, Civil were all flourishing during those days.   
People were highly skilled in their Work and had huge competition to compete with his fellow community people alone, but not against whole human community.

People who has Spiritual Inclined Nature and belong to Brahmin community, were allowed to learn 4 Vedas and also Vedanta, Art, Weaponry, Medicine, Yoga and all.
But they were not allowed to use them for earning or for any purpose.  
They were allowed only to teach their learning to all others based on their Gunas. 
Kshatriya Kings granted them lands around temples and asked them to live around these temples and study Veda, and Do Pooja through out their Lives and teach others what they learnt without earning and lust for materialistic life. 
Since Brahmins are referred as those People who are inclinded towards Spritual path and devoid of Materialistic Interest and Earning, in Treta Yuga we see that, Kshatriya Turned Brahman "Viswamitra" took Lord SriRama and Lakshmana to the Forest and surrendered all his Weaponary Skills and Learnings at the Feet of Lord Rama.   
He was in No need of these Arts being a Brahmin, a Brahma Rishi.

During the End of Dwapara Yuga, Lord SriKrishna did Avatar in Yadu Kula (Lineage).
During that time, Kshatriya (Armed Men) were extremely stronger through out the world and the World was suffering with Too much of War between them bringing a Social unrest to people in Business, Employee and Spiritual community. 

During this time (end of Dwapara Yuga), due to little Cross Marriages, people were also spotted with Questionable Nature/Behaviors as well. 
Dhrona who was Born in Brahmin Community (Lineage), had learnt all Vedas, all weaponry secrets in his life. 
He lived by his Brahmin Principle and taught all his weaponry skills to Pandavas and kauravas completely. 

At the same time, Dhrona headed the Kauravas Army in Mahabharat War as Army Chief leading the Biggest Kshatriya Kings and his Troops.
This is completely unexpected Nature of a Brahman who by Nature never had such Merciless, Fearless mindset to stand against Armed Forces.  
Though Drona Born in Brahmin Community (Lineage), his Nature was always a combination of Kshatriya (Armed Men) Nature and Brahmin (Spiritual) Nature

May be, by investigating his ancestors we may find, some of his ancestors might have married a Kshatriya Woman. This Kshatriya Gene might have reflected in Drona.
Someone in his Brahmin Lineage should have married a Head Strong Kshatriya Girl. 

We see that the King Yudhistra himself had this mixed behaviour.  
He was born to Kunti Devi with the blessing of Dharma Devatha (Demi God of Dharma (rules)) as Pandu's Son.
When we look at his life, he born to a Kshatriya (Army) and had appetite to serve People and fight against the evil without mercy.
But at the same time, he had an unimaginable tolerance to negotiate War and Fight with his Brothers (Kauravas) even though, he knew they were trying to kill his Brother Bheema Twice and tried to Burn all of them by locking them in a House.
This Tolerance of Anger and showing extreme Patience was visible when Kauravas tried to bring down his Wife Draupati to the Court and tried to molest her. 
Similar to Drona, Yudhistra also, always had a combination of Kshatriya (Armed Men) Nature and Brahmin Nature. 
By investigating Kunti's Ancestors, we may find the Truth.
Some Kshatriya King would have married a Woman with Brahmin's Nature who is highly spiritually inclined and devoid of worldly desires. This Gene would have reflected in Yudhistra.
Arjuna, seeing these mixed behaviour in his Own Elder Brother "Yudhistra" and his Guru "Drona", always had the same doubt on Karna as well

Karna by Birth is son of Kunti at her very young age of less than 10.  But noone was aware till his death.
She chanted a Vedic mantra of Sun (Surya) playfully, which was blessed by a Rishi to her to get Son as child from the Demi Gods.

The Sun God Appeared before her and blessed a child and disappeared.
After 10 month, she gave birth to a son "Karna", when she was also almost a child.
She left the child and ran away to her Kingdom.

Karna was brought up by a horse caretaker (charioteer) who was working as an employee (Shudra) to a king. 

With his Kshatriya Guna (Nature), he was very powerful, aggressive and became friend of Duryodhana.

He became a Prime enemy of Pandavas (his own brothers).

Whenever Arjuna met Karna, he appreciated his weaponry skills, but always doubted his Birth.

He always Questioned him "How a person from Shudra (Employee) category, can be so fearless of Death and Ruthless to counter another Kshatriya like him which the world hesitate to counter attack?"

These Questions always embarrased Karna as he himself was not sure how his behaviour was completely different from his Parents who raised him and took care of him.
During Mahabharat War, Karna was defeated by Mighty Arjuna.
At the time of his Death, Kunti revealed his identity and declared him as his own son. 

Though got upset by this information at the time of death, they paid the last due respect to his brother Karna and felt satisfied that "Karna was behaving as Kshatriya because his Mother is a Kshatriya Woman as well"

This Structured Community helped the Human Society to grow Bigger and Bigger, Stronger and Stronger with clear Identity people's nature

  • A musician expert gave birth to child who was a born genius in Music. 
  • A Artist expert gave birth to a child who was a born Artist with tremendous imagination and artistic mind.
Bharat Varsha became the focal point for the whole Nations. 
Entering Bharat Varsha is a Dream Destiny to the outsiders. 

But entering Bharat Varsha (From Iraq to Kanyakumari) is impossible for outsiders because of mighty Kshatriya Kings roaming around. 
They were Like Lions owning their Territory.

But, Since there was a confusion on Behavior mix from few people like Drona, Yudhistra, Karna, Arjuna was in state of Bother always. 

Arjuna referred Karna as "Sudha Puthra (Employee's Son)" and Questioned him, 
"How you are acting as Kshatriya (Armed Person) and standing before me like a brave person, being born in Sudhra Community?"

This is not a descrimination to the Sudhra (Employee) society.
Arjuna never meant to do that.
But he was Questioning Karna Behaviour when he saw "Kshatriya" Nature in him. 
Such was the confidence level during Dwapara Yuga.
People were connected well with their community and Varnas (Guna).  
It was very hard those days to marry from other community.

Since Arjuna referred Karna as "Sudha Puthra", during Mahabharat War, 
Sri Krishna reiterates Arjuna that "Varna are based on Guna only".   
By saying this,
SriKrishna Clarifies him, not to look one's behaviour based on Birth, but look at based on his Nature(Guna) alone.   

Varna should be identified based on Guna was the prime principle to form a human society.

Even Yudhistra when he saw Yaksha (The lord Yama - God of Death), he also said "Varna is classified based on Guna".
When Yaksha asked "Who is Brahman?"
Yudhistra replied with no hesitiation "Brahman is identified based on his Guna, who is Sprititual, devoid of materialist interest, earning and savings and look to attain moksha"

True nature of 4 Varna is identified based on Guna.
This Concept when implemented in a society it is natural to expects leaders, Gurus, Rishis, encourages the system into structured way as "Communities" to give Strength and connect between people and bring strong Human Society.

The cross marriages was considered the greatest Threat to break down this structure.
This was never possible for foreigners because of Mighty Kshatriyas protecting the lands and with Strong Community formation in Bharat Varsha.

4 Varna of people were categorized in different communities based on some leader, guru, rishi, kings.
After the end of Dwapara Yuga, Kali Yuga started around 3102BCE. 
After 3000 years of Kali Yuga,
Kshatriya Born Siddhartha, denounced his kingdom, after seeing a dead person carried to the cemetry.
He felt he will also Die one day and no point of enjoying happiness of his kingdom's wealth.
He spreaded attaining salvation and his principles got attraction by many people in Bharat Varsha. 

Buddhism, in the name of Buddha formed and people started following Buddha's teaching and his guidelines to attain Salvation and Moksha.  
This is the first man made religion in the history.   

Lord Rama who is the incarnation of Lord Narayana came to this earth in Treta yuga. We did not created Ram Religion and remained as Vedic followers.
Lord Krishna who is the incarnation of Lord Narayana came to this earth in dwapara yuga. We did not created Krishna Religion and remained as Vedic followers

During Kali Yuga, the Cross Marriages happened world wide and this created mixed Nature of people born to the earth.  

A kshatriya king married Shudra Woman, Brahmin Woman, Vaishya Woman.
His Child's behaviour became too unpredictable for the king himself. 
A kshatriya king who is selfless, bravehearted, ruthless were soft in nature, business minded and not capable to lead his kingdom after his life. 

Though the Community formation restricted most of the cross marriages, Kshatriaya Kings were so powerful and they started marrying any woman of their preference. 
After 200 years of Buddha Period, around 340 BC ChandraGupta Maurya the Greatest Emperor became the Maurya Emperor and ruled all the way from Iraq till South of Bharat Varsha except Chola kingdom. 
He came to knew that Alexander from Greek (Greece) tried to entered Bharat Varsha and kept his commander "celucus nicator" in charge".

Alexander died in Babylon due to mosquito bite and malaria fever.  
Babylon and Mesapatomia became Islamic country called "Iraq" later. 
ChandraGupta Maurya took his Troops and defeated Celucus.
He pleaded mercy and married his Daughter to Chandra Gupta Maurya. 
After that Bindusara ruled the Mauryan Kingdom.  Then Came the Most Popular Ashoka Chakravarthi.
Ashoka was Ruthless, Fearless Warrior and real Kshatriya.  
He expanded his Kingdom further more and ensured all small Kings under Bharat Varsha Accept him as Supreme Emperor to rule them under his Supervision.
He was extremely successful and made entire Kings of Bharat Varsha to accept him as Chakravarthi.
He involved himself in the Biggest Kalinga War in Orissa and defeated the King and was once again Victorious.
It was believed that, Ashoka met a Buddhist Monk during that time and understood his Lust for Power resulted in Bloodshed all over the country. 

Instead of reducing wars, Ashoka adapted Ahimsa (Non violence). His nature just like Drone and Yudhistra was found mischievous. 

Though born to Kshatriya, he had the combination of Kshatriya (Army men) nature and Brahmin (non violence) nature together. 

By investigating Ashoka's ancestors, we can surely identify a Kshatriya King might have married a Brahmin Commmunity Woman who was spiritually inclined and adopted non-violence in her life. 

The erratic Behaviour of Ashoka as having Kshatriya and Brahmin Natured paved the way for destruction of the Hindu Community due to foreign threats after 1400 years.

With the entire Bharat Varsha in his hands, he found no enemy to fight.
Ashoka himself stepped in and informed all Kings of each regions to feel free and live safe without a need to fight with him or his neighbour kings.

With Chakravarthi being so nice, Kings of each regions felt safe and started showing interest on the principle of Buddha.  
They engaged their Army men to build Buddhist Monks in their Cities through out Bharat Varsha. 

Instead of Preparing for the War, and developing Ruthless, Fearless tendency, Army men became Social workers to support buddhist monks and Guard locals.  

Within next 200 years, Entire Bharat from Iraq till Kanyakumari spreaded over with Buddhism principles.
Wherever you see, people with Shaved Heads roam around and chanting "Buddham charanam gachchami".  

Around 30AD, a new religion created in the name of Jesus by Jews who was killed by Roman Emperor in Jerusalem.
The Jews who are followers of Jesus during his life, spreaded their new religion like Buddhism towards western side of Jerusalem and converting Roman, Greece, European nations to Christianity.

Around 570 AD - 630 AD, one more religion got created in the name God (Arabian word "Allah") by Mohamed from Saudi Arabia. They adapted Judaism and Christian principles but denied worshiping of Jesus as God.
The religions was named as Islam (Surrender to God, An Arabian Word).
The people who follow Mohamed Ideology accepted Islam as a religion and marched towards west of Saudi towards Iran, Iraq, Bharat (Afghanistan, India, Pakistan).

From 500BC till 947AD, for around 1400 years buddhism flourished in India like a wildfire from Iraq till Kanyakumari. 
Around 509BC, Lord Shiva himself did avatar as "Adi Sankara" and condemned all these Fake religions which is spoiling the Human Community and Vedic Principles.

Though Adi Sankara born in Kerala, he walked around the Entire Bharat Varsha to protect people falling into Fake religions like Buddhism and so many cult practices in the name God.
He condemned all Fake Religions and re-established the Vedic Principles back to India.
Though his Native language is Malayalam by birth, he spoke in Sanskrit with people, as Entire people in Bharat from Iraq to Kanyakumari was speaking Sanskrit during those days.
It was evident that Adi Sankara walked length and Breath of this Nation and discussed and argued with other believers to re-establish the Vedic Principles.

He went to Kashmir and discussed with everyone in Sanskrit.
Entire Indian Population knew their Mother Tongue and Sanskrit as Common Language. 
This knowledge in Sanskrit was available to everyone and everyone aware of secret of Vedic Texts like Arthasastra (Finance), Shilpa Sastra (Art, Design), Yoga Sastra, (Medidation) etc., and everyone of Bhart Nation were expert in Art, Culture, Science, Medicine, knowledge about God etc.,

Adi Sankara regained huge mass of Hindus to stays in Vedic Ideas rather becoming Buddhist. 

Around 947AD, Islamic people from Arabia attacked Iran (Persian) and Afghanistan. 
Afghanistan was Rule by Amit Suri a Buddhist King at that time.  WIth Buddhism wild spreaded in these nations, Army Men who were mostly engaged in building Monks were not powerful to protect the nation from these enemies. Buddhism resulted in biggest defeats at the corner of Bharat Varsha for the 1st time.
He was defeated by Islamic people and accepted Islam. His Son was brought as Muslim and then very shortly the entire Country turned into Islamic State.  Amit Suri Grandson was Mohamed Ghori who became Islamic Threat to the holy land of India.

After successful Conquest of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, the 1st Islamic Dynasty of Ghori (Ghurid Dynasty) got created. These Islamic Threats, attacked Indian Territory and conquired India (including pakistan) for nearly 1000 years (947 AD till 1947 AD)
During 1017 AD, Adishesha himself did avatar as "Sri Ramanuja" and spreaded Vaishnavism and destroyed stains of Buddhism Principles from Kashmir to Kanyakumari by highlighting the Core principles of Vedic Principles and about Lord Narayana.
Buddhism disappeared out from the heart of people from the Southern and Northern parts of Bharat Varsha. 

After Islamic Invasion in India and due to impact of Buddhism for 1000 years so far, cross marriage happened and people lost the greatest culture which they created for millions of Years together from Satya Yuga.

When people started marrying with different Gunas (Nature), the Child born to them became highly unpredictable.

When Muslims entered India by 947AD, they showed enmity over the Vedic culture, Vedic Beliefs, Vedic Gods, Vedic Temples, Vedic Men and Woman altogether.  
They Spoke Urdu and the people in this land spoke Sanskrit.

While they try to conquer this country because of its Great wealth, they looted the huge wealth of this land, raped woman, Killed common men, fought with Kings and backstabed them when they showed mercy, destroyed all temples and built Mosque over those temples.

Due to 1000 years of Islamic Invasion, out of 4 Varnas, the people who were Kshatriya (Army men) had to fight these people for these 1000 years.
Hindu Kings who were Lions at their Territory were kind enough to forgive the enemies several time.

Mohamed Ghajni who invaded Somanth Temple to loot the Gold 17 times, was forgiven by Hindu King whenever Ghajni pleeded for Mercy.
Prithviraj Chauhan forgive Mohamed Ghori the 1st Islamic Threat In India when he was defeated in the Punjab territory in the war.
The Biggest Mistake of the Kshtraiya (ArmyMen) was, - "They forgive the enemies who don't value the Vedic Dharma and Hate the people who believe in Vedic Gods and its Rules".

Mohamed Ghajni attacked 18th time and was successful to capture the Hindu King.
With no mercy he killed the Hindu King and Looted Somnath Temple wealth and destroyed it and ran away.

Mohamed Ghori, 2nd time tried to enter Bharat Land and after a huge battle, he got support by Rajput Hindu king who was Chauhan's father in law, to attack Prithviraj Chauhan and able to capture Chauhan and blinder his Eyes and killed him.
Hindu King who was father in law himself was angry because his daughter eloped with Prithviraj and got married.
Without knowing about Mohamed Ghori and his Religion and his Belief, he blindly supported him to capture Pritiviraj Chauhan.
He became a puppet thruout his life to Ghori because of his mistake to believe a non-vedic believer.

The mercy to the enemy who don't believe in Vedic Dharma was a Biggest Mistake. This is a lesson to learn.
This unfortunately continued by each and every Kshatriya Kings till Veer Shivaji came to this World and estabilished Marata Empire.

During this 1000 years, When Kshatriya Kings gets defeated by Islamic Invasions, 
Brahmin Community suffered a lot.
Brahmis were the immediate Target for the Muslim as they target Temples to loot Gold and Destroy Temple and build Mosque over that.
Brahmin community lost millions of Lives to safe guard the temples during this 1000 years of Islamic Invasion.

Shudras (Employees) somehow managed to work for someone and lead their life during those days.

Vaishyas (Business) somehow managed to do business and make their livings.

With Kshatriya getting lesser who protected all of them, 
Brahmin community left unnoticed and became extremely Poor during Islamic conquest (947AD till 1858AD).
Those days, Brahmin community was still selfless and lived Dharmic Life.  
They survived this period with dignity.
During these periods, a great Saint like Tulasi Das, Badrachala Ramadas, krishna Chaitanya, Raghavendra born from this Brahmin Community.

Before Islamic Invasion 947 AD,
People of Bharat Nations were free to roam around other Dynasties and communicate.

Adi Sankara who was living during those period before Islamic Invasion, went till Kashmir and communicated with everyone in Sanskrit.

After 947AD, when Ghurid Islamic Dynasty started Invading, the situation changed drastically.

During initial period of 100 years, it had minor impacts.
Sri Ramanuja (1017AD) walked all over this Bharat Varsha and spoke with the common people in Sanskrit.
Being Tamilan, he could survive for 12 years in Karnataka when Chola king tried to kill him when his Vaishnava Concept dominated the Shiva worship as supreme God.

When Islamic Invasion showed its real form and Islamic Sultan occupied Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Bangladesh, Andhra, the entire Country was looted and taken apart.
All Buddhist temples were destroyed. Nalanda University was destroyed by Muslims Rulers Qutb al-Din Aibak (Mamluk Dynasty @ delhi) by his army general "Bakhtiyar Khalji".
He killed buddhist monks and Brahmins who were studying. Killing common man and destroying Vedic Temple was the prime weapon for these Islamic Rulers.
He named the city as Bakhtiyarpur.  The invader name is still kept even after Independence. (Bihar Chief minister Nitish Kumar birth place is Bakhtiyarpur)

All Vedic God Temples were Destroyed including Ayodhya, Kasi and Mathura by the Islamic People.
They looted all wealth, Killed Millions of People, Raped beautiful Woman and made other Woman as Slaves and servants, and destroyed all temples and built mosque over those temples to stop the hindus to rebuilt again.

The people in Bharat Varsha could not believe their Eyes what is happening over this Nation during these days of 1000 years.  

More than Life, temples getting destroyed, and Kings getting backstabed when they forgive them, the biggest threat was "To safeguard Woman from these Islamic People"

Woman getting raped and converting them into Islamic religion and bringing up their children as Muslims became the strategy of these invaders. 

This strategy became the Biggest threat to the entire Nation.
Just Imagine the situation of people in India and Pakistan (Bharat), when Queens like Rani Padmavati along with 1000 of other woman had to burn themselves alive, when Alaudin Khilji attacked their Kingdom.

When a Queen had to burn herself to escape from Islamic Invasion, how about a common People?

During Ramayana, When Dasaratha Died, his Wives did not burnt themselves alive (Sati practice).
During Mahabharat, We see that Kunti was alive as Widow.
But this Practice of Sati became compulsary after these incidents.
When the husband die, Wives jumped inside the fire due to fear and their Safety due to this Islamic Threat.

This Fear spread like Wild Fire and Hindus (as Islamic and Greek named us), believed it is unsafe to leave their home and go for earning.

  • Vaishyas (Businessmen) stopped their business outside the city, but survived with minimum business within the city.
  • Shudras (Employees) stopped going to work outside the city and their employment suffered and became poor.
  • Brahmins (Spiritual) lived in the hut or temples and chanted Vedic mantras and giving lectures to the people around them and became poor.
  • Kshatriya (Armed Men) were fighting hard to safe guard their people and giving up their lives and losing lives.

In 100 years, 4 generations easily passby in each family. This is a simple mathematics.
By looking at Islamic Invasion from 947 AD to next 1000 years, nearly 40 Generations have suffered this fear, barbaric attack on woman, common people, temples in the name of religion, pain in each of our family.

The people who is now living as a Muslim with Indian Face, if they go back and research their ancestors atleast 40 generations back, they will find a Hindu Woman would have been kidnapped or Raped by Islamic Invaders and later converted them into Islam.

Due to safety of Woman, when people stopped commuting outside, the people of this holy land became poor and lost their wealth.

More over, they lost their opportunity to speak in the common language called Sanskrit.

A person from Tamilnadu (Like Ramanuja, Adi Sankara) were able to communicate thru-out the holy land of Bharat with Sanskrit Language those days.

But during this 1000 years of Invasion, when generation pass by, when people stopped commuting to other cities, people lost the language called "Sanskrit" which was been the common language for million of years.

Slowly, at one stage, people from Tamilnadu, found no common language to speak to Karnataka people, telugu people, Hindi People.

Due to Language barrier, though people within India though worship the same God and understand Vedic Guidelines could not connect each others and communicate.

Initially, Shudras, Vaishyas lost this precious "sanskrit" as speaking language.
This made shudras and Vaishyas unable to read Vedic text on Artha sastra, Siddha, Yoga, and other Scientific research books.

As years pass by, Kshatriya also lost Sanskrit as speaking language.

Finally, Brahmin who were still reading the Vedic Mantra had also lost the ability to speak in Sanskrit as they did not had opportunity to speak to Brahmins from other Dynasty. 

Everyone started interacting with their own Mother Tongue and during this Time.
Tulasi das Wrote Ramayana in Hindi.  Purandhara Das wrote Bhajans in Kannada, Badrachala Ramadas Sang Bhajans in telugu etc.,

Regional Languages became Vibrant and Bhakti movement started by Saints born in this country to revive the hindus ahead of this tough situation.

After 1000 years of Islamic Rule, Christians dominated for 200 years.   

By the time Christian domination came, almost all people in this Land have almost became poor and poorest.

Christian rulers from British, Portuguese, French, Dutch found that, only community who has some learning using Veda are Brahmins.  

They require honest people, who don't protest at any point, to administer the work.
They enticed Brahmins for a clerical, accountancy jobs.

Brahmin community who were left alone and extremely poor, once Kshatriya kings became very less and less aggressive, one of the Brahmin member of a family started accepting job offers that came from British Christians.

Those days, Brahmins with Long Tuft of hair (Kudumi) went to jobs with Topi (Hat).  
This trend was the biggest mistake of Brahmin community to hide their tradition and culture.

After Indian Independence, we see that entire Indian Population especially southern Indians don't have long Tuft of hair and look alike western cultured people with short hair, cropped hair.
When one of the Brahmin started going for Job (Clerical and Accountant work) to the Christian British, the other members in their family continued to study veda and lived a Dharmic Life.

The earning made by Brahmin who work for British gave them some financial stability to sustain their life.
During this 200 years of Christian domination,

  • Shudras (Employees) community suffered a lot. 
  • They were ill-treated and made slaves. 

The community people under Shudra (working class) who were already in below poverty line because of 1000 years of Islamic invasions and threat to women safety, were treated by the Christian British as Untouchables and slaves.

Slowly, British India made many of the poor people under Shudra community as untouchables.

The biggest crime they have done is, they included these Shudras who were extremely poor, under Panchamas.
While Panchamas are those thief, murderer, british christian rulers made Shudras (employee category people) into Panchamas because they were extremely poor and lost their way in 1000 years of Islamic invasion.
These Shudras were ill-treated, malnourished and became untouchables.
British don't even treated them as Humans and never cared about these Indian people.

Later, after understanding the meaning of Panchamas, British tried to reconsolidate their mistakes when UK was attacked by German in 1st world war.

They tried to appease the people of India and tried to gave these Shudras who were included in Panchamas as Under previleged and termed them as "Dalits"

After 1947 India Inpendence from these christian rulers, Ambedkar, made reforms in Indian constitution and gave Dalits their rights and termed the group as "Labour Party" (Means Shudras (employees)

Slowly Shudras (Employee) noticed that Brahmin Community are going for jobs from the christian rule. They protested for their rights to get Jobs.
The congress Leaders like Rajaji (from brahmin community) recommended Education based on Varna.
But the Political parties condemned his views and misunderstood his views.

Rajaji who belong to Brahmin community including Nehru, recommended Education based on Varna. 
If this would have been implemented, Brahmin community would be restricted to study any subjects but must learn Veda and do services in Temples alone.

the Vaishya communities (caste) who are in business culture, they would have been restricted to do their business alone than going for Job.

Similarly, the Kshatriya communities (caste) who were Rajputs, Kings traditions would have been allowed to study weaponry and allowed to serve in police, army forces.

Since Education based on Varna was misunderstood,  Political parties recommended Education for all and Free to Study Any subjects.

This Made Brahmin community, Vaishya Community, Kshatriya Community as well to study any subjects and became an expert and get Jobs in Govt and Public Sectors.

Earlier, Brahmin community were employed mostly as clerk and accountants under British Rule.

After independence, with Education for all, Brahmin communities expanded their education left by British India in modern Law and Teaching as well.  Lawyers and Teachers from Brahmin community started Growing.

When Education is open to all without restriction, competition to get same job increased. 

The educations on Art, Culture, Music, Mother Tongue Language, Scriptures started to vanish.

People started to choose the education which can provide Jobs.
Everyone went to learn same education and everyone fought for same Job. 

The education for all, became a Curse for the Nation and Survival of Fittest became the reality.

After 1000 years of Islamic Threats, and 200 years of Christian Threats, 20% of Hindus got converted into Christians and Muslims thru' threat, bloodshed, rape and money.

Because of the existence the millions of Caste formation inside these 4 Varnas and with Hindus Gods, 80% of spirited Hindus stay alive as Hindus during these toughest years for 40+ generations.

The families which were considered as Richest 40 generations before, now in Poor Class or Lower Middle Class at the time of Indian Independence.
From 1947, for next 70 years, it took 2 generation of Indians to get settled and regroup their identity.

Some % of the Indians have already came up from Poor class to Middle class and few moved to Upper Middle Class already.

In next 2 generations, Indians will bring back their identity and will surely became Super Power for the Entire World Once again.
Indians by nature, are intelligent and honest people.
They need to be smart and unapologetic towards adharmic people who hurts their sentiments and Gods.

Thanks to the Caste system developed from the Varnas and Thanks to the Vedic Hindu Gods.
Without multiple Caste and Multiple Vedic Hindu Gods, Hindus would not exist after 1200 years of other religion domination.

Other Fake religions are protected by Humans by their money, preaching, and conversions.
Hindu Vedic Sanathana Dharma is protected by God himself and Survives any atrocities.
Indian Territory was occupied by Buddhism and Jainism for 1500 years and Vanished now.
Indian Territory was occupied by Islamic Ruler and Christian Rulers for 1200 years and Vanished.
Despite so many years of domination, India is still 80% Hindus.

Hindus are protected by millions of Caste formation and Gods.

The people who got converted into Christianity and Islam are now desperately trying to destroy these 2 pillors of Hindus Caste and Hindu Gods. 
Hindus around the world, must watch out for these, and gave them befitting reply.

Hindus must be Cautious and at the same time, must look out for the weakness at other end and make them introspect and bring them back as Hindus and make them understand their ancestors are Proud Hindus.

Conversion of Hindus to other religion was happening from Buddhism period. Today Christianity is known for its conversion through out the world.
It is time to revert that.
Hindus must bring back the people back to Hindu Belief system and bring them into Hindu consciousness.

Let us all unite as Hindus without discrimination.
We are Brothers and United.
Be Proud to born as Hindu.

Be proud that even though 40 Generation of your family passed thru this tough Islamic and Christian threats, your ancestors carried the hindu legacy and you are still breathing as Hindu.
All Hindus must carry the Proud Hindu Dharma to next generations and Proud to say that we came from Rishi Parampara than a Naked Adam and Eve.

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