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Saturday 23 May 2020

Do you think Paramatma created Atma (jeeva atma)? Let's Analyse with simple way...

Paramatma created Atma (jeeva atma)?  
hmm.. yes.  
How to we understand this?    
Look at ocean..    
Treat ocean as "paramathma",  waves as "atma"  

Ask the same question..    
Do ocean create waves?  Yes. 
Is waves actually ocean? yes.  
Now you will get answer for atma.    
Is Atma actually paramatma? yes.       

Another question.   
Is wave that jumps here and there looks little different from ocean (which is very silent)?  Yes... Waves looks White and jumping.. wherease Ocean is deep blue and just silent.      
Now ask, 
Is atma is little different from Paramathma? Yes.       

Now ask one more question..  
Is Wave created Ocean? or Ocean created wave?  Ocean only created wave.     
Now, ask the same question to atma..   
Is Atma created Paramatma? or Paramathma create Atma? Paramatma created Atma.      

Now ask one more question..    
Can ocean stop creating wave?  Yes, if it decides..      

Now ask the same question to atma..    
Can Paramatma stop creating us and putting us in this world again and again? Yes.. If he wishes.         

Now, ask another question..    
What makes ocean to stop waves creation? may be science have to answer :). 
In Rameswaram, you won't see huge waves after rama got angry with ocean lord when he didnt responded to him. People will take holy bath just like they are taking bath in a river there. 
 Click here

In Rameswaram, where Ram came to cross srilanka, you can't see waves there. Ram divinity is still visible to all.     
now, ask same question on atma.     
What makes Paramatma to stop creating atma like us?  
Bhakti (true love to Paramatma (Devotion)).  

Those atma who love him unconditionaly and able to understand that he is also ocean but look like a wave and only ocean can help to stop creating me..  
This devotion to paramatma will get his grace to stop that Atma who want liberation (moksha) and merge with him..         

Tatva explained with simple example..  
Hope you have got the clarity..   

Now go and see Beach..  
You will see different Beach. Ocean and waves will teach you BIG LESSON..   

Be PROUD to be part of HINDU DHARMA which teaches beyond manmade fake religions..