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Wednesday 19 August 2020

How Krishna Idol Worship started? and Bhagavatham started? Hindus must know...about Grandson of Krishna and Grandson of Arjuna story.

That was the toughest time. Shri krishna had decided to depart to his abode.

Before his departure, Krishna spoke about his departure and spoke in length on various dharma, bhakti to Uddhava his best friend, his best devotee, his best relative, his best minister.  

On hearing the news of krishna departure, all the Pandavas, unable to bear the separation from Krishna, decided to leave this world. 

Before they left, Maharaj Yuddhisthir appointed Parikshit, son of Abhimanyu, as the emperor of the whole world, where there is no enemy.

Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Lord Krishna and jambavati, son of Sambha, was made the king of Mathura.

Then, pandava brothers along with draupati took vanaprastha and left the world one by one.

With sudden departure of Shri krishna and pandavas, the world become hopeless.
No one have inspiration to live. 
No one is excited about anything.

Even though the world is in peace with no war, everyone felt emptiness in their heart.

Parikshit, ruler of world with inconsolable loss, came to meet Vajranabha to console each other.
Both of them, greeted each other.. but no happiness.. no inspiration.

At this time, Shandilya rishi came to Mathura
Chandilya rishi asked about their welfare and happiness.

Vajranabha bow down at rishi feet and asked, 
"Will this world regain happiness again? 
After krishna's departure, whole world is mourning and striving to see the divine face of Krishna paramatma again.
After Krishna's departure, Uddhav also left his holy body. 
Pandavas also departed. 
We are at inconsolable distress. 
Will this world see happiness again?"

Chandilya Rishi replied, 
"Vajranabha.. Do not worry. 
World will regain happiness with Krishna presence who is paramatma and his divine appearance never cease. 
Uddhav who gave up his human body did not went to Vaikunda yet (Abode of Parabramma). He is still living in Vrindavan as Lotus stem in kusum sarovar, govardhan. Find him.
He will direct you the way.."

By hearing this, Vajranabha and Parikshit gathered hope

They went along with Chandilya Rishi to Kusum Sarovar where the lake was filled with Lotus.
They could not identify which lotus stem is Uddhava??.

Chandilya Rishi asked them to do bhajan on Radha Krishna which will show Uddhav presence. 

They began to sing kirtans and bhajans about Sri Radha Krishna. 

On hearing this, one specific lotus stem alone started to move
Chandilya Rishi noticed that Lotus stem which moved to the song of Krishna as Uddhav in disguise. 
They continued to sing on Radha Krishna. 
Pleased by their devotion, Sri Uddhava gave them his darshan. 

Looking at Vajranabha, Uddhava said, 
"Krishna is an avatar of Parabramma. 
He is omnipresent and his presence is everywhere. 
His appearance is divine and ever exist. 
His avatar itself is an appearance.
In his avatar himself, he showed that his appearance is divine and showed his presence in Hastinapur, sitting in Dwarka to save Draupati by showering colored sarees without a need of hands to give, ear to hear. 

Not just that, 
He became everything (living and non-living) when brahma deva took all his friends (vraja vasi childrens) and their cows including their clothes and pot. 

His appearance is always present. 
Those who wishes to see him with devotion, would definitely see him.

To see him again and experience krishna, i will tell you the 2 secret ways...  

Vajranabha, you install a Krishna Murthi similar to Sri Krishna. 

Those whoever Worship Krishna Murthi (Idol) with true devotion, 
Those whoever understand that Krishna himself became not just Cows and his Friend but even a non-living materials like pot in Brahma Mohana and 
Those who understand him as Parabramma and omni present, 
will surely going to experience Sri Krishna's presence in their life. 
The True devotees, will hear him speak, feel protected by evil."

Then Uddhava looked at Parikshit and said, 
"Parikshit! As of now, you continue to do your duty as a king of the world.  
An Auspicious day will come in your life. 
Eating a tasty fruit itself is delicious but it require little effort to bite and chew. 
But Drinking Tasty Fruit Juice is delicious and require no effort at all. 

Like Drinking a Tasty Fruit Juice and enjoying the sweetness, You will get the divine darshan of Suka Deva (Son of Vyasa) and he will shower you about krishna's supremacy and his supreme qualities and divinity like a fruit Juice to drink. 
That divine speech from Suka Deva himself is Sri Krishna.  
Just like i disguised in lotus stem to stay in Vrindavan, Krishna who is paramatma have disappeared and disguised into these divine words.  These divine words from Sri Suka is Srimad Bhagavatham. You are going to experience this great treasure.

Those who read and understand those words of Bhagavatham, will feel Krishna's presence at same moment."

Then Uddhava looking at both Vajranabha and Parikshit, said 
"Wherever the Idol of Krishna is worshiped and divine words delivered by Suka Deva is read, those places will become divine. 
Krishna presence will be felt in those places by everyone. 
People will regain their real happiness with Krishna presence." 

After consoling them, Uddhava disappeared. 
Vajranabha, created 3 images of Lord Krishna. 
He made the Image of Krishna as Govind Devji (now at Jaipur)
He made the image of Krishna as Bankey Bihari (now at vrindavan)
He made the image of krishna as Hari Dev (in Govardhan)

Those who worshiped Krishna Idol with true devotion, have got Darshan of Sri Krishna...  There are many great Saint, Sant and mahatmas have got Darshan of Krishna. 
12 Azhwars including Andal, Meera, Tulsi Das, Surdas, TukaRam, Ramakrishna, Jayadeva, Krishna Chaitanya and many.... 
Krishna Idol worship alone gives everyone the true happiness.  

Even if we don't have Devotion to the level of these Bhakt, even a pinch of Devotion is giving us a feel that we are protected and krishna guides us in right path.  

Many devotees feel that Krishna is protecting them.  
Many devotees still feel that Krishna guides them at every path. 

These divine experience can't be explained and expressed.  
Those who are worshiping Krishna Idol, even today feels the divinity and supreme guidance. 

For some years, Parikshit was ruling the entire world (Indus Valley Civilization starts as per History) with no enemy, no worries, huge wealth and beautiful wife, and beautiful son Janameyjaya.

When Parikshit roaming in forest hunt, he mistakenly dropped a dead snake on a rishi who was in meditation and returned back. 
Rishi's 7yr old son seeing a dead snake in his father shoulder, got angry and cursed the person who did this cheap behaviour to death in next 7 days by poisonous snake called "Dakshaka".

Parikshit being a grandson of Yudhistra who is known for his Dharma, felt ashamed of his irresponsible action made over a rishi. 
He didn't wanted to find alternate solution to save his life.

He decided to accept his fate and immediately asked their ministers to take over the ruling till his child "janamejaya" become adult

He left silently and sat near banks of Yamuna to face the death penalty due to curse

Looking at his Maturity, who was able to look at the human life as temporary and unpleasant reality, Suka Deva appeared in Front of him. 

On next 7 days, 
Suka Deva showered him about Krishna who is Parabramma Narayana who did many avatar of Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Rama etc., 
He narrated the whole story of Krishna who is not just Parabramma but who himself is Grand Father to Parikshit.
This divine words of Suka Deva and Parikshit is "Srimad Bhagavatham".   
The places where Krishna Idol worship happens and where Srimad Bhagavatham is recited, krishna presence is evident.  

Those who read Bhagavatham will experience the divine of Krishna himself.
Those who worship Krishna Idol will experience his love and affection.

We all must remember Vajranabha, Grandson of Sri Krishna, when we look at any Krishna Idol. 
Any experience we gain from Krishna is because of grace of Vajranabha.  
We all must remember Parikshit, Grandson of Arjuna, when we read Srimad Bhagavtham.  
Any experience we gain from Krishna is because of grace of Parikshit. 

Hail Sri Krishna..  
Hail all the Krishna Devotees 
(Meera, Jayadeva, PurandharDas, Vallabha, Azhwar, Ramanuja, Adi Sankara, SurDas, Tulsi Das, Namdev, Tukka Ram, Krishna Chaitanya, Ramakrishna and so on.....)

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