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Saturday, 13 November 2021

What is Sanathana? Do we have an example for Sanathana? What is the difference between Sanathana (Sanskrit word) and Religion (English word)?

What is Sanathana? Do we have an example for Sanathana? 

What is the difference between  Sanathana (Sanskrit) and Religion (English)?

Purathana - புராதனம் (पुरातनम्)

The one which is old and alive

(Example:. We can see purathana hotels, purathana companies which runs till date, proudly say themselves with word like 'Since 1912..." to highlight their sustainability with pride)

Noothana - நூதனம் (नूतनम्)

The one which is new and alive

This does not require example as it easy to understand.

Sanathana - சனாதனம் (सनातनम्)

The one which is old but also new and alive. 

Wow.... Interesting... 

How one can be old and also be new and alive?

Yes.. you can not find in man made products..  But it's a divine product.

Can we see an example? There are many such things which is sanathana.

Sun is Sanathana. 

Sun is old, and always new and alive.

Moon is Sanathana.

Moon is old, and always new and alive. Even today, we can see the moon.

Is there any thing else, which is sanathana which we use?


Dharma = set of rules

All hindus follow a set of rules (dharma) which exist beyond time period (old), like sun it appears new always and alive and guiding humans to lead a life which can bring prosper in their life as well as after life without hurting others and nature. 

That Dharma is referred as Sanathana as it is old and also new and always alive. 

Hence the great hindus are  referred follower of sanathan dharma.

Great Hindus follow Sanathana Dharma (the rules which is old and also new and eternally alive). 

Sanathana Dharma is not a religion like islam, christian, Buddhism, etc..

What's the difference between religion and sanathana dharma?


It's set of policy or commands written by someone, it has date of birth. 

Policy changes always. 

If people belief changes, 

if people understand dead one never come back, 

if people see better policy which answers them, 

if people dont believe in life at heaven when current life itself is unclear, 

Then, people just kick out policy they choose.

If something is born, it must die oneday. 

So, religions will die one day when there is no takers or some new better  policy reach them. So religion has definite date of death)

Sanathana Dharma (தர்மம்,धर्म)

Hindus follow set of rules which carries them to lead a right kind of life. 

Rules don't die. 

These sanathana rules exist from the day 1 human came. 

Vishnu incarnated himself as Human as requested by deva and brahma to kill Ravana.

We are in Kaliyuga. Kaliyuga period is 4,32,000 Years. 

Just 3102+2021 = 5123 years completed out of 4,32,000 years in kaliyuga.

Before Kaliyuga, it was Dwapara yuga. 

In this yuga end, Vishnu appeared again as Krishna.

Dwapara yuga period is 8,64,000 years.

Ramayana happiness in Treta yuga. 

Ramayan must have happened atleast 8+ lakh year before. 

We say companies started in 1912 itself as Purathana.. 

Even today, Ramayana exist in heart of people.

Even today, for Ram, avatar of Vishnu, people live their life.

Even today, Valmiki Ramayana which is primary source of Rama Story is read by lakh of people. Valmiki lived while Ram was ruling.

Valmiki Ramayana is purathana which is 8+ lakh year old and still alive.

In that 8+lakh year before happened story, we see the word "Sanathana" said by ram himself and he quotes 2 sanathana rules which he followed to kill Vali.

Valmiki Ramayan Sloka is...

तत् एतत् कारणम् पश्य यत् अर्थम् त्वम् मया हतः |

भ्रातु: वर्तसि भार्यायाम् त्यक्त्वा धर्मम् सनातनम् ||

Meaning: Ram says, "Now know the reason why I struck you down. You have abandoned the eternal law (sanathana), by living with your brother's wife."

(You can watch full conversation between vali and ram here....)

In Ramayana, which itself is purathana, we see Rama says, "I am following rules which is sanathana (old+new+alive)".

This tells the glory of Hindus who follow such great Sanathana Dharma till date as it is old, always new and eternally alive.

Hence hindus can't be destroyed. While trying to massacre hindus in India, now we see world is covered by hindus wherever you go. 

Most importantly, all foreigners are becoming hindus by getting attracted towards the set of rules (dharma) which is sanathana.

Like a sun, Hindus Sanathana Dharma is also old, and rejuvenate and appear again and again as new to adopt present people and guide them in right path

People who belong to such great sanathana dharma are blessed.