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Monday 13 April 2020

Why Hindus worship Pigs, Tortoise as gods?.. A christian Query...

A Christian asked "Hindus have gods as pig, as tortoise, as human, as divine form.
Are you trying to prove that God and man are different?"
He asked.
“This is not to show difference between god and human. It tells us that Bhagavan have full freedom and he come to us in any form. This makes hindus to be cautious to behave with other living being and be in non violence always".

Bhagavan says
"Don't Look at the tree as tree alone. Dont just look at animals, just as animals.
Always remember, that i can come in any form and as i reside in everything you see"

"This truth always come to the mind of hindus as they see paramatma every where. This mindset of respecting others and adhere non violence comes because god did avatar in all forms".

For that reason, "Lord came as a pig and a tortoise, not to show difference between human and god"
Premika Mahatma replied.

Whether this is understood by that Christian or not.. does not matter to us.
Hindus must feel proud of our culture and our god.

Also mahatma said,
"Yes. Even our veda says only one god. Veda addresses him as brammam or parampurusha.
Veda which is also called as sruti, even fear to address paramatma directly by his name as Narayanan due to respect.

Even in our culture, calling by names of elders, husband and mahatma is never in practice until the stupid foreign culture entered india in 947AD ghurid dynasty and 1400AD Christian entry.

At few instance, veda says "Narayana Param" which clearly says "Narayana is the supreme god".

While addressing who is parampurusha, veda clearly confirms once again by saying "That purusha is Lakshmi's husband". (Purusha Shukta)

Also Veda says,
Supreme God Narayana, don't need hands. He can do 1000 works without a need of hand.
Supreme God Narayana, don't need eyes. He can see 1000 things without a need a of eye.

But still he takes form, to please his bhakt who want to see him thru his eyes, touch him in hands.

Narayana in his Krishna Avatar, proved this, when draupati shouted "Govinda.." at hastinapur.

At that time, krishna was playing chess with sathyabama in dwaraka.

Where is UP...Where is Gujarat?..

Sri Krishna without a need of ear, heard draupati.
Not only that. ..
Sri Krishna without a need of legs, he reached hastinapur to save draupati.
Sri Krishna without a need of hands, he gave unlimited sarees to draupati.

Islam says God don't come. He stays in his abode. He saves us..

Krishna proving this..

Krishna came as beautiful human form. Its not because he need that. But it's for the devotees..

Even today, this krishna roopa will mesmerize the hearts of humans.

To develop bhakthi, supreme god ready to take any form.

Such is the beauty of Our hindu God.

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