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Wednesday 29 April 2020

Why Krishna Steals Butter? What does that God want to say to us by Stealing Butter? We should know the reason...

Why Krishna Steals Butter? 
Nanda Baba was the richest person in Vrindavan. 
Actually Krishna don't need to steal butter, because he had enough Butter prepared by his Mother "Yashodha". 

Yet, he loves to steal the butter, which is kept hidden and also kept very high by Gopis in Vrindavan. 

Krishna comes secretely and steals that butter.
He used check whether the butter is white, soft and have quality to get melt even in little heat.
If then, 
he just loves to taste that butter. 
After tasting the butter, he breaks the pot as well and happily smiles at the Gopi.  

If the butter kept in not pure white or not soft or does not melt, he just don't taste and ignores it.

This is a mischievous play by Little Krishna, till his age 10 when he was at Vrindavan.

There is a meaning for every act by Krishna.  

Butter represents "soul"Butter represents us.

If you are pure with no stain of impurity in your mind, thought and senses.

If you are soft by nature and do not engage in killing or encouraging killing by eating meat,
If your heart melts, by just listening about Shri Krishna and his other avatar.
If you aim high, think high to attain Moksha (Liberation) and think about Krishna alone, than thinking about materialistic life alone.
If you keep your spiritual interest very secret without boasting your bhakti to others
the supreme God krishna himself comes near you.. gives his darshan. 
Like the way he swallows the butter, he swallows you (keep with him, Protect you).  
Finally, like the way, he break the pot, he breaks the chain of birth-death lifecycle and give you Moksha (Vaikunda).

Those who pray to Shri Krishna and offer "Butter" to him, must pray him, to grant these 5 qualities. 

Just recollect all those Mahatmas who had these 5 Qualities.  

Surdas, Tulasi Das, Meera, Ramakrishna, Krishna Chaitanya, 12 Azhwars, Purandhara Das, Jayadeva, Namdev, Tukaram and countless mahatma...

How much you should be proud to born as Hindu! or being Hindu !  

None of these Mahatma never tried to show their Bhakti (devotion) to the world.  

They kept their Bhakti Secret
They were always thinking high. Thinking only about Supreme God Narayana and his avatar. 
They were pure and lived Pure
They were soft in nature and never had taken meat and did violence act. 
Their heart melted whenever they think about Krishna, Rama and that cry came out as Bhajans from their heart.   
Krishna appeared voluntarily before them. 
Krishna took all of them to his eternal abode (Vaikunda).  
Krishna made them famous to this world, even though they kept themselves secret. 

All acts of Supreme God (Narayana) have reasons.  

These mahatmas are real example to understand and interpret the secret of why Krishna Stole Butter.

Long live our Mahatmas.

Long Live our Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma/ Vedic Dharma)
Long Live our Bhakthi (Devotion)
Everyone Who chants "Hare Krishna Hare Rama" are HINDU.   
Lets Make Everyone "HINDU" and let everyone realize the Bliss from REAL GOD who is not man made.

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Premkumar M said...

Why Krishna Steals Butter?
What does that God want to say to us by Stealing Butter?
We should know the reason...