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Tuesday 12 May 2020

Interesting Question and Profound Answer ... Must read...

Interesting Question and Answer:
Q: i bought my own house and new car now.. but still, i don't get the same happiness and excitement which i got when I got a 1rs chocolate in my childhood. Why I could not get that happiness now?

A: When you are child, you are expected to receive happiness. 
When you grow, you are expected to give happiness than receiving happiness.. 
You are expected to give than receiving..  
So spread your wings and make everyone feel happy around you.. You will be happy if you give happiness.

Q: When everything goes smooth in life... Why suddenly we get hit bad by something which makes us really sad?

A: If everything goes smooth, sometimes we tend to think we can control things and we tend to forget god.. 
This is called arrogance... 
That's where god comes to play to stop this arrogance..  
"Dearone's death, disease, poverty, disrespect" can kill our arrogance and make us understand that someone is controlling you and guiding you to succeed..  
This makes us grounded irrespective of how much we grow in success ladder.

Q: Why God gives worry?

A: He gives worry to make us human.  
If you have felt the pain of being hunger for a month in your life, this experience will make you human.
Because you have experienced this worry, If you see a person who is in hunger, you try to help them.

All worries given by God is not to punish you... But help you understand to become more human and be helpful to everyone..

Q: People say moham (attachment) in anyforn is dangerous..   Is it bad to have attachment with our own child, especially daughter?

A: Absolutely no. This is not attachment. This is unconditional love. 
God himself have given this qualities to father and mother as a gift to the child. 
Child receives this gift from God thru parents. 
So don't think your love towards your child is coming from you. 
This unconditional love comes from god thru' you.  That's it. 

Remember, You don't show the same unconditional love to other child's like your child..  
So if you have unconditional love on your child, just continue to give your love as it's a gift from God thru' you... Don't restrict it... 

Q: If this conditional love continues for next 25 years and suddenly that daughter gets married and say good bye... It will be heart breaking correct?..  why the heart breaks during that time?

A: This is called Moham (Attachment).. You should not have moham on your daughter or anyone.. 
You must understand that you came to this earth alone, and you will go alone.. 
So moham (attachment) on others, or about you or about material asset is always dangerous as it will hurt you hard and might kill you.. 

So don't have moham, but always have unconditional love to everyone. Unconditional love won't hurt you..

Hope you enjoyed reading this....