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Tuesday 24 May 2022

Why hinduism allows Atheist and gives place? Atheist have no place in other religion. Why Veda allows Atheist? Let us understand...

Only Sanathana Dharma (today as hindu) allows a place for atheist as well.

Other man-made religions, do not allow atheist


Veda, like a mother, allows a place for atheist as well, as even atheist also came from supreme creator Narayana (purusha/Brahmam)

At first, a child knows only mother. Mother then shows who is the father.

Veda like our mother, shows our father (vishnu) and other demi gods.

A mother do have multiple children. Some children do respect his father, some due to arrogance disrespect his father.

But for mother, she like to shout at that child who disrespect her husband.

Sameway, like a mother, veda cautions atheist son as fool and cries to know the love of father in below vedic mantra 

While we see vedic mantra in taittirīya Upaniṣad, we can understand, Veda (knowledge of Supreme) giving place for athiest.

अस्ति ब्रह्मेति चेद्वेद। 

(asthi brahma ithi cheth vedha)

सन्तमेनं ततो विदुरिति

(santham yenam thatho vidhu: ithi)

असन्नेव स भवति। 

(asann yeva sa bavathi)

असद् ब्रह्मेति वेद चेत्

(asath brahma ithi vedha cheth)

- तैत्तिरीय उपनिषद्  (veda)

Veda, like mother,  says to us...

Child, If you say, 'Supreme Creator exist, (asthi)'  

then, O, Goodone! that Bhagavan (God) himself will give you an experience to feel him/see him/realize him that he truly exists.

Child, If you say, 'Bhagavan does not exist (asath) though he truly exist,

then, O Fool! that bhagavan himself will give you an experience as if he don't exist. 

Veda (mother) says, vishnu (our father) likes both believer and athiest... but with little frustration. 

Hence veda (mother) calls believer as santham (good child) and atheist as asann (foolish child),

Bhagavan/vishnu (father) has given intelligence to humans to think about him/find him in true form. (Animal don't have that intelligence to think his creator)

With this intelligence,

Some human understand that "God exist".

Some believe that "God does not exist".

For Vushnu (Father), its ok. 

He accept both views. But feels bad about his atheist son who disrespect him always.

Bhagavan is Like our father. 

He have 2 kind of sons (believer and atheist)

Believer respect him.

Atheist don't respect his presence.

As a Father, Bhagavan also don't have hatred of his both sons either..


he happily supports his son who respects him...

In other hand,

He ends up being silent to his foolish son who denies him. But worries more on him.

What's the disadvantage of being atheist?

Veda calls atheist as "asath" (fool).

Both believer and atheist have karma effects.

If you do good deeds, good results will come to you.

If you do bad deeds, bad results will come to you.

So, even being an atheist, you can live happily in this world, if you do good things to people, society etc.

Bhagavan don't curse non believers (atheist) unlike other man-made religion concepts where they say "non believers goto eternal hell".

Veda addresses atheist as, "fool" because, of 2 reasons.

1. If an atheist do bad deeds, and experiencing bad times in his life, God can't intervene and support him.  

Its a big loss for non believers..  Hence veda like a mother address atheist as "fool"

For 1000 years, hindus were massacred in their own land by muslim and christian invaders who came from from saudi, turkey, iran, Spain, french, Britain, Dutch, portugal... Wealth looted, knowledge stolen, kings disappeared, brahmins killed, vaishya (business) lost their wealth, temples destroyed, sudra (employee) became poor slaves, imposed heavy tax on vedic god believers, converted lakhs with sword, rape, money.. 

In 50 years entire civilization of Greek disappeared when christian invasion happened..

But even after 1000 years of 2 violent invaders conquering the land, hindus didnt cease but resurrect and still alive and strong. 


It's because, Vedic God believers, if they face bad times, Vedic Gods pitch in and resurrect and protects the vedic dharma. 

Man-made religions were protected by humans. Hence, one day  they bound to disappear, if some other views dominate.

Vedic Sanathana Dharma is directly protected by Supreme Creator himself and hence could not be destroyed despite 1000yrs of conquest of 2 manmade religions

2. Because atheist don't believe in God, any action he/she does, must fall in either good or bad deeds. So atheist with no choice have to face good or bad results for the deeds.

If he/she dies before facings the results for his past deeds, he have to reborn again and again based on karma effects. 

Salvation is not at all possible. Hence veda like a mother says "fool".

Salvation (liberation) is possible only if a person don't have either good karma or bad karma. 

Those who understand Supreme Creator Vishnu do exists, have 2 benefits..

1. If they face tough times due to some bad deeds in past, bhagavan can reduce the impact or even negate based on devotion of individual.

2. If the believer, surrenders all his actions under the feet of Vishnu, the supreme creator, he/she gets salvation from rebirth by the grace of vishnu by negating his both good and bad deeds.

Saturday 25 April 2020

Do Chanting Has Power? If you kill someone and started Chanting "Rama".. is this ok? How Chanting Helps? let's Analyse...

Do Chanting Has Power? 
Yes. Kali-Yuga recommends Chanting
If person chants "Rama Rama Rama....", but also tells lie and kill someone. How Does it help?

If you chant Fake Non Vedic Gods, who can assume that your Sin are pardoned and you can continue to be a sinner. Fake Gods gives Fake Promises and False path.
But Remember! 
Chanting Vedic God Names, removes the cruelty nature inside the human's mind and makes them pure in due course.

Hinduism always recommends chanting of Vedic Gods. 
Especially, it recommends everyone (human in world), to chant
"Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare"
"Om Namo Narayana"
"Rama Rama Rama Rama..."
"Om Namo Bagavathey Vasudevaaya".
Those who chant these Vedic Gods Names are all "Hindus" irrespective of their birth.
Sabari, a wild woman and meat eater, after seeing Mathanga Rishi stopped all his Violent nature. Later she waited for Ram Dharsan by chanting "Rama rama...".  Her wild characters got erased by her Rishi presence. Her divinity increased by itself by thinking of Lord Rama. Finally she got Ram Darshan.
A Wild hunter who was merciless, and even a thief in Anbil, Trichy, Tamilnadu INDIA, had darshan of Narada Muni. 
As per his advice he just chanted "Rama Rama Rama...". 
The continous chanting erased all his impurities in his mind and took him to the greatest height to get blessed as "Valmiki" by Brahma himself
He was living during the same period, when "Lord Rama" was ruling Ayodhya. He was blessed by Brahma to wrote Lord Rama life history in Sanskrit. 
The Greatest Epic "Ramayana" was worshiped and stays in heart of Indians. 
Moreover, he had a chance to take care of Sita at her Exile as well.
Since Valmiki was a Tamilian by his origin and his Mukti Sthalam is also in Tiruneermalai, in recent years (before 2000 yrs), a Poet named Kamban, rewrote this great Epic in Tamil Language in same Poetic form, which was considered as Treasure by Tamil scholars. 
Later the same Ramayan written by Valmiki was again translated in Hindi by Tulsi Das when India was occupied by Mughal Sunni Islamic Rulers.

"Thiyagaraja" was considered as Greatest poet of Carnatic music and Lord Rama Devotee. 
At his early age, before his father passed away, his father asked him to chant "rama" 100 crore times to have Darshan of Lord Rama.  
Thiyagaraja from his early days started chanting "Rama Rama" and counted daily. 
When he had completed chanting of "Rama" 80 Crores times, not just Lord Rama, but along with him Lakshman, Sita, Bharat, Satrugna, Hanuman all appeared and knocked his door and entered into his home. 
Not just Thiyagaraja, but his wife also had a darshan of Lord Rama. 
At that time, Thiyagaraja sang this most famous song "Bala ganaga maya... ra ra" after seeing lord rama and invited him by saying "ra ra" to his home. 
You can see this song in a movie clip..  Those who understand the meaning will understand how Rama looked like and you will be thrilled...
He asked Rama "I had just completed 80 Crores of Rama Nama and yet to chant 20 crores more.. But you have appeared well before that?".

Rama replied, "You have counted 80 crores only. But i was counting whenever you chant my name when you are walking, eating, singing, sleeping as well. With my count, you have already completed 100 crore and appeared for your belief and to make true of your father's word".  

Chanting Fake Non-Vedic Gods is like chanting "Cross Cross"..  Its neither going to bring you good behaviour or least going to give you a diamond stone.

Chanting of Vedic Gods, has greatest power to heal inside and enlighten the truth by itself. 

Vedic Gods are real.  They are powerful.
For 1200 years, India was not just occupied by invaders but conquested brutally by foreigners rulers from Saudi, Iran (persia), Dutch (netherland), UK (English), France, Spain, Portugal.  
These foreign rulers spelled Venom and extreme hatred towards Vedic Gods, Temples, Wealth possessed by Indians, Culture, Civilization and Structured way of life. 

They were successful in destroying more than 1 lakh prime temples, looting huge wealths, converting few of Hindus with force, rape and money, destroyed Vedic culture, education and civilization and structured way of life, by introducing their western culture, education and law..   
Despite all, Vedic Gods remained Intact and still ruling our land. 
Lord Rama who gave up his possession for short period during mughal invasion, now took back his possession.

Man Made Fake Religions are "protected by people". 
Hence people who unfortunately believe these fake religions, try to spread their 500 Page book as their fake religion.  They entice the people with money, power, and sword to believe their Gods.

Hindu Dharma (Vedic Dharma) is not protected by people. Its protected by Vedic God themselves. 
Temple can be destroyed. But not Vedic Gods. 
Destroyed Temples always gets re-constructed back.

Vedic Gods shares the blessing to everyone around the world, who chants their Name. 

Since Indians always believed in Chanting "Hare Rama...", they gets blessed again and again.  
Now, the destructed Temple of Rama by Babur (a Sunny Islam ruler from Iran) is ready to comeback again to spread happiness to hearts of HINDUS.
To Feel the God and To feel the change in your behaviour to Divinity, you must chant "Hare Rama... Hare Krishna".  
The Changes that will happen inside you, will surprise you. 
The knowledge you will get by chanting "hare krishna.. hare rama" will surprise you at one stage.

Those whoever chants "Hare Rama.. Hare Krishna" are all HINDUS.  
Those who chant the Vedic God Names, are always blessed.    

Chanting Vedic Gods, changes your behaviour.  You will become Pure. 

You too, Chant like Valmiki, 
You too. Chant like Thyagaraja.  Feel the Divinity that grow inside you.. Feel the blessing. 
You are HINDU. Everyone is HINDU.

Lets make everyone as HINDU.