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Tuesday 12 May 2020

Who created Religion? Who Protects Man Made Religion? Who Protects Hindu Dharma? How to be confident and be proud Hindu? - Lets us understand..

Vishnu is supreme god. He created all Demi Gods. He created world. He created us.
He gave us "Veda".
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He came as Rama - we got "Ramayana"
He came as Krishna - we got "B.Gita and Bhagavatham".
He came as Varaha - we got "Varaha Purana"

Shankara came - we got "Rudram"
Karthikeya came - we got "Skandam".

Sadhus came and gave us devotional songs.

Jayadeva came - we got "Geeta govindam"

Gandhiji came - we got "My Experiments with Truth" (சத்திய சோதனை)

Even when Supreme God Vishnu, Shiva and demi Gods, Mahatma came to earth, we did not created "Rama Religion, Shiva Religion, Krishna religion, Tulasi Das religion, Gandhi Religion".

We all believed that we belong to "Vedic Dharma".
Even Gods who came to earth, lived as per Vedic Dharma.

Such is the beauty of Being Hindu.

Within Hindu (Vedic) community, Around 500BCE a Nepal Hindu King Siddharth saw death as reality for everyone and became Saint.  He was worshipped as Buddha during his time.

Some Hindus fall in Trap...
For the 1st time, a man made religion is formed in the name of Buddha.

For almost next 1000 Years from 500BCE, Lakhs of Vedic people fall in trap of this man made religion in this Bharat land.

Did Buddhism succeed due to 1000 years of conversion and able to erase Vedic dharma?
Absolutely No.

Hindus who were fallen to this man made religion for 10 generations, left this man made religion and returned back to their root.

Now we don't know, where is this buddhism in India?.

Nepal which gave birth to Buddha (Siddharth) as a hindu king is still Hindu Country.

Hindus may get mesmerized by fake man-made religion for some period.
Fake religion may even succeed to convert crores of hindu people into their religion for even 1000 years...
Hindus will be Hindus at heart. It can't be changed..
At one stage, 
everyone will return back to Vedic Dharma like they return back from Buddhism.

History is evident.
Man Made religions are created by "Humans".
Human success is time bound and limited. They are bound to fail.

Vedic Dharma (Hindu Dharma) is created by "Vedic Gods".
Even Vedic Gods don't like to create a religion on their name.
Our Vedic Dharma is protected by "Vedic Gods".
Vedic God are real and extremely powerful. They are boundless to Time and unlimited.

Hindus are protected by Vedic Gods.
Today a hindu may fall into fake religion.... 
But someone in his family, will born as Prahaladha to return back to his roots.

Be proud to be Hindu (Vedic people)