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Friday 13 April 2018

What is the current age of brahma ? Hindus Should know it right?

What is the current age of brahma ?

Param (paramaathma / Narayan) created brahma.
Brahma has crossed 50yrs. He is on his 1st day of his 51st year.

Each day time of brahma, allows 14 manu kings to rule the worlds.

Each Manu king rules 71 chatur yuga.
(One chatur yuga extends to the period of 43 lakh 20 thousand years).
Hence, each Manu king rules 30 crore 67 lakh 20 thousand years.

After each manu completes his rule for 71 Chatur Yuga period, Lord Brahma immerse the Earth (bhu Loga) for a period 17 lakh 28 thousand years to regenerate before Next Manu takes over his rule from Previous Manu King

Since the Human Community got created by Manu, in English they say Human as "Man", in Tamil they say "Manidhan", and in Hindi they say "Manushya".  All Sounds same.
So much Similarity.

So Accepting the Humans are comes from Naked Idiot called Adam is foolish and shameful. 
Its shame to say our ancestor is Adam who is Naked and Idiot.

We are Proud Hindu and everyone in this world came from "Manu" who are extremely powerful to rule the entire world and create a great Human community.

On brahma's 1st day in his 51st year:
So far, out of 14 Manu king, 6 Manu king have already completed their rule.
Now, 7th Manu king is ruling his tenure. His name is : Vaivasvathan.

7th Manu king have already completed 27 out of 71 chatur yuga so far.
Currently, 7th Manu is ruling his 28th chatur yuga.

Chatur yuga includes sathya yuga, thredha yuga, dwaapara yuga, kali yuga.
Currently, 7th Manu has completed sathya, thredha, dwaapara yuga in his 28th chatur yuga.
Currently, he is ruling kali yuga in his 28th chatur yuga.

As per modern english calendar, kali yuga started by 3102 BC.
Around 3300 BC, paramathmaa (Narayan) himself did vibhava avatar as Lord Sri Krishna in Mathura.

Archeological research found that 3300 BC till 1700 BC held the best indus civilization around sindhu river.
If highest civil conduct is found just around sindhu river itself, imagine the wealth, power and hindu civilization thru'out india.

By 2018 AD, kali yuga so far completed 5119 years.
Considering kali yuga period of 4 lakh 32 thousand years, we still have 4 lakh 26 thousand 8 hundred and 81 years left in KaliYuga.
if you felt kali yuga at its peak, answer is "It has just started". 😊

One year in this world, completes 1 day in swarga loga.  All Devas who were appointed by Lord Brahma resides in Swarga Loga and administers the Nature under the rule book of Veda, by making planets moved in specific direction, to stay in border for ocean, raining on correct seasons, etc.,

Above our earth, is bhuva loga (stars and sun).
Above bhuva loga is swarga Loga.
Hence it takes time to complete a day, when earth completes an year.
Devas in swarga loga ends their tenure after 100 years of their life time. They do have finite life.

Based on good deeds, any soul can reach makara loga, jana loga or thapo loga which are above swarga loga.

Based on bad deeds or mistakes, any soul in these earth (Bhu Loga), makara loga, jana loga or thapo loga, devas may come back and born in this lower world called earth (bhu Loga).
For devas, it is a shame to reborn in earth.

Above thapo loga, is sathya loga.
In sathya loga, lord brahma resides.

When all 14 Manu kings completes their ruling, brahma complete his day time.

Brahma goes to sleep during night, which is as long as the day time.

When Brahma goes to sleep, he destroys bhu (earth), bhuva, swarga loga.
Also he destroys all 7 loga below bhu loga.
He don't destroy his own sathya loga, and also makara loga, jana loga or thapo loga.

During this time when Brahma Sleeps, Millions of soul (jeevaathma) which is yet to attain moksha (vaikundam) and lived materialistic life again and again after birth and rebirth, reaches paramaathmaa's heart to reside.

When we sleep, we don't know what we are doing in sleep?
With same state(condition),
the millions of soul, stays in paramaathmaa but with ignorance of their presence or paramaathma presence.

Once brahma wakes up,
he regenerates bhu (earth), bhuva, swarga loga and also regenerates all 7 loga below bhu loga.

Since millions of jeevaathma stays in paramaathma due to ignorance, this allows brahma to let them born again in this world either as plant, insect, bird, animal or Human etc.,

He won't leave, until a soul think about paramaathma (narayan) and devote his life to reach him thru bhakti (love to god).
Otherwise, rebirth continues ever.  Birth and Death keeps cycling till attaining moksha.

If we are reading this, it means, we have not attained moksha yet.
It also tell, how many birth so far we would have taken considering brahma himself has crossed 50yrs of his tenure. 😊

Brahma is also not ready to give up his task as it is his Duty given by Lord Narayana.

We are also giving best fight to achieve rebirth again and again than attaining moksha.
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விஷத்தை விட, ஆயுதத்தை விட, வாழ்க்கையில் நாம் எடுக்கும் முடிவுகளே பலம் வாய்ந்தது... தெரிந்து கொள்வோமே

एकं विषरसं हन्ति शस्त्रेणैकश्*च वध्यते ।
सराष्ट्रं सप्रजं हन्ति राजानं मंत्रविप्लवः ॥

ஏகம் விஷ ரசம் ஹந்தி
சஸ்த்ரே நை கஸ்ச வத்யதே !

ஸராஷ்ட்ரம் சப்ரஜம் ஹந்தி 
ராஜானாம் மந்த்ர விப்லவ: !!

  • விஷத்தை கொண்டு, ஒருவர் உயிரை எடுக்க முடியும்.
  • ஆயுதத்தை கொண்டு, பல உயிர்களை கொலை செய்ய முடியும்.
  • அரசனும், தலைவனும் எடுக்கும் தவறான முடிவு, தேசத்து மக்கள் அனைவரையும் பாதிக்க, அழிக்க செய்ய முடியும்.
  • தவறான முடிவு எடுப்பவன், தானும் கெட்டு, பலரும் சேர்ந்து கஷ்டப்பட செய்வான்.

நல்ல குருவின் அறிவுரை நாடி, அதன் படி நடக்க வேண்டும்.
தவறான, முடிவை வாழ்க்கையில் எடுக்காத வண்ணம், வாழ்க்கையை அமைத்து கொள்ள இறைவனை, குருவை எப்பொழுதும் துணை கொள்ள வேண்டும்.

விஷத்தை விட, ஆயுதத்தை விட, வாழ்க்கையில் நாம் எடுக்கும் முடிவுகளே பலம் வாய்ந்தது.

நம் முடிவுகள், பலரை வாழ வைக்கவும் வல்லது, அழிக்கவும் வல்லது.

Poison kills but one person at a time, 
while a weapon can destroy many more. 
Incorrect decisions by the king or by his ministers, by contrast, can destroy the entire nation and its citizens

Change INDIA to BHARAT. That's our IDENTITY. The Name Bharat is the Official Name of the Country. Why Hindustan? Why Hindu? Why India?.. TIME TO CHANGE

The Name Bharat is the Official Name of the Country under "Constitution of India".
Why Hindustan? 
Why Hindu? 
Why India? 
How these names came?

Truly, We can't say,  whether it is a "curse" or "blessing in disguise" for people of India.

Sindhu River - It is a river which originates from Mount Kailash till it merges to Arabian Sea near Karachi port.

The people lived in India from Himalaya till Kanyakumar earlier referred themselves as from "People of Bharat".
Then how comes name 
"India"  came? 
"Hindus" Came? 
"Hindustan" came?

People from other countries are known to struggle to pronounce Indian names even today.  Even today Iskcon Devotees pronounce Krishna as Kisina. 

Due to their Poor Accent to pronounce the names correctly, the twisted names by these foreigners unfortunately became reality now. Its a shame for whole of us.

Alexander the Greek King, When he marched his army from Greece, Italy to conquest the whole world, arrived at his last Journey towards Bharat and referred the Sindhu Region as “Indoi” and people as "Indus" due to the Greek Accent.

This later further got twisted by the Persian Muslims, when they entered Bharat Land via Sindhu Region and invaded and looted for next 1000 years. They pronounced "Sindhus" as "Hindus" instead of "Indoi" as Greeks.
Thus, the name "India" is derived from Indus unfortunately which was a Twisted name by British Christians again !!

Persian Muslims started using "Hindus" due to their Persian accent. 
During Mughal ruling, they used the name "Hindustan" to refer Sindh (hindu) region (stan).  

It is pathetic that “Bharat” is using a name “India”, which came as a result of foreign people who could not pronounce correctly and twisted at their will.

Not Just the Country Name is twisted by the Foreign Invaders, 
but lots of cities also got twisted and pronounced incorrectly by these foreign greek, christians and muslim rulers those days. 
It is unfortunate that these meaningless names are not completely corrected yet in constitution.

Afghanistan (gandhahar)  pakistan, bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan,Tibet, India together is referred as Bhaarat Varsh.

Specifically India is termed as Bharata Kand.

The city gandhahar was developed and constructed by Bharat himself, brother of Sri rama in treta yuga (which is 12 lakh years before).
Kaikeyi was from this region in ramayana period.

The same Bharat also constructed purushapura and Dhakshashila.

This is now a islamic cities in pakistan under name Peshavar (purushapura), Taxila (Dhakshashila).

We had lost cities of Bharat to become islamic cities!!

Later, Luv son of Srirama, constructed Luvpura. 
Again, this is now Lahore and a capital city of Islamic Country Pakistan after 1947.

What is the meaning of Bharat?
In sanskrit, Bharat is defined as "bhaa roopey brahmani rathaa ithi bharata" (भा रूपे ब्राह्मणी रता इति भारत:) (Land of Spirituality - Bharat)
What is the meaning of Bharat?
People who gets immersed themselves in self realization and their thought always attached into Parabrahma".

This tells that only in this Bharat land, mahatma, gyani, yogi, mahapurush born to attain moksha (liberation from birth death cycle).

Hence, it is called as Bhaarata Varsha.

Why India is specifically termed as Bharata Kanda?
This is the land which gave us Jada Bharata the greatest yogi who reached moksha by following ashtanga yoga.

Jada Bharata's previous birth was a raja rishi named Bharata. 
He followed Ashtanga Yoga and achieved success till Dhyana. Before he could reach Samathi and reach Moksha, he fall in material desire in the form of deer.

Hia love and affection on deer made him to born as deer in his next life.
After that deer life, he born as Jada Bharata and from birth he stayed in samadhi sthithi and reached moksha.

Bharat refers to land of great yogi.
What is the meaning of this twisted INDIA?..  This meaningless name had made people in this land to lose their identity. Shame on us.

A meaningful name for a country is must.  Unfortunately, Bharat is referred as "INDIA" a meaningless name.
"INDIA" is a twisted name of Sindhu. 
Moreover, the Region of "Sindhu" is now part of Pakistan and separated from Bharat in 1947AD with an agreement between Jinnah and Congress Leaders like Nehru.

INDIA itself a twisted name of Sindhu.  Sindhu itself is not part of this Bharat Land now.  We still Hold this Name for the Great Country of Bharat !
Most unfortunate is, People of Bharat (land of spirituality) are referred as "INDIANS" which is also a Twisted meaningless Identity !

The FaceValue of this Country, and Countrymen will prosper only if we change our Countryname and Identity to a Meaningful Name. 
Our Country Name is "Bharat", and we are not INDIANS, but we are Bharat people.

It is time to think to rename the country as "BHARAT" which is the official name of the country and drop the name INDIA.

Today, Our Country with the Name "INDIA" and we as "INDIANS" are chasing the whole world to do Business and get wealth and working in several countries.

In Earlier Days, when our land was "Bharat" and we as "Bharatputra", the whole world were chasing us, begged us, traded with us.  Not one single people in Bharat Land had to go foreign lands for Money and Lifestyle.

Colombus tried to reach INDIA... and Reached United States a vast land.  They killed all Blacks out their (they named them as Red INDIANS) and conquered that land.
Vasco daGama a Portugues Sailor reached INDIA as a business trader and occupied our Land for 500 years around the coastal side of Bharat.
Ghurid Islamic Rulers Originated from Arabia and Turkey invaded our Land and occupied for 1200 years.
British Christians followed Portuguese and reached INDIA and conquested the lands for 300 years.

1200 years of atrocities and loot, and twisted names destroyed this Land's wealth and culture and knowledge the people of Bharat gathered for years..

When Whole world were eating Bread and Honey, People of Bharat were known to prepare great food Festivals of 1000s varieties.
When Whole world were without science, People of Bharat had Ayurveda and Siddha.
When whole World were wearing dress with woolen dresses,  People of Bharat were wearing Clothes and Ornaments made of Gold, Diamonds and Gems..
When Whole World were Barbarians, People of Bharat were full of Rishis, Yogi, and Mahatma.

947AD Ghurid Dynasty Entered the Land of Bharat?   
Is there any one single invention happened by these Western World before they Enter INDIA and loot our knowledge and wealth?  Can anyone say one Worthy INVENTION which they gave to this World?

In Ramayana which happened 12 lakh years before, history says Ravana used Flight.
In Mahabharat which happened 5000 years before, history says they used Brahma Asthra (Nuclear Bomb) which can destroy whole community..  
Till Date, Science is not able to track Why INDUS Valley Civilization got destroyed in Sindh Region?  INDUS Valley Civilization is the Glorious period which was considered as start of Parikshit Ruling Period after Kaliyuga ends. 

Land of Bharat have Lost Many..  Least we could do, is to repair the Country NAME and Bring the meaningful IDENTITY for People of this Great Land and Bring back the Glory.

We have already implemented changes for these Twisted meaningless names given by these foreign christians and foreign muslims due to their poor accent for few of cities from 1947 till date:

Few are:
  • Trivandrum, now corrected back to Thiruvananthapuram
  • Baroda, now corrected back to Vadodara
  • Bombay, now corrected back to Mumbai (Ma Amba)
  • Madras, now corrected back to Chennai (Chenna kesava perumal temple)
  • Cochin, now corrected back to Kochi
  • Calcutta, now corrected back to Kolkata
  • Pondicherry, now corrected back to Puducherry
  • Cawnpore, now corrected back to Kanpur
  • Poona, now corrected back to Pune (Punya Giri)
  • Simla, now corrected back to Shimla (Goddess Shymala Devi)
  • Benares, now corrected back to Varanasi (2 rivers Varuna and Assi flow)
  • Waltair, now corrected back to Vishakapatnam (Lord Visakeswara temple)
  • Tanjore, now corrected back to Tanjavur
  • Jubbulpore, now corrected back to Jabalpur (Place of Jaabali in Ramayana)
  • Mysore, now corrected back to Mysuru (Place where Mahishasura ruled before he was killed by Goddess Chamundeswari)
  • Mangalore, now corrected back to Mangaluru (Mangaladevi Temple)

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How can identify Good Person? What are the Qualities of Good Person? What is meant by Power of Association?

Why do we need to associate with Good People?

Always engage yourself with good people.
By engaging yourself with good people, "you stay as good person".
By engaging yourself with bad people, "you will give yourself a chance to become bad person".

The people whom you associate or engage will influence you and change your nature or habit.
This is a human restriction. Beware of human nature.
By Nature, human gets influenced with other's association. 
So always engage yourself with good people, to become good person.

How to identify a good person?
Our Sanathana dharma (veda) guides us, to identify a good person.
Sanathana Dharma identifies Good Person by representing 3 qualities within that person.
1. Irrespective of time and situation, a person who never do an act which harms others by any means, can be identified as good person.
2. Irrespective of time and situation, a person who always thinks about other's welfare, can be identified as good person.
3. Irrespective of time and situation, a person who always see the positive qualities on others and never even interested to look at negative or bad qualities on others by any means, can be identified as good person.

Finding and associating with such a good person of having any one of such quality itself, will bring good behaviour on us.
A person who possess all these 3 qualities together are called as "sath purusha" (good people).
Association of such good people is extremely gifted.

If you identify such good person and associate with them, you will also gain these qualities.
At one stage,
1. You will also, be never interested to harm others in any form.(including animals)
2. You will also, be thinking about other's welfare.
3. You will also, be seeing only the positive side of others and never even interested to see their dark side of others.

Jagadguru Adhi Sankara says
"You should start now, to engage and associate yourself with such good person who possess these 3 qualities to absorb those good qualities inside you."

Being Good Human is the greatest service which each of us, can offer in their life before death.

From divine discourse of Sri Sri Bharati theertha swamigal - Sringeri Jagadguru Sarada peedam.

Mera Bharath Mahaan - My Bharat is filled with Mahatmas.

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4 kind of teachers exist... Who are they? - Let us know what Sanathana Dharma Says...

4 kind of Teachers exist in this World.

Our Sanathana Dharmasastra says,
"By just Associating yourself with teacher, if queries don't arise in you, then consider him as your spiritual guru. He is the Best Teacher you can get".

Association of Spritual guru itself will give true knowledge.
Finding such level 1 teacher is a gift for a soul.

Here are 4 kind of teachers guided by our sanathana dharma.
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Level 1 teacher : (Best teacher/Spiritual Teacher/God Himself)
By just his association, all queries will be answered. 

Here, Student will gain knowledge by just his teacher's presence. 
No verbal communication is required in any form (direct or indirect). 

Idol Worship of Lord Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva depicts this secret.  
By just the presence of Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Lord Shiva in Idol form itself, will guide us and clear all our Queries. 
His presence itself will give guidance to us.

Level 2 teacher : (Great teacher/Also Spiritual Guru/ God Himself too)
As and when, students have queries, it will be answered by teacher by himself, even before student ask his query.

When you have your Spiritual Guru, When you have some Questions in mind, thru' his lecture or his speech he will answer your queries even though you didnt ask him directly.

Level 3 teacher : (Academic Teachers)
As and when students have queries, he need to ask the teacher. Teacher will clarify his queries. Student gain knowledge. Mostly these are the teacher we would see in schools, college. 

Level 4 teacher : (Worst Teacher)
As and when students have queries, he will ask the teacher. Teacher will not understand the question and he will say something else and never try to answer his queries. 
Student will never gain knowledge. Association of these teachers must be avoided.

Be Proud to be Hindu.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna -  Listen to Bhajan

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